Sixth GI Joe Con 2014 Exclusive Revealed

When COBRA COMMANDER needs hazardous substances transported, he calls in the “Leaky Suit Brigade”.

Cobra Hostile Environment Troopers: TOXO-VIPERS are ready to make the world a nastier place to live.


– 25th Anniversary Modern Style/Fully Poseable Action Figure
– Based on the 1991 Cobra Toxo-Viper (V2) Design
– Features a NEW and Removable Protective Helmet
– Box Set contains THREE Troop Builder Action Figures
– Includes Cobra Logo Stand, Sub Machine Gun, Pistol, Compound Z Launcher and Projectile

Collect all these great 3 3/4″ action figures in the 15-figure box set!

COBRA forces have acquired the “Compound Z” formula and have started testing it on their own soldiers. They believe by creating zombie warriors they can rule the World and turn its population into mindless creatures. G.I. JOE headquarters is split on how to handle the zombie affliction: save or eradicate?

GENERAL HAWK has formed two groups to solve this deadly problem. Who will be successful? Will it be the Zombie Hunters whose mission is to eradicate those infected or will it be the E.C.O. (Emergency Chemical Operations) Force trying to rescue and find an antidote for those afflicted? And, what about the team members who become zombies, are they a casualty of war? If too many are turned, who will be left to complete their mission? Only time will tell and it’s running out!

The 2014 G.I. JOE vs. COBRA convention set contains highly requested teams and some new additions available for the first time in the modern era 25A action figure style. This special edition set includes:

Zombie Hunters: Outback, T’J Bang, Steel Brigade Commander / E.C.O. Force: Flint, Ozone, Clean-Sweep / Cobra Lab-Rats x 2, Toxo-Vipers x 3, Toxo-Zombies x 3, and Repulsor with Dawg (NEW K-9).

Each of these great teams comes with classic weapons, accessories, figure stands and file cards in this exciting fifteen figure boxed set.

The G.I.Joe Convention will take place in Dallas Texas on April 10-13.

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