DVD Review: Have Gun - Will Travel (The Final Season, Volume One & Two)

Wraps up the career of illustrious man in black whose business card might read, "Have Gun - Will Travel," but he brought more than a weapon to help his clients. »»

DVD Review: Wonder Woman (1974)

Wonder Woman versus Khan in this failed TV pilot movie. »»

DVD Review: Gunsmoke (The Sixth Season, Volume 2)

Volume 2 installment gives the last 19 episodes when Matt, Kitty and Doc kept their adventures concise enough to fit the 30 minute time slot. »»

TV's Fugitive Gets Apprehended In a Complete Boxset

The TV series that inspired the Oscar-winning film gets a complete boxset from CBS Home Entertainment. »»

Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends: Complete Season 4 - DVD Review

Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends: Complete Season 4 delivers the penultimate collection of the legendary cartoon series. »»

Film Noir Classic Collection: Volume 5 - DVD Review

Film Noir Classic Collection: Volume 5 gives eight lesser titles a chance to shine. They show that film noir can happen around the world without an age limit. »»

Barnaby Jones: Season One - DVD Review

Barnaby Jones: The First Season allows us to appreciate what the elderly can offer us in the realm of private investigation. »»

Cannon: Season Two, Volume Two - DVD Review

Cannon: Season Two, Volume Two gives us another 12 cases where gut instinct overwhelms brute strength. »»

Pie in the Sky: Set 2 - DVD Review

Pie in the Sky: Series 2 gives us an investigator who knows you can’t solve a crime if your stomach is grumbling. »»

Cannon: Season One, Volume Two - DVD Review

Frank Cannon (William Conrad) sounded like a 6’8” hulk of a man in a dark room. His husky voice unloaded more of a blast than any legal handgun. When the lights came on, he was only a 5’8” tubby guy. The only thing larger than is appetite for fine food was his hunger for justice. He was an ex-LAPD cop that entered the world of private investigation. Odds are he did it to avoid the weight requirements. His clients varied from the extremely rich to quite a bit pro bono work. During the early ’70s when detectives were all over the TV dial, Cannon’s gut set him apart from his height and weight proportionate rivals. Cannon: Season One, Volume Two fills his plate with 13 cases heaping with action, deceit and mystery. »»

Jake and the Fatman: Season One, Volume Two - DVD Review

I'll say this about the Fatman: he's proof that you can make it in showbiz without being a pretty face. William Conrad (Cannon) had a great gig for an actor that didn't want to pay the high cost of glamour. He's supposed to the be the District Attorney for Los Angeles, but he can't solve the case of the missing razor. Even on trial days, he's got more stubble than Don Johnson on Miami Vice. Max, the bulldog, spent more time in the makeup trailer than Conrad. It was Conrad's gruff that made Joe Penny look so slick as Jake, his main investigator. Penny's the legs while Conrad relaxes in his cushy desk chair. Jake and the Fatman: Season One, Volume Two gives us 11 more cases of Law and Odd Couple. »»

Jake and the Fatman: Season One, Volume One - DVD Review

William Conrad struck gold during his Golden Years. His early career had him playing nameless goons in crime films. He voiced Matt Dillon on the radio version of Gunsmoke. When the show was brought to TV, Conrad remained in the audio booth because he was too fat to play the sheriff. But he persisted in his desire to be a lead actor on TV. Success arrived in the early ‘70s with Cannon. He didn't even have to diet for the gig. But the good times didn't end there. After guest starring on Matlock, Conrad found himself fighting crime in primetime instead of collecting his Social Security check. His infamous weight made him perfect for the lead on Jake and the Fatman. »»

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