DVD Review: Action-Packed Movie Marathon Volume Two

Action-Packed Movie Marathon Volume Two really does a fine job of bringing together a quartet of semi-explosive fun. »»

Blu-Ray Review: Double Feature: X-Ray & Schizoid

These are two severe examples of filmmakers craving a suspension of disbelief that might be impossible. »»

DVD Review: Wonder Woman (1974)

Wonder Woman versus Khan in this failed TV pilot movie. »»

DVD Review: Fantasy Island (The Complete Third Season)

The Complete Third Season is full of 1979's current, past and future stars without any Kardashians or Real Housewives. »»

Disc News: A Planeful Of Fantasy Island Arrives In October

Fans can look at "da plane" again thanks to Shout! Factory. »»

DVD Review: VEGA$ (The Third Season, Volume 1)

This season starts the last season of the greatest series to capture Middle School Las Vegas. »»

DVD Review: Fantasy Island (The Complete Second Season)

Snooty TV critics will moan Fantasy Island, but this was a fun way to burn a Saturday night when your plans fell through. »»

Disc News: Welcome to Fantasy Island's second season

"Da plane! Da plane!" rang out on TVs across America every Saturday night in the late '70s and early '80s. Fantasy Island was the destination of millions who wanted to see the dreams of semi-famous actors realized by Mr. Rourke (Ricardo Montalban) an »»

The Man with the Golden Gun - Blu-ray Review

Everybody was kung fu fighting in 1974. The song "Kung Fu Fighting" dominated the radio. Chopsocky epics ruled the drive-ins and grindhouses. Kung Fu brought the martial action to American TVs. What would the gadget loving James Bond do in the wake »»

Ricardo Montalban dies at age 88

Khan is gone! »»

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