Psych – Episode 4-7 Review

This episode definitely had the best guest stars of the season. It was a decent episode altogether. Having yet another theme song was fantastic and  I particularly liked seeing a bit of Gus’ past rather than just Shawn’s all the time.

Flashback: 1989. Shawn is in a store with his father. He spots a computer and wants it. Henry says that computers are just a passing fad and buys a detective kit for Shawn instead.

Present: A man on a bike is being chased by a car. He has just enough time to get into his apartment and send a file before he is cornered and murdered.

Shawn and Gus are attending this man’s funeral who happens to be an old college buddy of Gus’ nicknamed “Diddle”.  Gus surprises Shawn when he goes on stage to sing a song with the other members of Diddle’s band. Shawn asks Gus why he did not tell him he used to have a band and why they broke up. Gus goes to get some food without answering him. While Gus is away the other band members, Tony and June, come up to Shawn and hire him to solve Diddle’s murder.

Down at the Psych office, Tony shows Shawn an email they recieved from Diddle on the day that he died. Not just any email, a heavily encrypted one.  Since they cannot figure out what is in the email, Shawn suggests that they start by retracing Diddle’s steps. First stop, his appartment.

While they are looking through a box full of their old band’s stuff, Shawn looks around the apartment. He wonders why someone as safety conscious as Diddle would go out bike riding without his safety gear.

Shawn and Gus go to the police office for help on the case. Both Lassiter and Jules refuse to help. Shawn takes it into his own hands to hear the autopsy report. He pretends to be the county coroner, leaving Gus to be a dead body. Though the coroner was joking Shawn suspects his comment on the car crash being post-mortem to be true. Someone asphyxiated Diddle then made it look like a hit and run.

Shawn tells Tony and June that the person who killed Diddle might know that he sent them the email and they might go after them. Tony pretends that he did not get the email, June follows his lead. Junes clicks his car button and his car explodes in front of them. Guess they better start taking the case seriously.

Shawn and Gus go back to the station to see if Lassiter and Jules believe that there’s a case yet. They say that there is but Shawn and Gus are not on it because there’s a conflict of interest. Shawn decides that since they are on their own they should find out what is on the file next and head to Cybervault.

As they arrive at Cybervault it looks like they are not alone. A creepy guy that Shawn spotted at the funeral is watching them. They talk to Diddle’s boss but get nowhere.  Before they leave they go check out Diddle’s cubicle. Shawn discovers an address and that Diddle had a thing for another employee, Chelsea. Gus sees why Diddle liked her and gives her his card with his personal number on the back.

They head over to Henry’s house where Shawn has left Tony and June for their safety. Shortly after arriving, Gus recieves a call from Chelsea inviting his for drinks later. This rekindles the fight between Gus, Tony, and June. Gus says that he’s mad at them for sleeping with his girlfirend. They still argue that she was a groupee not a girlfriend. Shawn and Henry watch on from the couch. Gus tells them off and storms out. Shawn follows him after telling Tony and June to stay put.

Shawn and Gus go to the address that they found on Diddle’s desk. Shawns sees marks from Diddle’s bike on the ground and knows that he was there the night he died. Tony and June snuck out while Henry was in the bathroom and followed them to the scene. Shawns tells them to go back to Henry’s and continues his investigation. Tony and June did not have plans to go back to Henry’s house and get pulled into a car by someone.

They go back to the police station and once again are told to stay out of the case by Lassiter and Juliet. Gus gets ticked off when Lassiter tells him that he has no one to blame but himself for Tony and June going missing. Shawn tells Gus that he know what would make him feel better and buys him a frozen yogurt. Together they decide to continue on the case despite Lassiter’s orders to lay low.

They go back to the warehouse and witness a drug deal going down, including the creepy funeral guy. As they are about to leave, Gus’ cell phone goes off giving them away. One of the dealers spots them but they are able to run. They almost get away but are caught by the creepy guy.

Shawn and Gus are handcuffed to a chair and blindfolded. The hoods are lifted and Lassiter is standing over them yelling. He says that they screwed up the biggest sting operation in the history of the department. The creepy guy enters the room and is revealed as Detective Moses Johnson from narcotics.  He uncuffs them and goes to the conference room. Now that they know about the operation, Jules tells them the details of it. With this information Shawn has finally put together Diddle’s death. The only thing left is the encrypted message which no one has been able to crack yet.

June and Tony come into the room and Gus joins them in a hug. June says that while they were in that car he thought none of this would have happened if they had gotten the group back together like Diddle wanted. This makes Shawn solve the encrytion. It is a voice encryption to the song “It’s so hard to say goodbye”. They try singing it but there’s a part missing. They need four singers. Shawn sings the fourth part with them. The file opens showing a video of the rat, Chelsea.

Chelsea is arrested but told that her sentence may be reduced if she is willing to give up some names of her associates. Shawn tells Lassiter and Jules that he thought they were all on the same side. Lassiter insultingly tells his that he is not a cop and never will be.

Tony, Gus, and June are singing together again and invite Shawn to sing with them at a wedding. Gus points out that with Shawn in the group they cannot go by their old name of Blackapella anymore. Shawn suggests Quater-Black be their new name.  Everyone is for it but Gus who leaves.