GFW Impact Wrestling 7/20/17 Recap – Will Alberto Join LAX?

Sammy Guevara comes out for his Super X Cup match to face Drago, who gets a hype video saying he’s from another world. He wants to win the X Cup to prove what he brings to the ring. Drago flips around Guevara and sweeps the leg. They miss a series of kicks and Sammy sends him down and hits a 630 for 2. Drago hits the blockbuster DDT to end it. Karen Jarrett does a video highlight on a GFW charity show. Sienna comes down with both of her belts and fans actually do the pinkies up deal. Amber Nova is her victim and a “Sienna’s gonna kill you” chant leads to a wheelbarrow suplex. AK47 ends it. She calls out Karen Jarrett, and Karen comes down to tower over her and talk down to her. Allie attacks with a pink-taped kendo stick before LVN comes down and then Rosemary makes a save. Gail Kim makes a save for the faces and Karen yells for the music to be cut and makes Sienna vs. Rosemary next week in a last knockout standing match.

LAX bullies Alberto’s brother and they run through the Impact Live events. Bruce Prichard talks to Trevor Lee before Sonjay yells so Trevor says he’s the better champion and Bruce just leaves. Demus comes down to team with Idris Abraham and Trevor Lee against Octagoncito, Garza Jr., and Loredo Kid. Trevor pushes Garza down and Trevor gets knocked down with a flying forearm. This is lucha rules, so anyone can just come in. Octagoncito hits a spinning DDT to Lee before Garza yells at everyone to stop, they do, and he removes his breakaway stripper pants. Well, that was different. Everyone does the rowboat spot while Octagoncito gets 2 on Demus. Abraham is knocked down and Octagoncito wins with a splash off of Garza Jr’s shoulders.

Joseph Park and Grado go on the date with LVN and he sadly lost his champagne, but he has coupons! She’s okay through because she had her own champagne. They have an awkward lunch with her where she is as disgusting as possible. Konnan threatens Dos Caras with a pair of pliers. Joseph Park talks about how proud he is of his brother “Chris, you know Abyss” before shilling Park, Park, and Park. Konnan tells Dos Caras that Alberto had better make the right decision. Matt Sydal, El Hijo Del Fantasma, and Low-Ki are out with JB talking about Fantasma being King Cuerno on Lucha Underground.

This is a crazy mess of spots. Sydal hits a big dropkick in the corner while JB hypes up the GFW Anthology with Chael Sonnen and Low-Ki attacks Fantasma in the corner. FANTASMA HITS HIS DIVE TO THE FLOOR on Low-Ki! Fantasma has Sydal in a surfboard, but Ki hits a Warrior’s Way to Sydal. Ki hits the stomp to Fantasma, but Sydal hits the SSP at 2 to pin Low-Ki. Well, that was a ton of fun – nothing too amazing, but just fun to watch. Sydal wants a shot at the title, so Bruce comes down to talk before being interrupted by Lashley, wanting a shot at his title again. He beats up Sydal. Great, so the X guys are just jobbers to the heavyweights.

Bruce says that he recognizes Lee’s POV on the situation and that he heard Lashley loud and clear too. Grado talks about how well things went with LVN before Eli comes out for a four way match with EC3, Eddie, and Moose. But first, he’s interrupted by the SWOLE guys fro last week. EC3 mock Moose’s “Moose!” deal with some punches, but Moose sends everyone down in the corner with hesitation dropkicks. Pump kick on the floor takes Eli out. EC3 hits the One Percenter, but Eli shoves him out and steals the win.

LAX takes Dos Caras from the backstage area to the ring and take his other son and cane him. They go to remove Dos Caras’s mask and Alberto says things have gone too far. He and “Carlos” have been friends for 20 years, and they’ve done too much with Rey to throw this away. Alberto says that he isn’t Carlos, he’s just Konnan and he joins LAX for the good of his family. Or not – like DDP 20 years ago, he puts the shirt on and then attacks with clotheslines before caning them. Well, this was a solid show.

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