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Images of DC Universe Classics 12

Here are the images of DCUC 12, which has: -Copperhead -Dessad -Dr. Mid-Nite -Eclipso -Iron -Mary Marvel (with White Variant) -The Spectre -Darkseid (Collect & Connect Figure)
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DC Universe Wave 12 Revealed

ToyFare Magazine has revealed what the line-up will be for DCUC 12: -Copperhead -DeSaad -Eclipso -Iron -Mary Marvel -Dr. Mid-Nite -The Spectre -Darkseid (Collect & Connect)
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Loads of New WWE Figures Images

Jakks has given out new images of loads of new WWE figures. Ruthless Aggression 38 (February 2009) Hornswoggle The Brian Kendrick Jesse Batista Rey Mysterio John Cena Ruthless
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