Jim Ross Addresses Detractors who think Daniel Bryan is an ‘Inadequate’ WWE World Heavyweight Champion

In his blog post on Friday, Jim Ross discussed / defended WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan:

For the record, informed fans who feel that Daniel Bryan is inadequate as World Champion in WWE have more than likely never had their ass whipped by a smaller guy. I can say this, on college campuses around the country and where amateur wrestling exists, the football players usually want nothing to do with the wrestlers especially the smaller wrestlers who carry enhanced chips on their shoulders.

Ross also talks about Hulk Hogan, Kharma, The Undertaker, whether or not he’ll be announcing at WrestleMania 28 and much more right here.

CB’s Slant: I personally think that Daniel Bryan’s heel turn is going pretty well, and the fact that he’s been able to incorporate elements of his real self — most notably getting the live crowds to boo the Vegan lifestyle he’s started preaching about — into this conniving if not villainous version of his character makes me feel like Vince McMahon and Co. is currently backing Bryan 100%. Of course, things can change at any moment, but as it stands right now I would hope to think that these detractors Ross is addressing are merely a few scattered Twitter followers of his and not WWE insiders.

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Source: JR's Blog