New Girl – Episode 1-14 Review – “Well Bully For You”

I liked last night’s episode of New Girl because it offered us another taste of Jess’s life at work, and a deeper peek into Schmidt and CeCe’s blossoming relationship as friends with benefits. However, in comparison to the last couple episodes that have been outstandingly funny, “Bully” was only so-so.

Schmidt’s storyline, as always, made me laugh. Turns out he’s pretty good in bed, and CeCe just can’t resist making regular, secret visits to his bedroom. Yet, she’s still embarrassed to be seen in public with him. Schmidt doesn’t back down though, and he did manage to convince CeCe to go for breakfast with him. It turns out that CeCe isn’t just avoiding being seen in public with Schmidt because he’s, well, he’s Schmidt. It’s also because she’s sick of guys who only want to show her off like a trophy. I can definitely see these two as an actual couple, and I wouldn’t be opposed to the show going there.

Schmidt’s love life is on the upswing, but Nick’s is not. He freaked out after Julia sent him a cactus, because it meant she was breaking up with him. She thinks he can’t take care of a real plant! He couldn’t even take care of the cactus, but that wasn’t why she sent it. Unfortunately, the seven increasingly needy voicemails Nick left Julia were a major turnoff, and she dumped him. Is this really the last we’ll see of Lizzy Caplan? I expected more, and this was sort of a weak way to end that relationship – even though it was pretty funny to watch.

Meanwhile, Jess was dealing with a snotty kid at school who made a YouTube video mocking Jess’s singing. After being thrown zinger after zinger by Brianna, Jess cracked and broke her science project – a robot arm. With help from Winston (who brought along Nick, who was busy masking his heartberak with creepy over-enthusiasm) Jess tried to fix the robot arm in time for the science fair, but the damage was obvious. Brianna’s lesbian moms demanded Jess be reprimanded, but instead she was just congratulated by the school’s wacky principal for joining the “kid hater” club.

Jess kind of got back at Brianna by making her sing a silly song too, but my problem was that there wasn’t much resolution here. Brianna doesn’t like Jess, and that’s OK, but she can’t be mean. That was it – and I kind of hoped for more.

It wasn’t my favorite episode, but there were still funny jokes! Check out my favorites below and share your thoughts in the comments.

  • Nick [about Schmidt’s latest hook-up]: “What’s wrong with her? She have a hunchback?”
    Winston: “Dwarf parts?”
    Schmidt: “She happens to be an incredibly beautiful woman.”
    Nick: “Is she another one of your heavy gingers, Schmidt?”
    Winston: “How big are her knuckles?”
    Jess: “Does she have a Hitler mustache?” [Everyone stops laughing and looks at Jess]
    Jess: “I’m sorry, it’s just…like, I want to banter with you guys in the morning. I just, like, panicked, and I made a Hitler joke, I’m sorry.”
  • “Was it a mistake? Was she wearing some kind of disguise?” – Jess, on Schmidt sleeping with the same girl twice
  • “Who do I speak to RE: getting something removed from the Internet?” – Jess
  • Some other science fair projects included “What can old people do?” and “Does it taste better with hot sauce?”