Eric Clapton Auctioning Potential $19 Million Painting

Eric Clapton is getting into the art business, as he will be selling Gerhard Richter's "Abstraktes Bild (809-4)" for a potential $19 million payoff.  The painting was originally purchased for $3.4 million in 2001, and will go to auction at Sotheby's »»

New CD Coming In February From Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney will release a new CD of cover songs in February of 2012.  The album, as of yet untitled, will be a collection of "Tin Pan Alley" songs he loved as a boy.  Eric Clapton and Diana Krall will assist on some of the songs, and this will »»

Bad Movies Done Right - Queen Of The Lot

In pursuit of Fame. Henry Jaglom's sequel to Hollywood Dreams not much to dream about. »»

MGF Reviews KiNDERGARTEN - Small

At their best, KiNDERGARTEN take all the usual pop clichés: the R&B harpsichords, androgynous man-boy vocals and presently fashionable retro flavors of the '80s, and mangle them up into their own odd concoction that's as potent as it can be a bit weird. ... »»

MGF Reviews Arcangels - Living in a Dream

Austin's notable and outstanding supergroup, Arcangels, reunited recently and opened a U.K. tour for Eric Clapton beginning last May. Since the guys are on the road, it looks like the heavily anticipated, second studio album will be in the oven just a little longer. Luckily, the band recorded a couple live shows a few years back and were eager to finally get the music to their fans. ... »»


Nominees for the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards were announced Wednesday night. The broadcast will take place Jan. 31, 2010, at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Here is a shortened list of nominees from the major categories... »»

The Secret Policeman Rocks - DVD Review

The Secret Policeman Rocks is a brilliant collection of charity performances of several major rock acts. »»

MGF Reviews Rory Gallagher - Crest of a Wave: The Best of Rory Gallagher

Rory Gallagher is, was and always will be one of the most underrated guitar players and songwriters of his time. Sure, he received an average dose of worldwide attention, including flattering admiration from his peers, but he never got to play arenas... »»

VIII - 11.10.08

Welcome to the latest edition of the VIII, where I'll be featuring eight different performers, currently on the move, whom I have enjoyed in the past, with a few recent discoveries as well. »»

A Moment's All I Ask - 5.7.08

America actually got it right this week on American Idol, by sending Jason Castro home, where, let's face it, he wanted to be anyway. Somehow, Jason didn't seem to care anymore either way, with rumors running around that he was weirded out by all the attention/fame he's been getting lately (150 balloons, random affection from female fans). Jason should have gone weeks ago, but now, the lone girl (Syesha Mercado) and the two Davids are in the final stretch. It was Rock and Roll Hall of Fame week and there was really nothing too exciting or out of the ordinary other than Jason screwing up the one Bob Dylan song I learned in high school ("Tambourine Man"), and later doing a version of "I Shot the Sheriff". David Cook did "Hungry Like the Wolf", by Duran Duran, and all I could think about was Duran Duran doing the song overlaying his version. Later on, he did "Baba O'Riley" by The Who, and that was much better and much more suited for his style. And for the most part, it really seemed like another pretty comfortable week for David. »»

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