Disc News: I Am Bruce Lee Examines The Dragon

Shout! Factory prepping documentary release about Bruce Lee's life and his impact in pop culture. »»

Blu-Ray Review: 1911

More of a tedious history lesson than riveting war drama. »»

American Trailer for Jackie Chan's 1911 Debut

Jackie Chan shows off acting chops »»

Asian Cinema Coming to Netflix Watch Instant

Netflix leads the way east »»

R0BTRAIN's Badass Cinema: Asian Cinema Explosion- End of the Year Blowout, Part 2

A look at the best Asian Actions films of 2010. Plus December's Badass of the Month! »»

Rush Hour - Blu-ray Review

An updated release of the original DVD, Rush Hour is still a fun film that has defined the careers of all involved. »»

Teaser Trailer Smashes Online For Kung Fu Panda 2

Jack Black returns as a butt-kicking bear next May. »»

The Karate Kid - DVD Review

An inspirational story modernized for a new generation. »»

R0BTRAIN's Bad Ass Cinema: DTV Heavy Hitters, Pt. 2 - Redemption

June's Bad Ass of the Month! Plus Seagal, Lundgren, and the DTV Spielberg! »»

Shinjuku Incident - DVD Review

Jackie Chan, in his best dramatic performance ever! »»

The Karate Kid - Review

Everybody was Kung fu Fighting »»

R0BTRAIN's Bad Ass Cinema: Asian Cinema Explosion - Monster Moms, Short Skirts, and Black Belts!

Plus Vampire Hunters, Karate Fighters, Peasant Soldiers, and Tony Jaa news! »»

TOSH.0 Second Season Premieres Tonight on Comedy Central

Merciless host Daniel Tosh is back to expose and skewer the endless array of ridiculousness on the Internet. Currently in its second season, "Tosh.0," the weekly, topical, hit series returns with 16 new episodes starting tonight. See the LARPer, h »»

R0BTRAIN's Bad Ass Cinema: Asian Cinema Explosion - Coming Attractions!

All the Upcoming Bad Ass Asian Films on the Horizon! »»

Monday Morning Critic - 1.4

On tap this week: -- Jackie Chan whips out his Thunderbolt -- Travis Leamons’ favorite film of 2004 is bad? No way -- The Tiger Zone And slightly much more! »»

Images From New Karate Kid

For those of you who were upset when Hilary Swank thought she could be the Karate Kid, then prepare yourself for possible disappointment. Sweep the leg! »»

Monday Morning Critic 10.19

On tap this week: -- Meghan McCain: What could’ve been -- Punishing my way through Blockbuster -- Someone needs to give Jackie Chan an intervention And slightly much more! »»

Legend of the Drunken Master - Blu-ray Review

If you only ever see one Jackie Chan film, make it this one! »»

Chan to Teach Jaden Smith the Crane

Jackie Chan has been cast in the role Pat Morita made famous. »»

Monday Morning Critic - 2/2

On tap this week: -- Love & Hate in regards to Seth Rogen -- Jackie Chan! -- The Resurrection of Mickey Rourke -- Pulse Glazer takes one for the team -- Scott gives dating advice! And slightly much more! »»

Supercop: Two-Disc Ultimate Edition - DVD Review

Get any group of Jackie Chan fans together, and its likely they won't be able to come anywhere close to a consensus when it comes to picking their favorite Action extravaganza featuring the Hong Kong movie legend. You'll have some that will argue for his more old-school entries, like the original Drunken Master, and then a lot of voices will probably be raised in favor of the more modern sequel (Drunken Master II), released in this country as Legend of the Drunken Master. Then again, there’ll always be a contingent that will stand by Jackie's more stunt oriented work, most notably anything in the Police Story franchise, all five of which are prime showcases for the star's unique and unforgettable action prowess. Even picking the best of that franchise would be a tough prospect, but if one were looking for sheer volume of straight up stunts and insanity, it would be hard to bet against the third movie in the franchise, released in the U.S. as Supercop. »»

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