Box Office: Twilight Glistens More Than A Thanksgiving Turkey, Takes #1 During Record-Breaking Weekend

Breaking Dawn Part 2 faces three new releases (and a second round of James Bond) as part of the most profitable Thanksgiving box office on record. »»

Just Seen It Movie Review: Hitchcock [Video]

Alfred Hitchcock is the world's most famous director. But when he chooses the controversial Psycho as his next movie, no one will support it. Risking everything, he and his wife Alma fight to get it made. Starring Anthony Hopkins, Helen Mirren a »»

Just Seen It Movies: Hitchcock Hidden Gems - The Thirty Nine Steps, The Lady Vanishes and Marnie [Video]

Leah, Sean and David reveal their favorite Hitchcock Hidden Gems. Starring Leah Adlridge, Sean Wright and David Freedman Directed by Amy Taylor. Edited by Zack Delman. Production Sound and Sound Mixing byAaron Fink and Nic Isaacs. Produced by David F »»

The Houston Film Critics Society Presents A Hitchcock-Fest

Texans know a thing or two about chainsaws, but one critics group wants them to go a little "psycho" this weekend. »»

Just Seen It: Hitchcock Favorites - North By Northwest, Rear Window and Frenzy [Video]

Leah, Sean and David tip their hats to the master of suspense, Alfred Hitchcock, and give you their favorites - no easy task! Starring Leah Adlridge, Sean Wright and David Freedman Directed by Amy Taylor. Edited by Zack Delmani. Production Sound and »»

thirtysomething: the complete first season - DVD Review

If you had fond memories of watching this show back in 1987, it’s the right time to reconnect with these friends in Philly. The series has aged well after its awkward phase. »»

A Couple and a Thief join Paramount's Centennial Collection

Paramount announced two new titles for its Centennial Collection. The Odd Couple and To Catch a Thief will be get the deluxe DVD treatment when they are released on March 24. Each title has an SRP of $24.99. Here's the details of each two disc set from Paramount Home Entertainment: »»

The Gregory Peck Film Collection - DVD Review

Gregory Peck always looked like he was on top of the situation. He was an authority on a subject without saying a word. If a crisis broke out, you'd want Peck to be amongst the faces at the conference table. You knew he'd be the straight shooter who wouldn't candy coat the facts to make him look better than the smug competition. With his professorial demeanor, Peck appeared to be deep in thought and not merely waiting when silent. He was an icon of intellect and stability. This attitude also made him extremely believable when people discovered he was completely out of his depths. The Gregory Peck Film Collection gathers together his prime moments. By the time you finish this box and its bonus documentaries, you'll be an authority on Gregory Peck. »»

Lawsuit over Disturbia... it's a rip-off

Believe it or not, DreamWorks' Distubria is a rip-off of Alfred Hitchock's Rear Window. This according to a lawsuit filed Monday in a Manhattan federal court. For someone who has seen both, all that really needs to be said is, "Duh." »»

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