Inside Pulse Scorecard for WWE Smackdown Live! 07.11.2017

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Lazy, lazy, lazy booking. Typical tag team setup to start. Yet ANOTHER match scheduled between everyone in the Woman’s division. And followed by another pointless tag match between most of those wrestlers. A lame pull apart brawl between Corbin and Nakamura setting up a match no one wants to see. Someone needs to wake up the writer’s room. I did like the Sami Zayn interaction with the Kannellises as it seemed to be the only story with forward momentum. Oh, and Naomi’s championship belt looks horrendous.
Rating: A generous 3.5


Solid show, with one very odd booking decision in the women’s division. In no universe should Tamina be beating Charlotte and Becky. She shouldn’t even be on the roster, and I’m starting to wonder what types of pictures she holds over Vince that she gets to keep her job!
Rating: 5.0


A solid but unspectacular episode of the show, I don’t see how having Jinder fighting low card guys while the other top contenders are in the main event for the mid card title makes sense.
Rating: 5.5

Total Ratings: 14.0
Total Reviewers: 3

Inside Pulse Scorecard for Smackdown Live!: 4.6

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