The Classy Ring Attire Podcast #169: It's Always Nice to Have a Good Episode of Raw Now and Then

Thumbs up for Zayn debut. Thumbs up for the match between Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. Thumbs up for New Day Celebrations. I feel a little scared to say it, but it looks like we might have had an all around good episode of Raw. I'm not sure what to »»

New Poll: Should Sami Zayn have jobbed in his first WWE match to John Cena?

What did you think of that booking? Vote now! »»

The Classy Ring Attire Podcast #168: Cena's Boyfriends Talk About Things that Don't Matter

After receiving the greatest review a free podcast can ever hope to receive, they have no choice but to bask in what they must assume in glowing praise from their loyal fans. (Oh and Extreme Rules is covered.) Want more Classy Ring Attire? Follow »»

WWE Payback 2015 PPV: Two Matches Set for May 2015 PPV

What's set for the next PPV? »»

The Classy Ring Attire Podcast #167: Extreme Kerfuffle Lineup

We're back to PPV time, and to kick things off, we have the post Mania event of Extreme Rules. The fellas take a look at the card, and make their best predictions as to who will win each match on Sunday. Want more Classy Ring Attire? Follow us on »»

Inside Pulse Exclusive! Johnny Mundo aka John Morrison Opens Up In Candid One Hour Shoot Interview

Hey and welcome to my interview with Johnny Mundo aka John Morrison aka the Any Night Delight. »»

The Classy Ring Attire Podcast #166: Our Way Too Early Predictions for Wrestlemania 32

With WrestleMania 31 out of the way, lets go ahead and take a look at what's clearly going to be the card for next year's biggest show of the year. Want more Classy Ring Attire? Follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook and subscribe to us on iT »»

Spain’s WWE SmackDown Report and Results for April 16th 2015: Tally-Ho, Pip-Pip and Bernard's Your Uncle

SmackDown is coming to you this week from foggy London town, and we've got an all-champs tag team match for your main event. Also featuring Neville vs. Sheamus, and Rampant. Off-The-Charts. Homoeroticism. »»

New Poll: How do you feel about the aftermath of WWE Wrestlemania 31?

Do you like how things are going? »»

Classy Ring Attire presents: A Quick Recount of Wrestlemania 31

All the magic of Wrestlemania with the hilarity of chipmunk voices »»

Spain's SmackDown Report and Review for April 2nd 2015: Post-Mania Begins Now

WrestleMania surpassed many expectations, so we should probably go easy on WWE for a month or so and let them just coast without complaint. On an unrelated note, here's SmackDown. »»

The Classy Ring Attire Podcast #164: Well I'll Be! They Pulled It Off!

Against all odds, WWE managed to make WrestleMania 31 a pretty fantastic show. We go through the highs (Seth getting launched) The lows (Terminator made an appearance but Robocop didn't) an everything in between including the main event between Brock »»

Chris Jericho Podcast Coming to WWE Network w/John Cena

What does this mean for Austin? »»

Spain SmackDown Report and Review for March 26th 2014: WrestleMania's Fucked

Well, it's the final stop on the road to a WrestleMania which promises to be...everything that a WrestleMania shouldn't be. So, rather than watch the actual show and get all depressed about it, read this article and laugh at what none of us can change. And start drinking, because I damn sure have. »»

John Cena News: WWE Wrestlemania 31, Working with Younger Wrestlers

In a recent interview, John Cena talked about Wrestlemania 31: »»

Hulk Hogan News: WWE Wrestlemania Predictions, Randy Savage, Regrets Missed Match with John Cena

Hulk Hogan spoke about the possibility of having one more match »»

John Cena News: Advice For Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan Rematch, Retirement Thoughts

John Cena spoke about the possibility of retirement. Here are highlights: »»

A2Z Analysiz: WWE WrestleMania 29 (The Rock, John Cena)

Once in a lifetime, for the second time, as John Cena faces The Rock for the WWE Championship! Plus Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar, Undertaker vs. CM Punk, and so much more! »»

The Classy Ring Attire Podcast #163: It's Mania Play Button Time!

The day is finally upon us. All the Raws are behind us, and its time to take a look at the 31st annual WrestleMania! »»

A2Z Analysiz: WWE WrestleMania XXVIII (John Cena, The Rock)

Once in a Lifetime (or, twice): The Rock faces John Cena in the main event, Undertaker puts the Streak on the line against Triple H in a Hell in a Cell match, CM Punk meets Chris Jericho for the WWE Championship, plus more with Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton, Big Show, Booker T, Sheamus, Zack Ryder, and more! »»

The Three Wiseasses Guide To WWE Wrestlemania 31

I, James "DDP Yoga" Sawyer thought the readers deserved a preview with the three biggest wiseacres on the site.  Myself, BD "I do CrossFit AND DJ" and David "Bodybuilding PhD" Spain. »»

A2Z Analysiz: WrestleMania XXVII (John Cena, The Miz)

The Rock hosts the show headlined by John Cena challenging The Miz for the WWE Championship, plus Undertaker puts the Streak on the line against Triple H, Jerry Lawler battles Michael Cole, and so much more! »»

A2Z Analysiz: WrestleMania XXVI (Shawn Michaels, Undertaker)

Streak versus Career headlines WrestleMania from Phoenix, also featuring Chris Jericho versus Edge, Batista versus John Cena, Bret Hart versus Mr. McMahon, Money in the Bank, and so much more! »» WWE launches new ad campaign with NBC Universal

NEW YORK and STAMFORD, CONN – March 23, 2015 – NBCUniversal and WWE today unveiled a comprehensive brand campaign, “For The Hero In All of Us,” that will air across NBCUniversal's expansive network of two broadcast networks, 17 cable channels »»

Daniel Bryan 'Just Say Yes! Yes! Yes!' DVD/Blu-ray Content And Match List

Details on the Journey to WrestleMania doc and the bonus matches included. »»

The Classy Ring Attire Podcast #162: Podcasting Isn't Podcasting

With only two weeks left before WWE's most important night of the year, the most exciting thing in the world of wrestling isn't even something WWE created, but rather an amazing short film titled Wrestling isn't Wrestling, that may be the best argument for wrestling as an art form ever created. »»

A2Z Analysis: WWE WrestleMania XXIV (Edge, Undertaker)

WrestleMania invades Orlando as Edge defends the World Heavyweight Championship against Undertaker, Ric Flair puts his career on the line against Shawn Michaels, plus more with John Cena, Randy Orton, Triple H, CM Punk, Chris Jericho, and so much more! »»

WWE Monday Night RAW LIVE Results For 3/23/15: The Final RAW Before Wrestlemania

  It's the final RAW before Wrestlemania, and it is also my final RAW Review for InsidePulse. We're Live On Nitro! Oh Wait... Sting came out to start the show. He said this is what it feels like to kick off RAW. He said HHH has done »»

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