World Series Of Fighting (Andrei Arlovski vs. Anthony “Rumble” Johnson) Undercard Play by Play and Live Results

Jon Kirschner here and I’m live from Atlantic City, NJ, as the World Series of Fighting holds their second event. Stay tuned for the live play by play of the undercard, streaming live on and NBC Stay tuned for our live coverage of the main card, live on NBC Sports, as well.

(Welterweight) Kris McCray vs. Danillo Villefort

Round One: Two awesome camps going head to head. Villefort fights out of Blackzillians and McCray is fighting out of Alemeida’s gym. McCray is the fan favorite tonight. Both men are very active at the start of the fight. McCray clinches and looks for a takedown but Villefort fights it. McCray picks up Villefort and places him down. It was a very gentle slam. Villefort gets right back up. McCray trips Villefort and lands another takedown. Villefort is working from the bottom, and McCray is working from the top. McCray stands back up and just goes back into Villefort’s open guard. They scramble after a bit of grappling and they’re both back on their feet. Villefort hits a good hook. Villefort hits about four or five solid shots that sends McCray bouncing off the cage and Villefort hits a takedown. They’re back up. Villefort is getting the better of McCray standing, now. Villefort nails McCray with a high kick and he crumbles. Only ten seconds left, Villefort didn’t regain his composure enough to dive on McCray and finish it. Bell sounds. End of the first. 10-9 Villefort.

Round Two: BIG breath from McCray. Not a good sign. McCray goes straight for the grapple and presses Villefort against the cage. I think he’s going to try and grind this round out, or at least grind his opponent down while he gains back some energy. McCray takes down Villefort. McCray is doing a good job at making it look like he is staying active by throwing punches. Villefort is doing a good job striking from the bottom but the judges won’t reward that, I’m sure. McCray postures up and Villefort almost sinks an arm crank, but McCray escapes. I’m sure this will further solidify the notion that he intends to grind this round out; he wants none of Villefort standing. Villefort tries to sweep McCray, but McCray has Villefort’s back! Body triangle is locked in. Villefort stands up, is about to slam McCray but McCray lets go and tries to drag Villefort back down. Villefort ends up on top and lands some brutal strikes. Bell sounds. 10-9 McCray. (19-19)

Round Three: McCray really needs to be careful here. The thirty seconds he spent in a bad position in the second round was really bad for him. Same strategy from round two: McCray presses Villefort against the cage and is looking for a takedown. Villefort turns the tables and is landing some good knees to the body. Villefort takes down McCray. They’re back up. McCray needs to end this fight, or knock down Villefort to get a gift from the judges. Villefort hits a vicious head kick but McCray doesn’t budge. McCray gets ROCKED, crumbles again but fights his way to his feet. This guy has a really good chin. It’s clear he’s on dream street right now though as he’s walking around on spaghetti legs. Villefort nails an elbow. McCray desperately shoots for a takedown but gets stuffed. Villefort hits two left straights and McCray is still standing, this is insane. He’s eating shots left and right. Bell sounds and it’s over. Villefort should get the decision victory. 10-9 Villefort (29-28 Villefort)

Danillo Villefort defeated Kris McCray by way of split decision. (29-28 McCray, 29-28 Villefort, 29-28 Villefort)

(Featherweight) Rick Glenn vs. Alexandre Pimentel

Round One: Glenn lands the first strike of the contest with a leg kick. Long feeling out process. Pimentel hits a left hook. Pimentel lands a takedown; as submission specialist, he should be very active on top. He stands up and dives for a punch, they scramble and Pimentel has Glenn’s back. Pimentel slams Glenn down, but Glenn makes it back up. Glenn lands a takedown but ends up in a triangle! He escapes. They are now in a weird, indescribable position but Pimentel gets Glenn in a crucifix and almost submits him with a choke. Glenn escapes, yet again. The round ends with Pimentel mounted on Glenn’s back. Bad round for Glenn. 10-9 Pimentel.

Round Two: Glenn is keeping his distance now, and staying on his toes in case he needs to get away from a shot. They clinch and Glenn has Pimentel’s back against the cage. They break up and are in the middle of the cage. They both whiff on combos. Lots of exchanges are traded, but nothing significant connects. Pimentel connects with a punch that sends Glenn flying back, and now Pimentel has a body triangle on Glenn with more than two minutes left. Glenn fights out of it and is now on top, throwing bombs but nothing hits. A little scramble on the ground and Pimentel now has Glenn pressed against the cage. Pimentel hits a left cross, ducks under a punch and gets stuffed on a takedown. The round ends with Pimentel’s back pressed against the cage. Uneventful, yet a close round. 10-9 Pimentel. (20-18 Pimentel)

Round Three: Slow third round, but the crowd comes alive when Glenn finally connects with a punch. Another long lull in action. Glenn throws a high kick but it gets blocked. Glenn connects with a one-two that sends Pimentel to the ground. Glenn stands over Pimentel and lands two vicious bombs! Pimentel is stiff as a board. Knockout.

Rick Glenn defeated Alexandre Pimentel by way of KO (Punches) 1:51 in Round 2

(Featherweight) Waylon Lowe vs. Cameron Dollar

Round One: Lowe gets extra cool points for walking out to The White Stripes. Dollar hits a counter punch that makes Lowe think about coming close and throwing hooks. Lowe lands a nice hook of his own, then a jab. Lowe comes at him and throws the same combo, but he keeps landing with the last shot. There is a lull in the fight where no strikes are thrown and the fans are quick to boo; New Jersey never ceases to disappoint me (and I live here). Lowe hits a 1-2. Seconds later, Lowe NAILS Dollar with a cross. Dollar stiffens up and falls to the canvas; he’s out. Lowe gets a bonus shot for good measure and the referee pulls him off. Fight over.

Waylon Lowe defeated Cameron Dollar by way of Knockout (Punches) 2:58 in Round 1

(Welterweight) Igor Gracie vs. Richard Patishnock

Round One: Igor Gracie drags Patishnock down to the ground after pressing him against the cage; not good for Patishnock. Gracie looks like he knows how to distribute his body weight and is making Patishnock work to make it back
to his feet. Patishnock ia back up, but Gracie wants to drag him back down. Gracie slams him down and makes his way to full mount, Patishnock tries to roll out of it and Gracie has his back and has a RNC wrenched in. Patishnock stands up twice, slams Gracie on his shoulder twice, and it only seems like Gracie locked in the rear naked choke further. Gracie has a triangle around Patishnock’s waist still, but he’s lost the RNC. Patishnock stands up again and slams Gracie on his head; Gracie still has the triangle on. Gracie postures up, throws some punches, and Patishnock stands up and slams Gracie again! This time, Gracie loses his triangle and Patishnock throws some punches but the bell sounds. End of round one. 10-9 Gracie.

Round Two: Round two doesn’t even start. It seems as if Gracie’s shoulder is injured and his corner calls off the fight. Patishnock celebrates, and the crowd boos him for some reason. He looks very happy to have won the fight despite getting controlled for the whole first round.

Richard Patishnock defeated Igor Gracie by way of TKO (Doctor Stoppage) 5:00 in Round 1

(Lightweight) Ozzy Dugulubgov vs. Chris Wade

Round One: Wade is walking out to Journey’s “Any Way You Want It”, which is interesting to say the least. Weird song for such a mean looking man. No glove touch. Dugulubgov hits a nice leg kick. He leaps with a right cross but misses badly. Wade lands a body kick but Dugulubgov counters with a cross. Dugulubgov throws a head kick but it’s blocked. The two clinch and are rolling around on the cage, trading positions. They separate. Wade tries to throw a head kick but his planted foot left the ground too and he ended up on his bum; not good. Dugulubgov ends up in Wade’s open guard and it look like Wade is looking for something but Dugulubgov’s chest is pressed down, leaving no room for Wade to move around. Dugulubgov is now in half guard. Dugulubgov is postured up and throws a hammer-elbow. Wade somehow makes it back to his feet, very impressive. About a minute and a half passes where noting significant happens and the bell sounds. 10-9 Dugulubgov.

Round Two: They trade strikes back and forth. Wade went for a low kick but Dugulubgov threw a counter and knocked Wade down. He followed up with a fast head kick but Wade ducked under and is out of danger. Wade almost took Dugulubgov’s back, but Dugulubgov literally just stood up, Wade slid off of him and Dugulubgov is now on top in side control. Dugulubgov now has Wade’s back and Wade tries to roll though, but fails. Wade gets up, only to get dragged back down. Dugulubgov is in Wade’s open guard. Dugulubgov hits a couple nice hammerfists. Dugulubgov postures up and lands a nice elbow and a solid punch. 10-9 Dugulubgov. (20-18 Dugulubgov)

Round Three: Wade is very aggressive to open the round; he’s bouncing on his toes. Looks like he knows he is down 2-0. Sadly for him, he gets taken down again. Dugulubgov moves directly to side control. This has to be frustrating for Wade, a state wrestling champion. Dugulubgov is staying active, throwing body punches and transitioning a number of times. Not that active of a round as Dugulubgov has been on top of Wade for almost two minutes. Wade almost gets Dugulubgov on his back, but they scramble and are back to their feet. Dugulubgov huts a cross. Dugulubgov goes for a takedown, Wade rolls through and sinks in a guillotine! It looks tight, and Dugulubgov escapes after 10 seconds of fighting it. Wade almost had him. Dugulubgov is back on top and is contempt with grinding out a win. 10-9 Dugulubgov. (30-27 Dugulubgov)

Ozzy Dugulubgov defeated Chris Wade by way of unanimous decision. (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

(150 LB Catchweight) Brenson Hansen vs. Tom Marcellino

Round One: Hansen in black, Marcellino in gray. The bell sounds and we are underway. Bit of a feeling out process. Hansen connects with a nice 1-2. Then he connects with a nice low-blow. That one echoed. Fight paused, Hansen is talked to by the referee and the fight resumes. Marcellino hits a body kick. Hansen hits a jumping knee to Marcellino’s body, but nothing comes of it. Marcellino is telegraphing his hooks from grandma’s house. Hansen is controlling the cage and dictating where the fight goes; Marcellino’s back has bounced off the cage twice now. Marcellino gets kicked in the leg but counters it with a hook that finally hits. Hansen throws a high kick, Marcellino whiffs with a counter but Hansen trips and falls on his bum. Marcellino grabs Hansen as he gets up and slams him down. Hansen gets right back up. Bell rings. 10-9 Hansen.

Round Two: They exchange leg kicks. Hansen lands a hook. Hansen is nailing these leg kicks, they’re earning him points with the judges I’m sure. Hansen tries to throw a straight kick to the body but Marcellino catches it but nothing comes of it. Another lost opportunity. After a brief exchange, Hansen mounted and then transitioned to Marcellino’s back but once again, nothing comes of it. Both of these guys have had a lot of missed opportunities that they’re corner is telling them to capitalize on. Hansen KNOCKS DOWN Marcellino with a punch and Hansen dives on him and throws bunches of punches. Marcellino makes it back to his feet, only to get nailed with a flying knee while, you guessed it, his back was against the cage. Technical Knockout. Fight over.

Brenson Hansen defeated Tom Marcellino by way of TKO (Flying Knee and Punches) 3:24 in Round 2

(Featherweight) Frank Buenafuente vs. Bill Algeo

Round One: Buenafuente comes into this fight undefeated and is looking to continue his streak. Algeo nails a ridiculous knee and stars throwing a flurry of punches but Buenafuente makes it back to his feet! Buenafuente is on top during a scramble and Algeo wall walks up. Buenafuente and Algeo go on to have a series of impressive grappling scrambles which sees Buenafuente almost sink in a guillotine and he also lands an impressive slam. Every time Buenafuente takes Algeo down, Algeo simply wall walks back up only to get dragged down again. Buenafuente has Algeo pressed against the cage and Algeo lands two or three elbows before Buenafuente trips him down again. Algeo had Buenafuente in his guard and almost landed an arm-lock, but Buenafuente was patient and made his way out. The round ends with Algeo on top of Buenafuente hitting elbows to his body. Very close round. 10-9 Algeo.

Round Two: They touch gloves at the start of the second round and we are underway. Buenafuente hits a nice right straight, and keeps going for it. He is telegraphing it and Algeo can counter with a nicely timed high kick. Buenafuente shoots, Algeo sprawls and Buenafuente almost walks into a kimura but he rolls through and they are now in north-south. Algeo moves into side control. Buenafuente is holding his leg up in the air so Algeo cannot transition into full mount. They scramble and Buenafuente now has Algeo’s back. Algeo scrambles and he now has Buenafuente in half guard. Algeo now has Buenafuente in his butterfly guard and he keeps going for high guard. This fight has a lot of impressive scrambles with both men displaying great grappling skill, but Buenafuente seems to end up in an advantageous position more than Algeo. Just as I type that, Algeo takes Buenafuente’s back and has a figure four locked in. Thirty seconds left to sink a choke and he taps!

Bill Algeo defeated Frank Buenafuente by way of submission (Rear Naked Choke) 4:36 in Round 2

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