Impact Wrestling Against All Odds 2023 Spoilers Sees 2 Of 4 Championships Change Hands!


Impact Wrestling Against All Odds 2023 Spoilers Sees 2 Of 4 Championships Change Hands!

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The card for the evening saw 4 championships matches on the card.

Impact Wrestling Against All Odds 2023 match card

Two of those matches saw new champions crowned as per Impact Wrestling reporting.


…X-Division Champion Trey Miguel vs Chris Sabin – X-Division Championship

Miguel uses his champion’s advantage in the early going as he retreats to the outside. Sabin has had enough and brings the fight to Miguel on the floor. Back in the ring, Miguel hits a neckbreaker out of the corner. Sabin bounces back with a Lethal Combination. Sabin sends him crashing into the steel ring post, then follows up with a spear on the apron. Sabin hits a modified pump-handle slam for two. Miguel shows off some impressive footwork as he ties up Sabin in a submission attempt. Sabin counters into a rollup but Miguel kicks out. Sabin connects with Angels Wings for another near fall. Miguel takes a page out of Sabin’s playbook as he hits him with the Cradle Shock. Miguel blinds Sabin with spray paint but it’s not enough to keep him down for three count. Sabin rinses out his eyes, then brings the fight to Miguel in the ring. Sabin hits the Styles Clash for yet another near fall. Sabin connects with the Clothesline from Hell, Michigan, followed by Cradle Shock to become the new X-Division Champion.


Chris Sabin def X-Division Champion Trey Miguel – NEW X-Division Champion…


…IMPACT World Champion Steve Maclin vs Alex Shelley – IMPACT World Championship

Shelley targets the left arm of Maclin in the early going. Shelley continues to pick Maclin apart as he outwrestles the champ. Maclin finds an opening as he delivers a SCUD Missile to the outside. Maclin jumps off the apron and drives his elbow into the chest of Shelley. Maclin hyperextends Shelley’s elbow, then follows up with an Olympic Slam for two. Maclin hits a backbreaker before both competitors exchange shots in the middle of the ring. Shelley takes Maclin off his feet, then goes for the Border City Stretch. Maclin fights it off but Shelley softens him up with a series of kicks. Shelley hits a Dragon Screw, then ties up Maclin in a Figure Four Leg Lock. Maclin rips off the turnbuckle pad, exposing the steel underneath. Maclin hits a running knee, followed by the Brainbuster for two. Maclin soars with a top rope headbutt but Shelley kicks out again. The fight spills to the outside where Shelley hits Sliced Bread on the floor. Back in the ring, Maclin catches him with KIA but Shelley gets his foot on the bottom rope. Shelley hits super Sliced Bread off the top but this time it’s Maclin who kicks out just in time. Maclin drives him back-first into the exposed turnbuckle but it’s still not enough. Turnabout is fair play as Shelley sends Maclin into the steel. Shelley connects with Shell Shock to win the match and become IMPACT World Champion for the very first time.


Alex Shelley def IMPACT World Champion Steve Maclin – NEW IMPACT World Champion

After the match, new X-Division Champion Chris Sabin joins new IMPACT World Champion Alex Shelley as the Motor City Machine Guns celebrate in the ring together.

Impact Wrestling Against All Odds 2023 MCMG

After the PLE it was reported that the main event for Impact Wrestling Slammiversary 2023 would see Shelley defend the title against Aldis.

Impact Wrestling Slammiversary 2023 Shelley vs. Aldis

A big night for the MCMG plus full spoilers for Impact Wrestling’s Against All Odds 2023 here.

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