DVD Review: That '70s Show (Season Seven and Season Eight)

Donna's blonde hair for seasons seven and eight of That 70's Show reached near-Felicity levels when it came to fans. »»

DVD Review: That '70s Show (Season Five & Season Six)

With these two seasons you get the creative peak of the series. It's all downhill from here. »»

Richard Gere's The Double Reveals Entire Film In Trailer (Spoilers)

Want to see what happens in The Double without actually watching it? »»

Mill Creek To Reissue That '70s Show And Others

That '70s Show, Roseanne, and 3rd Rock From the Sun just some of the TV titles being reissued on DVD with prices lower than their original sets. »»

Take Me Home Tonight - Review

‘80s Flashback is not the John Hughes Experience. »»

The SmarK DVD Rant - Remake-O-Rama II: The Sequel! (Predators, The A-Team)

If there's one thing Hollywood never tires of doing, it's rebooting franchises or remaking old TV shows into new ones. »»

Scary Movies (And Super Creeps) – Predators

Robert Rodriguez-produced sequel may fail to live up to the original but it's a dang fine action film in its own right. »»

Predators - Review

It looks good, at least »»

New Predators TV Spot Gives Peak at Predator Pooches

Do they have a leash law on the Predators' homeworld? »»

Valentine's Day - Review

How many movie stars does it take to make a bad film?»»

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