The Monday Edition 12.24.01


Hello. I’m Flea. Hope everyone is ready for the Holiday Season. Looks like we are functional here at 411 again. Be patient. The “Lyrical Stunt” archives will be back soon.

Come on, let’s go


The Fed is on easy street until the New Year as RAW and Smackdown are in the can for the upcoming holiday season. The next show with some fresh funky stuff will be live in D.C. on 1.3.02 and then the big live RAW event 1.7.02 at MSG in NYC. I was at the Smackdown show last night but did not take notes and will NOT provide spoilers. Cept one or two

Flair vs. Vince at Royal Rumble. Flair cut the absolute promo from hell on Vinnie Mac; it should come across like gangbusters on TV. Maybe it was because I was there live, but his promo by Flair was the best one I have heard in years. Comparable to the night he returned to Nitro back in 98. Can’t say that I’m all that up for the match just because, but at least they are putting Flair to use, albeit rushed.

GodDAMN is the Rock over here. I mean o.v.e.r! “What?” is on the fast track to being the most over inanimate object this side of Lilian Garcia and “table”. Austin rules. Austin drinks a hell of a lot of beer. And the Earthquake is still fat.

HHH was promoted large, as his impending return will be at the MSG show. Steph was out making threats so hopefully this ain’t false advertisement this time around. Big question now is who will he bring with him. Hall? Nash? X-Pac? HBK? Expect rumors to run rampant over the next couple of weeks. The “promotional split” is supposed to take place at said MSG show, so one would assume that we will see all sorts of shocks and surprises.

Support the Fed and watch the upcoming shows. We are the “loyal followers that will guarantee the 4.0 base rating, after all.


Damn other than spoilers for the upcoming shows there just ain’t all that much news out there.

Val Venis was on the radio saying how he DIDN’T f*ck Missy Hyatt, which is a change. Most people are quite honored for the acclaim of having been in her pants but I guess the Big Valbowski has higher standards than most wrestlers / managers / announcers / vendors / lighting techs (you get the point). Val does say that Ken Shamrock’s “sister” was hot but does not say if he banged her or not. Val will be back soon.

In a recent article in the Washington Times L.Brent Bozell III (of PTC fame) called Smackdown an “overflowing septic tank.” See folks, EVERYBODY is jumping on the “smark” bandwagon where the Fed’s booking is concerned.


As previously noted, RAW is on tape from Miami and Smackdown will be shown via the Orlando tapings and will be broadcast Thursday Night. The Best of show will be next week so be sure to go over to and vote for the Bra and Panties match. To hell with that Benoit guy. Show your support for perversion!


BOSS is truly a great man. Despite all the perils of modern technology, BOSS has managed to salvage 411 and keep us up and running for your pleasure. Drop him a line to show your appreciation.

The best thing to happen with 411 UNDER FIRE~! is that I am not intimidated this week by the size of Pat Brower’s teaser. His JAKKED report is available for your perusal as Pat brings you some holiday cheer.

EC does ByteThis better than anyone, including the WWF. Go check him out. He also has a Mind Squeezin’s up for you. Show EC some luv.

OY VEY~! I get to plug Daniel Benovitz twice in a row. Top 10! Top 10! Top 10!

Me and EXCESS. Yep.

And a quick plug for loyal 411 supporter and Message Board Madman Mansion Fan who provided us with the Smackdown spoilers from Orlando. He took the heat off of me having to pay attention and take notes. If you are into spoilers, go see him right here. And I already let him off the hook for not giving me that extra ticket.

Speaking of which, last week I had a little contest in an attempt to get tickets for Smackdown. The grand prize is a lashing from EVERYONE’S favorite curmudgeon Eric S., which Eric was kind enough to go along with. I thought early in the week that my girlfriend would get us comped to the O-rena through her work, which is always a good thing (with the exception of having to hang out with ad execs, lawyers and people who could give two shits about wrestling). Anyway free is free and if it’s free it’s for me.

Come to find out, she would have had to forgo either Bob Dylan or Neil Diamond next year for a “f*cking wrestling show” and we both agreed that wasn’t going to happen .so

I go back to the mailbag and hook up with my man Tony G. who works at a very popular ticket agency here in O-Town and he hits me with FIVE tix to the show. It’s weird because I did the contest as a joke but got tremendous response from many folks out there. Thanks to all and a special thanks to Tony who went way above and beyond (and didn’t even ask for a plug).

Eric, fire away if you want. Tony’s a big fan of yours as well. (Let’s see .he likes me and you and deals out tix to the show. Come to think of it, this boy ain’t right.)


That wraps another week. Happy Holidays to everyone especially BOSS who puts up with all our crap here at 411.

Thanks for reading THE MONDAY EDITION, I’m Flea.

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