Matt Hardy Blogs On Jeff’s Big Win & Armageddon Video

Matt Hardy has a post on his myspace blog, celebrating Jeff’s big win last night and their status as dual world champions. Some choice quotes:

Tonight history was made. Jeff and myself, as the Hardy Boyz, are one of the greatest, most legendary tag teams in the professional wrestling business. That can not be denied, regardless of how smart of a fan or critic you are.

We are the first ever true blood brothers to go on to have extremely successful singles careers and both become World Heavyweight Champions. That has never been done in the WWE.

We don’t care about star ratings, match reviews, or what people out of our circle think about our “pushes” and careers (That’s not a blanket statement directed towards everyone, some peeps “get” what we’re doing actually.

Pro Wrestling Torch has details on what happened after the show went off the air last night. Matt did eventually show up to celebrate with his brother after the show went off the air, and HHH even offered a handshake. WWE has video of the cerebral handshake and sibling celebration here.

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