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Bret Hart on Turning Heel in USA in 90s, Not Wanting to Face Vader – “one of the stiffest and smelliest guys I ever had to wrestle”

bret hart


– Bret Hart spoke with WrestleZone Radio and discussed his heel turn in WWE and more. A couple of excerpts are below:

On deciding to turn heel and do the Canada vs USA storyline: “Vince gave me two lists. He wrote down a list of guys I was going to work with as a babyface and the guys I was going to work with as a heel. I remember it was a legit list because I remember going, “These are the baby faces we have and these are the heels that we have,” at the time. I remember Vader was on the top of that list. I knew right away, “That’s a big sell to me turning heel.” That I don’t have to work with Vader.”

On why he did not enjoy working with Vader: “It was like wrestling with a cement truck filled with barf. (Laughs) He was stiff and really the sh*ts to work with as far as… he was no fun. He hurt you constantly. Every punch or kick. I can remember he did a belly flop on me one time. He told me he could do it safe and not hurt me or whatever. My body felt violated. Four hundred pounds of blob just slapped my whole body. I was numb after the match. I remember feeling violated. He was really stiff. He stunk. He smelled like throw up. He never washed his gear. I guess he washed it every once in awhile. After a couple of weeks on the road with Vader it was just tough working with him. He was maybe one of the stiffest and smelliest guys I ever had to wrestle.”