Throwback Thursday: Tough Enough Throwback - Maven

With the official announcement of Tough Enough returning to the USA Network on June 23, 2015 I think it’s to to go back a bit for myself, to my first article here on Inside Pulse, and begin recapping some of the winners, runners-up and seasons of Tough Enough from years past. »»

Throwback Thursday: Championship Flashback, The Hardcore Championship (Mankind, Crash Holly, Wrestlemania 2000)

The belt was originally created to be used for quick segments by mankind as a comedic reference to his reputation as a hardcore wrestler, however the interest grew and soon the hardcore division had a large group of fans that demanded hardcore matches. They definitely got their wish. »»

Throwback Thursday: Tough Enough Season 1

Who among us didn't watch, excitedly and (perhaps) with jealousy as the first group of Tough Enough participants graced our screens for the first time? At the time I was a pre-teen and insanely jealous of the participants ability to even be old enough to submit videos, let alone be chosen for the house. »»

(Updated w/Official Lists) HTC Wrestling Pulsecast - Top 5 WWE Royal Rumble Moments

From 1988 to 2013, what are the BEST moments in Royal Rumble history »»

Rabblecast #300 CM Punk Injured, Free Bird Buddy Roberts

300 episodes! Can you believe it? The Rabblecast has hit another milestone with this week's episode. What do the guys have in store? What does the future hold for, "The Guatemalan Bulldozer" and everyone's favorite Questicle? Listen in and find out. »»

Former WWE Star Has His Possessions Sold On Auction

TMZ is reporting that former WWE Hardcore champion and first Tough Enough champion Maven Huffman had his possessions recently sold on auction, including the trophy he received for winning Tough Enough. Apparently Huffman was keeping numerous items »»

Former Tough Enough Winner Maven Huffman Accepts Offer to Enter WWE-Sponsored Rehab

Following his arrest last week for "doctor shopping" for multiple prescriptions, former WWE Tough Enough winner Maven Huffman has agreed to enter WWE-sponsored rehab. Maven's lawyer James Flynn made it known that Maven is cooperating with law enf »»

Update: WWE Reportedly Offers Maven Rehab Following His Arrest

As reported earlier, retired wrestler Maven Huffman has been arrested in Florida after allegedly visiting three doctors to score multiple pain medication prescriptions. Since the news broke, WWE has reportedly offered Maven rehab on their dime as par »»

Former WWE Tough Enough Winner Maven Arrested for 'Doctor Shopping' for Prescription Pills in Fla.

Former WWE superstar and Tough Enough winner Maven Huffman was arrested in Florida this past Monday for what the police are allegedly calling "doctor shopping" in order to score over 1000 painkiller pills. TMZ reports that "cops uncovered Huffman had »»

WWE Tough Enough Recap - 04.04.2011

This week we saw the return of Tough Enough, and boy was it good. The last time we saw the show was in 2004 and featured current WWE Champ, The Miz. This time around, Stone Cold, Booker T and Trish Stratus are all a part of it as well as a returning »»

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