Murtz On The Scene: Degrassi Season 12 Premiere Screening
by Murtz on July 17, 2012

TORONTO – Apparently, the kids are alright. That goes for the ones who star on Degrassi (who no longer have to wear school uniforms!) and the ones who attended last night’s outdoor event to celebrate the season premiere.

Last night’s Degrassi premiere was once again screened at 299 Queen St. W. where fans got the chance to mix and mingle with the show’s cast and watch the first episode of the twelfth season on a movie screen that was set up in the MuchMusic parking lot.

During commercial breaks, MuchMusic VJ’s Jesse Giddings, Liz Trinnear, Phoebe Dykstra and T-RexXx interviewed the castmembers of the show (all of whom were there) and took questions from fans in attendance as well.

As for the season premiere, the biggest announcement came in the opening minutes of the show when Principal Simpson (Stefan Brogen) announced that the school was eliminating its mandatory uniform policy. While purists of the show will certainly take issue with the elimination of the blue and gold, I certainly support the decision as it allows the show’s characters to become even more relatable than they already are.

Other major developments included:

– Drew (Luke Bilyk) following up on his decision from last season to break up with Katie (Chloe Rose) and reuniting with former flame Bianca (Alicia Josipovic). Of course, it wouldn’t be a Degrassi love triangle without a twist, and in this case, it was Drew getting drunk at his own house party (to welcome the incoming characters from the school’s new hockey team) and sleeping with Katie.

– The first appearance by the aforementioned new characters on Degrassi‘s hockey team led by the cocky Mike Dallas (Demitrius Joyette)

– Claire and Eli (“known as ‘eclaire’ to fans of the show) deciding to make their kiss from the season finale into a full-blown relationship

– Maya (Olivia Scriven) feeling inadequate and considering breast implants

Fans at the screening were surprised when told that they would get to screen tonight’s second episode in advance and trust me when I say that there are even more developments.

Stay tuned for my exclusive interviews with one of the show’s newest castmembers, Sarah Fisher as well as Melinda Shankar, Munro Chambers, Annie Clark and Cristine Prosperi.

Degrassi airs Monday-Thursday at 10 p.m. EST on MuchMusic


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