James Franco And Jonah Hill Go For Serious, Not Laughs With True Story: A Review

Strong performances dominate this true-crime drama. »»

Furious 7 Is Still A Human Cartoon, Albeit A Bittersweet One: A Review

One last ride that serves an elegiac tribute. »»

What We Do In The Shadows - Review

Imagine if Christopher Guest made mockumentary about Vampires. »»

Survivalist Horror Is Rarely More Terrifying Than In Backcountry- A Review

Camping in Canada is not what it used to be. »»

Ethan Hawke Would Like You To Meet His Mentor In Seymour: An Introduction- A Review

A famous pianist emerges after 35 years thanks to Ethan Hawke. »»

X/Y Feels the Pain of Young Love: A Review

An unblinking look at a crumbling relationship. »»

Cinderella Gets A Makeover But Remains Pure In Heart: A Review

The whimsical reworking of a Disney classic will have you going bibbidi-bobbidi-yay! »»

'McFarland, USA' review: Overcomes narrative hurdles, sports movie cliches

A thoughtful sports movie that puts emphasis on character above sport. »»

Black Sea Review: A Story Of Fortune And Redemption

Jude Law captains solid submarine thriller. »»

Blackhat Is High On Visuals, Not Story: A Review

Story undercuts action in Michael Mann's cyber-thriller. »»

Selma, A Reminder Of How Far We've Got To Go As A Society: A Review

David Oyelowo captivates in Civil Rights drama. »»

Taken 3 Makes Taken 2 Look As Good As Taken - A Review

Lackluster finale to lackluster franchise The one downside to being an action star is that sometimes a franchise starts with tons of potential and winds up being vapid repeats of the first. That's exactly what Taken 3 winds up being: an in »»

Mark Wahlberg Is Main Problem With Awful Remake of The Gambler - A Review

Mark Wahlberg is the wrong guy in the right film »»

Peter Jackson Milks Tolkien For All He’s Worth With The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies: A Review

This really is the last of Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings films… or is it? »»

Foxcatcher Is The Film Amateur Wrestling Has Deserved - A Review

Good, not brilliant, look at the death that shocked the wrestling world »»

The Theory Of Everything Covers Everything About Stephen Hawking Without Giving Us An Insight Into The Man - A Review

Unremarkable biopic about a remarkable man There's a moment towards the end of The Theory of Everything that gives you an insight into the world of Stephen Hawking. Hawking (Eddy Redmayne) and his first wife Jane (Felicity Jones) are at Buckin »»

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