Make Movement: Hardy’s Troubles, Carlito and “The Entire RAW Roster”

What a difference a week makes! Jeff Hardy has been suspended for his second strike in violating the WWE drug policy, and sadly, lost his home and dog to a fire. Very rough week for Jeff and I hope he can rebuild his life because that’s absolutely where his attention needs to be right now. Meanwhile, the WWE continues to prepare for WrestleMania, in some interesting storyline decisions with Jericho and the Big Show. I found the whole Highlight Reel to be distracting with Jericho being a face and heel at the same time, when we all knew there is no way Big Show would take a clean win and in no way would Jericho take a clean loss before Money In The Bank and just winning the Intercontiential Championship.

The one thing I can say is what ashame of what has happened to Carlito’s career. He resigned to be apart of a commercial where a bird poops on him and he never wins? It’s such a sad testament to think about how he was once a serious IC contender, now he just jobs to CM Punk who floats around brands with no explanation. Despite the fact that the match was believable, Carlito isn’t going to shock the world and defeat Punk. If Carlito decides to join TNA, what a shoot that will be about the humiliation WWE has done to his career.

Umaga destroys “the tag team division” or at least, London and Kendrick. Kendrick walks out on London without any serious attention pointed to the fact. Umaga’s over but he should be fighting for the IC belt or even WWE World Belt at this point, he’s already proven he’s unstoppable.

Ric Flair and McMahon in a Street Fight was bloody, sometimes slow but sometimes dramatic, and we all knew Shawn Michaels had to interfere in some way. I liked it for what it is was and Flair was nice and red for the camera – actually redder than Triple H’s overtan this week. I’m really believing Flair and Michaels are going to give one hell of a match at WrestleMania and it’s the one storyline I’m excited about.

With Candice getting hurt again (and still finishing the match, bravo), it’s questionable how that will affect her “match” at WrestleMania. Say what you will about Candice but she is dedicated. I’m still wishing Mickie wasn’t left out of the equation though, it’s amazing how buried she is right now.

“The entire RAW roster” really showed some vulnerability in the booking though I still think it was a smart concept from the perspective of Triple H screwing Randy Orton and John Cena. We learned that most of the roster are no where near the main event level and it’s sad that’s the only way most of them could earn a paycheck that night. Of course the end was Triple H being the remaining man on the roster, Pedigreeing Cena and Orton and setting the stage for revenge from Orton and Cena next week. If anything, we learned that Cena and Orton do work pretty good together as a tag team and that Diamond Cutter, I mean, rKo, really can be executed all night long, just like DDP used to.

Always remember, for things to change, you have to make movement. Thanks for reading, for all your support and for all the feedback, feel free to contact me anytime at