Life After People - Blu-ray Review

Life After People must have gotten a nice enough reception from this first look to garner a full season, but surprisingly it just fails to hold my interest. »»

The Garden - DVD Review

Neither tugging at the heart-strings nor sprawling indulgently across your whole afternoon, The Garden is that best case scenario of a documentary - efficient and moving, exhaustively covered but brief in execution. »»

Tyson - DVD Review

Forget the extras. Tyson is a must-see documentary about the life and times of one of the iconic figures of the last fifty years. »»

The Cove - Review

The deadliest cul-de-sac on Earth »»

Lee's Kobe Doin' Work Dribbles to DVD this November

Spike Lee's documentary, Kobe Doin' Work, which aired on ESPN, sees a DVD release this November from the Walt Disney Studios. »»

Sony Delivers a Knock Out with Tyson this August

Sony Pictures gives the release date and specs for Tyson. »»

Morning Light - DVD Review

The sailing footage is exciting to watch, and it almost makes you wish you were on the boat yourself. But as the second half of the film drags on, non-sailors will start to lose interest with all of the sailing jargon and day-to-day minutiae that gets thrown at them. »»

Woodstock: 3 Days of Peace and Music (40th Anniversary Collector's Edition) - DVD Review

For those who didn’t live through it, and instead have an impression of Woodstock via MTV and Fred Durst, this is the definitive feature on the original (and best) Woodstock Festival. »»

Michael Moore's Next Documentary Gets Release Date

Michael Moore's new documentary, which tackles the root causes of the global economic crisis, will be released in theaters October 2. »»

Bloodsucking Cinema - DVD Review

An interesting start, but nowhere near as in-depth as the subject deserves. »»

Reno 911!: Miami (More Busted Than Ever Unrated Cut) - DVD Review

I'm not going to talk too much about the main movie, as it's the Unrated Cut that Mike Noyes reviewed here. With that there are two reasons you'll get this movie. Either you absolutely love Reno 911 and want to buy up everything regarding them you possibly can or you want the digital copy of the movie that you get with the "More Busted Than Ever" cut of the movie. »»

Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden? - DVD Review

When it comes to making a documentary, Michael Moore has nothing on Morgan Spurlock. Whereas Moore just shills his radical leftist agenda and shoots for easy targets, you'd never see him in the slums of Morocco discussing radical Islam with moderate Muslims. And that's part of what Spurlock did in Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden., his lighthearted at times look at the world in which we live in. »»

A History Of Britain: The Complete Collection - DVD Review

It's important to note that Simon Schama calls his series A History of Britain and not The History of Britain, because the latter would imply an exhaustive examination of the sceptered isle, and this series seems to focus more on moments in its history than anything else. Each episode looks at a person, a movement, or a happening that Schama has cherry-picked as a defining moment in British history. This may disappointed those looking for a more detailed view of England, but I found it fascinating and ended up inspired to look into the corners of history that Schama chose to gloss over, which—now that I think about it—may have been his intention all along. »»

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Shortly after the release of former president Jimmy Carter's latest and most controversial book Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid in November 2006, Carter set out on a book tour to promote the publication and also to talk about the subject matter, which involves bringing an end to the violence and segregation that is happening in Israel, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. »»

Steep - DVD Review

Available at If you will it, it is no dream. Over the past forty odd years, skiers have been pushing the limits of big mountain extreme skiing, expanding the boundaries of what was thought to be impossible, and running lines down slop »»

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