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10 thoughts on CWC episode 3 – Zack Sabre Jr, Tyson Dux, Brian Kendrick

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1. We’re back with the third week of the inaugural Cruiserweight Classic and we kick off with interviews with Tyson Dux from Canada and Zack Sabre Jr from England. Sabre is like a wrestling Harry Potter, apparently.

2. Solid technical match with Dux keeping pace with Sabre while most of the crowd sit on their hands. Sabre is a great worker but his facial expressions a little comical and he seems to have a bit of trouble connecting with the crowd, while Dux has a good look and can definitely wrestle but is about two feet short for WWE success. Zack picks up the submission victory with something I can neither spell nor pronounce.

3. Bryan puts over Sabre after the match, which is exactly what the Brit needs to start getting over, as most American audiences don’t really seem to care for technical wrestling.

4. Match 2 is Drew Gulak from the US vs Harv Sihra from India. Gulak has a sweet jacket for his entrance, but it looks very odd without pants. Sihra does the Bollywood entrance and seems to have a good rapport with the crowd.

5. Another fairly technical match, particularly from Gulak, which is an interesting booking choice. Some nice old school moves from Gulak until Harv hits a springboard splash to the outside and then a superplex. Just as Harv seems to be on a roll, Gulak locks in a nasty dragon sleeper with a body scissors for the submission victory.

6. Next up we’ve got Anthony Bennett vs Tony Nese. Nese is from Long Island, New York while Bennett has a huge high top fade and hails from New Jersey. He says he is influenced by Kid & Play, which is like the Big Show being influenced by The Maltese Falcon. Wait, did that happen?

7. Hard hitting match with some high flying from Bennett and super stiff strikes from Nese, who bears an unfortunate resemblance to Eli Sampson but is a far better wrestler. Bennett really looks small compared to Nese, who from a certain angle looks like a muscular Andy Garcia.

8. Nese picks up the win with a 450 splash after some miscommunication and possible injury to Bennett. Fun but sloppy match.

9. Our main event tonight is Raul Mendoza from Mexico vs The Brian Kendrick, representing whatever planet he’s from. They start out with some fast paced chain wrestling, with Mendoza displaying great agility and Kendrick using his experience to even the score. Mendoza hits a sweet leg lock / big swing variation, but gets his mouth busted open on the ropes, and I guess that’s why not too many wrestlers wear braces.

10. After making Mendoza look like a million bucks, Kendrick picks up the submission victory with the bully choke. This was an entertaining main event concluding another fine episode of the Cruiserweight Classic.

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