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4K UHD Review: Journey To Space


Thanks to the introduction of 4K television sets, the theater experience truly has come to your home. That’s the resolution you’re seeing on the big screen. Now with the introduction of 4K UHD discs, you aren’t losing a thing besides those mysterious sticky spots on the cinema floor. This is a heck of lot simpler than Bob Evans procuring a 35mm print in the ’70s to run in his home projector room. But what do you want to watch that really puts that upgraded TV set to work? Shout! Factory is releasing a series of IMAX movies on the 4K UHD format. This huge format takes advantage of the next level of resolution. To launch the series, the first release is appropriately Journey to Space.

The documentary focuses on what happens at NASA now that they Space Shuttles have been retired from the program. The movie features a retire Space Shuttle being towed through Los Angeles to a museum. But we’re not an earthbound country. The movie takes us up to the International Space Center which is getting us ready for the next big step beyond the Moon. Soon we’ll be sending astronauts to Mars just like Matt Damon. Patrick Stewart narrates the elements in the program that are getting people prepared for Life on Mars. The future plans are presented in both Earthly developments and intricate CGI predictions. They demonstrate the revolutionary elements necessary to colonize the Red Planet and get astronauts back to home. What will it take for these folks who plan on doing more than merely walk on the surface, collect a few samples, ride a buggy and swing a golfclub? There’s discussion of what it will take to create a sustainable community a planet away.

Journey to Space is a fine primer for a casual viewer curious about the talk of colonizing Mars that crave a visual element that explains where we’ve gone and where we’ll be in the future. The footage from the International Space Center gives a great sense of how much gets down in such a small space. At 45 minutes, a lot of information is conveyed without getting too bogged down. This is a documentary that can appeal to kids and adults that want to know what are their chances of commuting to Mars for work. To get the whole IMAX experience, you’ll have to move your recliner to six inches from your new 4K UHD TV. The Blu-ray version includes both the 2D and 3D versions.

The video is 1.78:1 anamorphic. The 4K image is stunning. If you got a better view of the subject matter you’d be a rocket scientist. The audio is English Dolby Atmos, French DTS-HD MA 5.1 and Spanish DTS-HD MA 5.1. Patrick Stewart has never sounded so good. It’s like he’s been beamed into your living room. Movie is subtitled.

Behind the Scenes (5:03) points out how the film was shot in 4K, 5K and 6K video as well as 65mm film that’s scanned 11K. All this comes out in the Imax format. They had astronauts using the camera. They discuss how 3D was used in the parts of the film were originally 2D. It’s a cinematography geek out.

Picture Gallery (1:30) are stills from the CGI elements as well as shots from real elements.

Trailers include teasers for Last Reef, Wonders of the Arctic, Rocky Mountain Express, Humpback Whales and Flight of the Butterflies.

Shout! Factory presents Journey to Space. Directed by Mark Krenzien. Starring: Patrick Stewart. Rated: NR. Running Time: 45 minutes. Released: June 7, 2016.

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