Rabblecast 620 – The Passing Of Terry Funk & Bray Wyatt

Whenever a performer in the world of Professional Wrestling passes away, it hits home for each of us in a different way. On this episode we talk about the passing of two very talented individuals in their own right.

Terry Funk had a career that spanned more than fifty years. He helped to shape the world of Pro wrestling throughout that time. Whether it was overseas in crazy death matches, or here state side, he loved wrestling and ultimately just wanted to have fun wrestling his friends.

Bray Wyatt (Windham Rotunda) was an amazing performer. Formerly known as, Husky Harris, he re-tooled himself into one of the most memorable bad guys that the business has ever known as the leader of the cult-like Wyatt family. And again as, The Fiend. We’ll never know what his full potential in the squared circle could have been as he was taken from us way too soon at the age of 36.

Both men gave us so much in their own way. As a fan, thank you for entertaining us. Thank you for all that you did for Pro Wrestling. Our condolences to their families. Rest in Peace, gentlemen.

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