The Cybertronian Enquirer 1.7.07

Happy New Year to all my Peeps and Primates! Chuck and I have a bit of a special column for you this week. Let me allow Chuck to introduce it:

Opening Salvo

How do the net’s two best Transformer reporters make up for missing two weeks? We do a SUPER sized column to kick off the New Year. That’s right folks; Mike and I are double teaming ya’ll in ways never imagined. He has the rear and I’m taking the front, lets dive right in!

So basically, Chuck will be in BOLD and I’m just regular font. We were feeling bad about not doing CE’s for Xmas and New Year’s, so we decided to do something a bit different. I normally do a “Kaye’s Kollection,” but honestly couldn’t think of much you guys hadn’t already seen. You’ve seen the museum that is my room and you see my new stuff on a weekly basis. I could have done one on the comics, but Christ that would take awhile. Maybe one of these years…

I was up in NC for Xmas and the New Year. I started to look at my Kollection (while drooling of course) and had a brain child. Reprolabels got me thinking. They have stickers for the Cybertron Smokescreen figure. Then I started thinking about how the Energon Constructicons were being re-released in the Classics line. So I wondered, what other figures should be released or re-released as G1 homage Classic figures?

I put together a list, but it began to feel to “Universe-ish.” What dat mean? Well, Universe was a line based off of the Botcon exclusives. The Botcon exclusives were molds they could snag from current lines that looked just enough like G1 figures that they could tag them as such. Regardless, I’m still going to throw in those picks too. I will separate them a bit though. Why? Some figures are already in homage form to a G1 figure. Others could be with a paint job or a remolded head. Chuck will throw his in too.

Pluggin Away

OK fWo roll call:

Still not working; Mike is actually doing a big BIG job and redoing all the links for us. The first wave are at the bottom of the column.

Still working on the Archives…I just noticed that I forgot to adjust the link for Kaye’s Kollection 2. Plus, all the links inside the article have to be changed. Nice

Kollector’s Korner

Star Wars. Lots of freakin’ Star Wars. I actually asked for them though. You know damn well I didn’t want to pay for those POSs. I will say they do look nice MOC in the Kollection. I’m only missing the second Vader and the big Han Solo two pack. Hopefully that’s the end of them… Wait for the Millennium Falcon Mike; there is supposed to be a special set coming out that will include a golden Titanium Falcon. It’s already out Chucky…

Titanium figures were also on the list. I got a hand full, but I stick to my original statement: They look like heavy, badly painted, rip offs of the PVC figures. I finally got 6” Scourge and must say, I like him. My TRU was barren though.

I randomly picked up the TF Source Santa Commander, Commander, and Flamethrower. In other words, knockoff WST G2 Grimlock with Santa Hat, Grimlock, and Slag with names that almost make Hasbro not want to sue. I was skeptical at first, but the Santa hat sold me on grabbing them. They’re actually nice figures in well-made fan boxes. Plus, they are doing a Lucky Draw campaign. They made ten gold Commanders and Flamethrowers that are randomly placed in the boxes. Nifty

I also grabbed one of their Quintessons. Yes, I do have one of the originals made by JD Productions. However, they forgot the antenna and tentacles for my figure. JD Productions went under and Rabid Squirrel picked up their stuff. Hal was supposed to get me these items, but they got busy and I’m guessing forgot about it. Now TF Source has them for sale (at half the original price I paid) in a nice box. Sure, why not…

My Titanium Soundwave is sitting at Big Bad. I have about 20 pre-orders this month, so expect a larger section here soon…

Toys: What I got, what they got and some news too

Well hopefully by the time you read this I will have received my rather large Pot Of Gold shipment from BBTS. The only TF related product in the entire order is Kiss Player Rodimus. I let you guys know about the other items I got in the next CE. On the non mail order front I took full advantage of TRUs’ buy two get one free sale buying Cybertron Sky Shadow, the Primal/Megs two pack and getting Classics Megatron for free. Sky Shadow looks awesome; the colors really work well for the mold. Incidentaly, according to the key code info Cybertron take place long after the Beast Wars. Take that for what you will. Now if I may go off on a tangent for a moment; I’ve seen my local Toys R Us look worse, during Episode III mania for example, but I have never seen damaged boxes and toys left on the shelf like I did last week. I would have liked to be talking right now about the glory that is Classics Jetfire but the one that was on the shelf was so damaged that I couldn’t bring myself to buy it. To give you all an idea about what I’m talking about ya know that little Velcro flap on the front of the box? It was ripped off and left dangling. I would have asked customer service if they had a better one in the back but seeing as it was still the first week after Christmas I decided against it. Went again this week and they just didn’t have any on the shelves.

TNN Headlines
The news articles and pictures come from multiple sources including, TFW2005, eBay, FantoFan, The All Spark, TFormers, Big Bot, Seibertron, among others. Give these sites a look if you get a chance.

Transformers the movie propaganda seems to be everywhere these days. You can buy up coming “learn to read” books with Prime’s Bumblebee’s, and Barricade’s likeness on them. You can get cell phones, cameras, and binoculars that all appear to be TF movie nonsense. I did have pics of the new movie characters in my last column, but some how they all got changed to new pics. I have no clue why. Regardless, please tell me you all saw this movie trailer. I emailed it out to all my close Primates and showed it to everyone else I could find. I took my laptop around downtown Miami showing hobos and such. I will say that I was impressed with the non-Transfan responses. Most people said something like “I’m not into Transformers and stuff, but that movie looks cool as hell.” I’d say that was just about the response Bay was looking for.

Anyway, here’s Chuck to discuss a little more about the TF movie toys:
Mike is much more of an optimist than I am. I would have kept that trailer well hidden; except for the last 3 seconds when Cullen does his thing. The toys are ok but nothing to write home about. Everyone who said that Hasbro wouldn’t be able to pull off the complex movie bots at an affordable price should give themselves a pat on the back. Starscream is crap and just proves that Bay and Co. have been lying to us all along. Normally this would be a bad thing but my guesstimate on what I’ll be saving on movie toys means I can work on my Japanese exclusives like Road Ceasar and Lio Kaiser.

Big Bad Toy Store recently put out a notice that they would be receiving more of the Japanese Megatron reissue. This is the one I talked about a couple weeks ago. Everyone in the states made a big hoopla out of it, but you could buy it off eBay and have it “smuggled” to the states easy money. I almost think Big Bad is being a bit over sensitive over the issue. It may be because they are sticking to their guns on the issue. If they do one Megatron with the orange tab, then they have to do others. Plus, Big Bad seems to be a more legit store as opposed to the random guy with a website selling TFs. They may be legally held to higher standards than the next Transfan snake oil salesman.

I think it’s crap since the cap on the G1 Megs might cause the silencer to not fit correctly if at all. The worst part is they are still charging full price for a toy that is going to be modified after market. I’m glad I got one a few years back since they’re going for $200 on ebay though.

There’s a knockoff G1 Swoop now for sale on eBay with the box. Shady ass Koreans…

Live Free or Die Hard will be released a week before the TF movie. Ok, so this movie that will be playing off a franchise not nearly as successful as Rocky (but with the same old, washed up actor trying to reclaim their glory days) hopes to be a major threat to any of this year’s blockbusters? Plus, Transfans are hailing this as a big thing that they moved the movie. Listen, I’ll be sitting right next to you at Botcon watching the special screening this year. Who cares about Die Hard 8?Yippie-ki-ay dumbass

Who cares about Die Hard? I do Mike you Commie; I remember Bruce Willis and I care.

Speaking of, Botcon will now be at the Westin in Providence. They announced that Transfans should “wait for the better rate.” I’ve gotten a better rate than what Brian could score for two years running now off of Orbitz. Plus, there will be a thousand Transfans who book rooms the second they announce it. I think I’ll stick with my nice rate and a confirmed room for Thursday through Sunday night. I have nothing witty to add here; have fun at the con.

The Pros and Cons of Being a Transformer Fan: The Joys of Christmas

Mike gave me the idea to write about the joy of ripping open TF’s at Christmas and the pain of having to buy two of everything. Well the problem with that is I don’t ask for TF’s for Christmas and I hardly ever buy two of anything. Last year I bought CD Red Alert and the Street Speed Minicon team for myself; wrapped it and put it under the tree. It was more for the amusement of myself and the bemusement of my mother that I did that. That was actually the first time in almost 15 years I received a Transformer at Christmas.
It is a shame though that from what I’ve read society as a whole has moved away from the whole tangible item gift and more towards the practical yet impersonal gift cards. I know that kids aren’t playing with toys anymore; the numbers are there, lines like Star Wars and GI Joe are the realms of adult collectors now; and Transforming toys just don’t hold a child’s imagination anymore. But are people really that unattached from each other that they can’t be bothered to find something to wrap and share. At least when I give someone I bought and wrapped myself I know that the true spirit of Christmas is alive; that warm feeling of giving not getting, and being with the ones you love. Every year in my car I play Johnny Cash’s “The Spirit of Christmas” it really puts things in perspective. Then again Johnny’s dead and maybe the spirit is too.

They should have been Classic’s…

I want to clarify that I’m not using any Alternators and I’m not making up figures. I’m not using Alts because they basically are G1 figures. Plus, Alternator Shockblast looks like Shockwave in the face and gun, but doesn’t Transform into anything that looks like a gun. I’m also using all original G1 figures. However, that could be from any of the seven original series.

I also want to note that the Alt modes and body styles will be similar, but may not be exactly like the G1 toy. I’m going with the Classic Bumblebee and Mirage figures in mind

I’m not going to add the “Predacons” from this year’s Botcon comic, but I’m very much in favor of the idea. Chuck doesn’t like the idea of them not being able to combine, but that’s not a big deal to me. We’re already getting the “uber combiner” from the TF Club anyway.

I’m also not throwing in the obvious “Starscream should be redecoed as Thundercracker and Ramjet should be redecoed as Thrust and Dirge.”

Ok, so here are my three sections:

Should have been a Classics Figure: Just as it reads. The Size is right, the figure “looks” like a classic figure, and it may or may not have been already released as a homage

Could have been a Classics Figure: It just needed some colors and a remold

Might have been a Universe figure: Glenn would have loved them

Should have been a Classics Figure

Energon Inferno – I don’t think there’s any way to argue this one. Just lose the stupid link system

Energon Roadblock – Ok, this guy should have been “Grapple” in the first place. It was even a redeco/remold of Inferno just like G1 Grapple was. My other choice for Grapple is below in “Could have…” section

Cybertron Smokescreen – Yep, same as inferno

Armada Unicron – This guy was G1 Unicron. It could use a bit of touch up paint, but a re-release could have worked. We have Rodimus and Magnus, why not a villain for them? Prime could even have a Matrix accessory…

Energon Galvatron – Yet another villain with G1 movie heritage. I would suggest using the mold version to fit with the Classic height scale

Cybertron Hardtop – um…Beachcomber? This was a great figure that deserves a G1 redeco

Energon Shockblast – Shockwave anyone? He’s the spitting image of Shockwave, but he’s not a gun. That solves that whole “orange tip/nerf gun” thing going on now

Cybertron EVAC – I think that Sandstorm would have been pleased with this pretty figure. I know, it doesn’t have the dune buggy mode anymore, but it would have worked

Energon Bulkhead – The Japanese story had this as Springer’s Grandchild or some such nonsense. I say screw it and just make him Springer

Energon Omega Supreme – This figure is perfect for the Classics line. It even fits in with the height scale of the new figures. Give him a bit more of a G1 ‘deco and you’ve got a nice addition to the Classic line

Energon Scorponok – I know it’s corny, but give him the purple and green G1 ‘deco. I’d buy it

Cybertron Soundwave – No, he’s not a tape player, but I’ll be damned if he isn’t our new age Soundwave. The Titanium figure works size wise, but he’s not up to the Classic line’s standards

Cybertron Brakedown: I’m going to be hung for this, but paint him orange and call him a little bastard! Oops, I mean Wheelie

Energon Demolisher – I know the Constructicons are being re-released as a set, but this could make a great Longhaul.

Energon Armorhide: Call him Huffer or Pipes, but you know you were thinking it. Pipes would need a bit of a head remold, but he’s almost his color scheme. The orange Huffer version might make me cream

Energon Downshift – Wheeljack. Period

Energon Towline- It’s been done, but the Botcon Ratchet and Ironhide would fit great as this mold in the Classics line

Cybertron Shortround – Make him yellow, blue, and white then call him Seaspray. That would kick much ass. The figures alt mode is perfect, but the robot is a bit gangly. It would work

Energon Insecticon – Looks like a revamped Bombshell to me

Could have been a Classics Figure

Cybertron Mudflap – How cool would a Grapple paint job and head have been for this guy?

Energon Mirage – I love this figure and had to throw him in somewhere. Think about when he was redecoed as Dreadwind. Remold the head a bit, and you have a BoatBot. I have one other idea for Broadside that fits better, but the figure seemed more of a “Might have…” choice

Cybertron deluxe Unicron – Ok, so what does his tank/spaceship mode look like? Did I hear bathtub? Yep, I’m thinking G1 Scourge on this guy. Ok, so give him a blue/silve deco and a remolded head. I think it’s a great fit…

Cybertron Vector Prime – Every year they ask who they should make on the Botcon questionnaire. Every year I say the same thing: Remold Vector Prime’s head, redeco his ass, and make him into Alpha Trion. A3 is our last great TF folklorebot that hasn’t been made. Make him!

Cybertron Brimstone – We have Grimlock, so why not swoop? Remold the head, slap a grey paint job on him and call it a day. I have a nother pick for a Classic Swoop below

Cybertron Hotshot/Override – I really dug the RiD Prowl redecos into Sunstreaker and Sideswipe. I think with a remolded head (Hotshot’s might work…) and redeco you could have the same magic with either of these figures.

Cybertron basic Backstop – I was thinking of fun, fan fav’s to remake and this one almost took the cake. Make him into Warpath. The goggles fit perfectly into the Wham! Bam! Pow! mentality of Warpath. All you’d really need is a paint job, but giving him a mouth guard might be icing on the cake.

Energon Longarm: Call him Scavenger and see Energon Demolisher above. I put him down here because he’d need a serious head remold and ‘deco to make him look G1

Might have been a Universe figure:

Armada Tidal Wave – This would be my other choice for Broadside. Broadside was normally depicted as a big dude. Plus, he was a triple changer. Tidal Wave meets those requirements. Paint him red, white, and blue then remold his head. You’ll have one awesome Broadside homage.

Beast Machines Deluxe Jetstorm – I was torn on where to put this one. It’s already been done with the larger version, but make this into Cyclonus. He needs a head remold and a new paint job, but the alt mode works well for Cyclonus.

Cybertron Jetfire – I think this could be a great remold into Octane. It would work with the “Armada Jetfire as Astrotrain” too. They could make Jetfire into G1 triple changer homage robot. I’m not sure who we could make the Energon version into though…

Beast Wars Transmetal Terrorsaur – This is another good pick for swoop. It’s an updated version of what we know and love

Cybertron Blurr – This is one I’ve been thinking about for awhile. What if you painted this guy pink and remolded the head? Yep, Arcee baby! I think this would be a lot better than the bike. I hate those freakin’ arms…

Energon Ironhide – I was thinking a good redeco on this guy with a new head could lead you into a few different figures. We could make a Brawn, Outback, or maybe even a Roadbuster. I could dig a good Roadbuster

Cybertron CD Red Alert – The alt mode really made me think of this one. He could be a great Double Dealer with hat huge damn shoulder missile

Armada Sideways – We need a good Wreck-garr. Why not with this pretty cycle? He would need a definite redeco and a new head…with whiskers

Going with the whole Botcon Predacons, what if…

EVAC as Blades
RiD Prime as Hot Spot
Towline as First Aid
Sideways or Deluxe Highwire as Groove
RiD Prowl as Streetwise

And that my Primates would be your Protectobots in 2007. It should be noted that Glenn was in the process of making Defensor out of RiD Prime with a blue color scheme and a remolded head.

Mike basically has all of my pics covered. The only one I would change is Shockwave. I would remold the crap out of Classics Megatron and maybe add a sound chip.

K’s Konundrum

Q: How many redecos were there in the Cybertron line?

A: 46 without blinking an eye. I didn’t even count two packs as separate redecos. That would have been 65. Yes, that number counts minicons. I did count the exclusive two packs because they said Energon all over the freakin’ things. The Starscream/Vector Prime got thrown in because Starscream was redecoed AND you were forced to buy another Vector Prime. I have no clue why.

Shadow Recon Mini-Con Team
Cryo Scourge
Galaxy Force Vector Prime
Beast Wars 10th Anniversary Megatron
Beast Wars 10th Anniversary Optimus Prime
Galaxy Force Optimus Prime
Brakedown GTS
Scrapmetal (yellow)
Deluxe Armada Optimus Prime
Ransack GTS
Nemesis Breaker
Scrap Iron vs. Grindor
Blastcharge vs. High Wire
Backblast vs. Sureshock
Scattorbrain vs. Monocle
Payload vs. Ascentor
Kobushi vs. Landslide
Ramjet vs. Scythe
Thrust vs. Anti-Blaze
Sunstorm vs. Checkpoint
Shockwave vs. Tankor
Sky Lynx vs. Thunderblast
Razorclaw vs. Steamhammer
Street Speed Mini-Con Team
Sky Shadow
Override GTS
Dark Crumplezone
Dark Scorponok
TRU Exclusive Starscream vs. Vector Prime 2-Pack
Costco exclusive Hasbro Optimus Prime & Wing Saber 2-Pack
Costco exclusive RiD Optimus Prime/Ultra Magnus Cyber Power Supreme Giftset 2-Pack

That’s a lot. Plus, you had Lucky Draws, Japanese redecos (Soudblaster, Sonic Convoy set), and Target and Walmart giving you “Bonus Variants.” Those are the figures with extra minicons, figures in two packs, or even figures with a basic strapped on so you’d buy them.

This Week’s Q: How much money did your dumb ass (and mine) spend on a recolored toy you already owned?

Pimp my Mechanical Sentient Being

Ok, so our Archives got smashed in the switch to V.3. However, they still exist with different locations. I’ll start a few each week to savor the history of Inside Pulse

My babies:
Kaye’s Kollection
Kaye’s Kollection 2

Masterpiece Nemesis

InsidePULSE’s Botcon Spectacular

The Inside Pulse on…Transformers Alternators

Inside Pulse On…Transformers Cybertron; Speed Planet.

Parting Shots /And in closing arguments…

Well this was an adventure. Tune in next time when I’ll have some good stuff for ya including an in depth look at my post BBTS Christmas shipment and a review of the 10th anniversary Primal/Megs two pack. I even went back and pulled out my old Universe Primal review. I know there have been some complaints about lack of pictures so I’ll definitely make sure to have some for ya. Until then this has been;

The King of the Fanboys,


That was definitely interesting. Like Chuck, I’m waiting for Big Bad to get in all their orders this month. Ramjet, Cliffjumper, Titanium Rodimus, Alternators Jaguar, and a bunch of others come in this month. Plus, I’m still on my UK comic kick and looking for those back issues. It’s a pain in the ass finding the 1-20 and the 300-332 zones. Anyway, I’m back in Miami, so I’m off to hit the old grindstone.

Will one day be a Classic,