ROH Death Before Dishonor 2023 Spoilers Sees 1 Of 6 New Champions Crowned!


ROH Death Before Dishonor 2023 Spoilers Sees 1 Of 6 New Champions Crowned!

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The ROH Before Dishonor 2023 card included 6 championship matches.

ROH Death Before Dishonor 2023 matches card

ROH reports.

ROH Death Before Dishonor 2023 ROH World Tag Team Championship Match

…ROH World Tag Team Championship Match!

The Lucha Bros—Penta El Zero Miedo (c.) vs. The Kingdom—Matt Taven & Mike Bennett vs. Aussie Open—Kyle Fletcher &Mark Davis vs. Best Friends—Chuck Taylor & Trent Beretta!

Taven dropkicked Chuck Taylor. Taven tagged in Bennett. The Best Friends dropped double elbows on Mike Bennett. Taven grabbed a blind tag and the Kingdom used tandem offense on Trent.

Rey Fenix and Kyle Fletcher tagged in for their respective teams and traded strikes until Fenix used a spinning kick. Aussie Open utilized quick tags in and out to combat Rey Fenix. Penta El Zero Miedo tagged in and smashed Aussie Open with double DDT’s.

Taven unloaded on Aussie Open with Flight of the Conqueror. Mike Bennett climbed to the top, but Trent met him up there and superplexed Bennett to the outside and onto the other competitors!

Trent was isolated by the Kingdom. The Kingdom cut off the ring and worked over Trent. Trent fought back with a dropkick off the top rope. Before Trent could make the tag to Chuck, Bennett ran across the ring and slugged Chuck. Taven splashed Trent. Bennett was looking for the Spicolli Driver, but Trent countered with a DDT.

Penta El Zero Miedo tagged in and spiked Taven with a pump handle driver for a near fall. Aussie Open came in and steamrolled the other competitors with tandem offense. They sent Penta down with the Whirly Bird, but Taven jumped in to break the pin attempt. The Kingdom nailed Fletcher with the Rockstar Super Nova for a near fall. Taven climbed to the top rope, but Trent tagged in and he and Chuck double suplexed Matt Taven!

Trent nailed Fletcher with a Gotch style piledriver. Davis came in and spiked Trent with a piledriver of his own! The Lucha Bros planted Davis with a double stomp package piledriver! And then the Kingdom used the Hail Mary on Penta, but Penta kicked out! The Kingdom double superkicked Penta. They tried for the Proton Pack, but Penta escaped.

Trent tagged himself in and the Best Friends used the Strong Zero on Bennett. Trent tried to pin Bennett, but the Lucha Bros pulled the ref out of the ring! Penta waffled Trent in the head with a steel chair. Aussie Open pinned Trent after the Coriolis and became new Ring of Honor Tag Team Champions…

ROH Death Before Dishonor 2023 ROH World Tag Team Championship Match winners

Congrats to the new champions and full card results here.

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