Psych Episode 5-7 Review

Psychos were sad to see in this episode that the little Shawn in the flashback is no longer Liam James, the young actor who has portrayed little Shawn since the start of the show. The new little Shawn is Skyler Gisondo. They were afraid Liam was getting to old to be little Shawn so they replaced him with a kid exactly the same age as him, but less mature looking. The difference was immediately noticeable as this new little Shawn has freckles all over his face, which neither Liam nor James Roday have. I think they should have just kept Liam on since he was the one we were used to and actually had resemblance to Shawn.

Flashback: 1990. Shawn and Gus are practicing for a three-legged race in order to win a bike. Then they decide to race each other for ownership of the bike but forget that their legs are still taped together and fall down.

This week’s story involved an attempted prison escape on a ferry. Shawn and Gus work with a prison guard named Craig to safely prevent a prison escape. Despite Henry’s orders not to take matters into his own hands, Shawn does and ends up with a hostage situation. The police raid the ferry and manage to apprehend two of the convicts. The other two escape aboard a medic boat. Afterwards, Shawn, Gus, and Craig track down the two remaining convicts and save the day. It was also nice to see Shawn trying to use a weapon while taking down the escape convicts since he usually goes in completely unarmed, even if said weapon was a candle and then later a bible. As usual, the police did nothing. Overall an ok episode.

Guest Stars. The main guest star of the week was Chi McBride, known most recently for being the pop up book loving, knitting detective Emerson Cod on Pushing Daisies. Like his role on Daisies, his character on Psych, Craig, was very funny and sarcastic. Another notable guest star on this episode is Kevin Aleandro as Dane Northcut. Kevin Alejandro is known most recently as Lafayette’s boyfriend Jesus Velasquez on True Blood.

Favorite Quote. Craig: Now let us go forth and kick much ass, Craig 1:1.

So Where Was The Pineapple? This week’s pineapple was much easier to spot than it has been in a long time. When Lorraine Dunn shows them a picture of her late son, right next to the picture is a prominent gold pineapple.

Up next: On the next episode of Psych, Nestor Carbonell guest stars as a criminal profiler with abilities that rival Shawn’s. Does he have what it takes to be Shawn 2.0? Tune in to find out.