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CPO: Hulu

I like this Hulu thing. It allows me to watch episodes of “House” or “Newsradio” while taking a bath. Perhaps, I’ve said too much.
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CPO: Randomness

The summer movie blockbuster season is all but over, and it seems like we have entered the next season: dying Blaxpoitation star season. Isaac Hayes and Julius Carry
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Asylum – DVD Review

Available at Oftentimes when claiming a DVD on our super secret staff forum, I’ll choose something completely unknown to me. In this digital age, spoilers are everywhere
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CPO: 09.04.08

I watched Iron Man this week, and damn if that isn’t a fun movie. It’s fast-paced, develops its characters, makes in-jokes that aren’t distracting to non-comics fans, and
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CPO: Closure

Closure can mean a lot of things. In terms of sensation and perception, it can refer to the process by which one’s mind fills in the blanks, the
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Mega Snake – DVD Review

Available at Tibor “Mansquito” Takács is back again, this time with the Sci-Fi Channel Original picture Mega Snake. That box looks exciting, huh? Kinda like a highschooler
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