Hot Gossip: Deadwood To Return Online?

While the series might be named Deadwood,the HBO Western might just be alive. »»

Blu-ray And DVD Deal Of The Day: Deadwood: The Complete Series

Fans of FX's Justified and actor Timothy Olyphant might want to get in on this deal. »»

Your Highness - Review

Not the stoner comedy the title suggests, but still an irreverent fantasy. »»

Justified: The Complete First Season - Blu-ray Review

Let us all welcome the new resident bad-ass to the small screen, Timothy Olyphant. »»

Deal Alert: Deadwood: Complete Series is Amazon's DotD

The online retailer offering Deadwood on Blu-ray at its lowest price point yet! »»

Heavy Rain Film Taking Shape with David Milch On Board

Deadwood creator joining Bob Shaye and Michael Lynne in adapting the best-selling video game. »»

Disc Deals and Steals of The Week: The Expendables, Eat Pray Love and More!!!

The Expendables may be the hot new release, but there's a new wrestling title that will have some "bragging" to friends, and Amazon is clearing out a hidden stash of DC Comics BDs. »»

Disc News: Saddle Up for Deadwood on Blu-ray

Early word of a complete series release of Deadwood on Blu-ray. »»

Hot Rod - Blu-ray Review

Hot Rod had all the elements necessary to be a great dumb comedy. A clueless goofball wanting to be the next Evel Knievel just screams physical comedy goldmine. More than enough Saturday Night Live cast members had leading roles. Ian McShane’s gruff Deadwood persona was perfect to antagonize the lead. They even were smart enough to hire Danny McBride before he became a mega-star this summer. This movie seems destined to jump 15 funnybones without a hitch. »»

Swingtown: The First Season - DVD Review

Swingtown sounded like it belonged on Showtime. Pay cable is normally where you’d see a series about a sweet family getting lured into a suburban pagan lifestyle during 1976. The carnality of its title hints you’ll be seeing naked flesh from the moment the Welcome Wagon lady rings the new neighbors’ doorbell. But this show really did air on CBS during the summer. It proved a network could take risks instead of merely naming a new location for the CSI empire. Would America be ready for series that wasn’t 7th Heaven? »»

Death Race - Review

Don't be confused and think this is a remake of Roger Corman's B-movie cult classic from 1975, Death Race 2000. Instead, think of two things: ‘80s action cinema and Sony PlayStation. »»

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