The Rager – Into The Minds of HHH and Kevin Nash

Welcome, one and all, to another edition of The Rager. I’m your indubitable gondolier, you can call me Chris, and on this day I delve into the mindsets of several characters in the WWE. I do this without the assistance of a somewhat professional as I had teased months ago but we could never work out a time to do this.

Once again, be reminded I’m in no way considered a professional, I’m just evaluating the psychological mindset of fictional characters based on my own limited wisdom. So now that I’ve got that disclaimer out of the way, lets delve into this, shall we?

I start by looking at the HHH and Kevin Nash situation, both together and as individuals. Lets start with Kevin Nash because I find his character most interesting. Here’s a guy who returned at last year’s Royal Rumble and has been sitting on the shelf ever since, possibly accumulating a feeling of being left out. He takes matters into his own hands and “sticks” the winner, who happens to be CM Punk and claims he was told to do so by his close friend and COO, HHH. He withstood several verbal beatdowns from CM Punk and was held back by HHH. A month later, Kevin Nash attacks HHH a couple times and that’s where we are now.
I touched on the possibility of Nash having a left out mentality to start off with and also he’s watched HHH struggle to control CM Punk and his insults and pipe-bomb dropping and Nash probably felt like attacking Punk at SummerSlam was what HHH wanted but couldn’t do so himself because of his title as a professional. With that being said, one can imagine the hurt that Nash experienced when HHH did not want that at all, thus leading to the misguided anger towards CM Punk. What Punk did verbally made Nash feel like his masculinity was being questioned while still trying to do what he feels is right for his friend HHH. However, HHH tells him that he’s wrong and like any disgruntled child, Kevin looked to the other parent for approval. That parent in this case is, of course, Johnny Ace. Kevin Nash returns and attacks his best friend because he was told no.
From the HHH side of things, it all can be summed up in his need to succeed and obtain the approval of everyone, mostly the WWE Universe. And for HHH, he finds himself struggling to balance being a best friend and getting everyone’s approval in a professional aspect. This struggle gets even more difficult as RAW seems to implode and fall apart and it’s mostly due to how he dealt with Nash. HHH loses his control of Raw thus leading him to being able to fight fire with fire against Kevin Nash.
In this case, there are supporting players into this situation. One of which is Johnny Ace, who had to watch the man he’s admired and worked under for years, Vince McMahon, get unceremoniously voted out and was subsequently looked over for the position of COO. All that culminating in, certainly, some sense of jealousy and him putting HHH under a microscope and taking any opportunity to undermine HHH’s authority. Johnny also jumps to the opportunity to assist Kevin Nash to put even more egg on the face of HHH. Johnny got his wish and now has control of Raw after pulling all the strings and yet nobody on Raw wants to point the finger.

Another supporting player in all this is CM Punk, who essentially was the snowflake that caused the avalanche and ends up getting caught up in the avalanche he caused. He started as a man wronged and was ready to walk out the door. He’s actions led to Vince getting the boot and is immediately resigned by HHH, both of those factors could lead to a bloated ego and certainly that can be traced into his verbal assaults onto HHH leading into SummerSlam. From that point on, Punk basically just becomes the guy caught in the crossfire as well as catches fire from Nash because Punk called him out on his BS. I know that isn’t really a good technical way to put it but again, not a professional.

The Conclusion:
From my amateur understanding, a lot of the issues these men have aren’t very different from anything else that’s been in the WWE and that’s clashing egos and masculinity. Of course, the best way to solve this would be to sit down and calmly express and map out the misunderstandings. But this is the WWE, these differences have to culminate in some sort of violent match and, for some reason, solve everything in a nice little bow and all this analysis would be for naught, but isn’t it fun to dive into? Anyone? Anyone?

Well that does it for me, if there’s anything I’ve missed in this analysis or if you just want to talk about it further, feel free to comment below. Also, be sure to follow me on Twitter and join me in another edition of #liverager during Raw tonight. Also, be sure to check back here at Pulse Wrestling all this week for more columns and plenty of news.

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