Blu-ray Review: Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa

Bad Grandpa will definitely bring in fans of Knoxville’s previous Jackass works. »»

Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa - Review

About five years too late Bad Grandpa feels like something that should've come out in 2007 or so. In the glow of the Borat movie, and still at their peak, the Jackass gang would've felt a bit more in line releasing a film like this. Trying to »»

Blu-ray Review: Movie 43

Just a bunch of silly nonsense and random crude skits starring some of Hollywood’s most recognizable stars. »»

Blu-ray Review: The Last Stand

This is a movie that requires you to remember that it’s just supposed to be a fun action movie. »»

DVD Review: SpongeBob SquarePants: Extreme Kah-Rah-Tay

Latest SB SP release brings together eight episodes of chopsocky action from seasons 8 and 9. »»

Movie 43 - Review

Has more than 43 reasons to hate it ... one to kind of like it »»

The Last Stand - Review

Welcome back Arnold ... welcome back »»

Movie 43 Trailer Has Gerard Butler As A Leprechan, Plus Other Celebrities Acting Crazy

Wacky shenanigans ensue in this Kentucky Fried Movie-inspired comedy that includes everyone from Johnny Knoxville to Kate Winslet. »»

Johnny Knoxville And Patton Oswalt A Pair of Sibling Rivals In Boy Scout Comedy

A Jackass and a guy who's gaytham for Statham to pair up in a new comedy from Big Beach Films. »»

The SmarK DVD Rant: Remake-O-Rama II!

Scott Keith's second Remake-O-Rama pits True Grit vs. Jackass 3.5 in 1200 words or less. »»

Britney Spears Does The Poo Cocktail Supreme Stunt

Johnny Knoxville and Jimmy Kimmel show a clip that didn't make it into Jackass 3D. »»

Johnny Knoxville, Andy Sandberg On Three Stooges Shortlist

Three Stooges anthology movie to be written, directed by the Farrelly brothers. »»

Sherlock Jr. / Three Ages - Blu-ray Review

Double feature presents two very funny silent films from famed director's early career. »»

Jackass 3D - Review

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the movies »»

See the First Trailer for Jackass 3D

Check out the first trailer for "Jackass 3-D." The film is scheduled for release on October 15, 2010. »»

Don't try this at home: Jackass 3D Trailer blows up the net

Warning...this is going to be awesome. »»

Jackass: The Lost Tapes - DVD Review

Hi I'm Danny Cox and welcome to my review of Jackass: The Lost Tapes. Brr-wrr-wrwrwrwrwrwrwrwrwrwrwrwrwrrrrrrrrr! »»

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