Deal Alert: Free Battle: Los Angeles Movie Ticket Offer from Amazon

Buy a great movie and see an amazing looking science fiction movie for free? Now that's a deal I can get behind. »»

Bad Movies Done Right — Stupid Video Store Customers and the Movies They Love

Working part time in a video store not everything was sunshine and flowers. There were, of course, the stupid customers. »»

Angels & Demons on DVD and Blu-ray

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has announced 1-disc DVD, 2-disc DVD, and 2-disc Blu-ray releases of Angels & Demons, all of which arrive on November 24, 2009. »»

The Da Vinci Code - Blu-ray Review

To most fanatical Christians, the main story behind The Da Vinci Code would appear to be blasphemous. But don't mistake the fact that the story and plotline behind this novel and movie is a work of fiction. »»

Angels & Demons - Review

Generic thriller with a terrific look »»

Making Movie History: Oh The Book Is SO Much Better Than The Movie

There isn't but one movie opening up in theatres today and it is based off of a novel. Oddly enough this is actually a novel that I've read before getting to see it turned into something for the big screen. Over the years I've read a few books here and there that had been turned into films, and sometimes read novels after seeing the film they were turned into. Is it true though that the book is always better then the film it is made into for all to view that are simply too damn lazy to pick up a copy? Or maybe the films are better and some people just think literacy is overrated. »»

The Da Vinci Code comes to Blu-ray this April

For those of you that didn't think The Da Vinci Code was long enough. Sony Pictures will be releasing an extended cut on Blu-ray on April 28, 2009. »»

Priceless - Blu-ray Review

Priceless is a romantic comedy filled with transformations and deceptions on the French Riviera. The biggest change is that of star Audrey Tautou. We've grown used to her being the mousey gal from Amelie, Dirty Pretty things and The Da Vinci Code. For this film she loses her cute reserve nature and emerges as a gold digging seductress. She bangs the rich and elderly during their vacations in Monaco. If you're grey and swimming in green, she's your poolside companion. Imagine Anna Nicole Smith without orange Cheetos crumbs on her teeth and tanktop. »»

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