Project Runway – Episode 7-1 Review
by Mary Duffy on January 21, 2010

Inside Pulse, Season One, so to speak has been a learning experience for me. On the surface, it would seem that I mostly learned to use the spell checker and insert photos to the point of madness, but there was more. During the time when most of my shows were on Holiday Break- we should all get such a vacation, while being paid for reruns- we made Best of the Decade and Year lists, which was really interesting.

Usually, I do not jump into Project Runway at the get-go, but my joy that they were back in Gotham City drove me and my husband to be in front of the TV- well, maybe it was Heidi for him. When I first met my husband, he knew only one color- NYC black, so he got some blue jeans for color-HELP! It was like Westside meets Eastside, denim and leather vs. sequins and silk. However, he is an intellectual, so he started asking questions, and today, wears red, yellow, all sorts of colors and surprised me on this opening show, as he picked the winner and the loser. In my head, I did too, but this is my world, not his, and he was really naturally astute.

Project Runway often tries to do something different and is, is fact, very much, predictably the same. They start almost every season, asking the designers, in this case, a rather juicy, interesting looking lot, to define themselves. In this case, the challenge is to create a signature look with up to five Mood fabrics PR has strewn over an area of Central Park- so very NYC!

They work hard, but it is clear to me that Christiane’s work has that low-end catalog look we saw in one designer last season. Jesus’ taste level bothers the judges ( and my husband) more than it bothers me- his gator-gown has a place. Ping drives me crazy; she is what we used to call a giggle-puss, cries at the drop of a pin and does a draped fabric ‘thing’ that we have seen before, usually on the mark-down racks. Emilio stands out as a perfectionist and an artist.

In the end, Marc and I call it right on the first challenge, with all 16 designers, and it is Christiane home and Emilio the winner; that young man can cut and sew fabric strips to look like the were printed that way.

Emilio's Winner

Emilio's Winner

Christiane's Loser

Christiane's Loser

Ping's 'Fabric'

Ping's 'Fabric'

Jesus' Gator Gown

Jesus' Gator Gown

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