411 Video Review: WCW Vs. GLOW Family Feud 1990


Back with a Vengeaaaaaaance Yooooo


-I began my last tape review with a hokey 1wrestling rap. In that rap, I threw out the word ‘nigga.’ It was meant as a light-hearted rap, but the inclusion of the previously mentioned word genuinely hurt a few people. I guess spending my entire life growing up in South Florida, I’ve become desensitized to the term. Down home, I hear Blacks, Whites, Asians, Mexicans, and everybody in between throws out the term on every street corner, in every classroom, and at every night club. That doesn’t change the fact though that the word stems from a demeaning, hateful term… one of the few words that still has genuine shock value in a desensitized country. This 411 Wrestling thing I do is supposed to provide a temporary diversion from school, work, or life’s problems; it’s not supposed to hurt people. I’m by no stretch of the imagination racist, but the term “nigga” derives from an EXTREMELY racist (and offensive) term, and I should have had the common sense not the include that term in my last Tape Review. For what it’s worth, I’d like to offer my deepest apologies to anyone who was hurt or offended by the rap. It was meant to provide a light-hearted laugh at 1Wrestling’s expense, but it ended up upsetting five people in particular (Chris, Chris R., Reginald, Carl, and Tyler). To those five guys, and everyone else who might have been hurt or offended by the rap, I sincerely do apologize.

Let’s Go…..

-I get a lot of emails asking where I’ve been and why I’ve been only putting out a review every 3 or 4 weeks. Well, I could answer the question with a bullshit excuse, or the truth. If you’re interested in the bullshit excuse, scroll on down to the paragraph cleverly titled “Excuse A.” If you’re interested in the true reasons, look no further than “Excuse B,” conveniently located directly underneath “Excuse A.”

Excuse A:

Well friends, it’s been a trying couple of months trying to balance school, work, my social life, and 411 Wrestling. School has been very challenging this semester, and it limits the amount of free time I have to work on various side projects, such as compiling video reviews.With finals coming in less than two weeks, I have lived, died, and breathed school. It hasn’t been easy friends, but nothing worthwhile ever is. Right friends ? Right ???? Anyway, once finals are out of the way, I should be back on track and pumping out my normal nine to ten reviews per week as I have in the past :)

Excuse B:

There’s no easy way to say this, but I honestly find it hard to get terribly excited about wrestling very much anymore, especially the current day product. I could NOT do a weekly column on the current day WWF. . I’ve been an avid wrestling fan since the mid-80’s and watched religiously up until a couple of months ago. 1997-1999 was one of the most amazing runs in the history of our sport, and it renewed a lot of waning interest in a lot of wrestling fans. The internet was a MAJOR factor in this, as thousands of titillating behind-the-scenes stories from past to present to future were just a click away.I honestly miss being an optimistic mark. As much as we all hate to admit it, the internet does tend to instill a bit of a pessimistic attitude in each and every one of us. True “mark-out” moments are becoming increasingly rare, because nothing has any true shock value anymore. Imagine being a mark again. Imagine what it would have been like watching RAW a few months ago from Charlotte, North Carolina when Ric Flair made his first return to the WWF in over ten years. Imagine how it would have felt to see Vince McMahon spin his chair around on Smackdown to reveal those three magic letters: NWO. Imagine what it would have been like seeing Rob Van Damn jump over the barrier and make his first official WWF appearance under contract. Hell, even imagine tuning in to see RAW and seeing Paul Heyman sitting in the announcers chair that Jerry Lawler had occupied for years. The more I’ve delved into the internet aspect of professional wrestling, the more difficulty I have maintaining that “suspension of disbelief” that made wrestling so incredible to watch in the first place.Anyway, I still LOVE the older stuff, but I just have a tough time getting terribly excited about wrestling these days. Oh yeah, and I’m dating a new girl and as much as I hate to admit it, I’m whipped beyond all reasonable belief. Her name is Teri, and she’s AMAZING. Me, my brother Jay (Bower), Teri and her roommate, and my old roomie Sean all spent 3 days at Disney World over Spring Break before going home and doing the beach thing. It was AWESOME, but full of wacky misadventures and drama. If you’re one of those people like Eitan Shapiro at Online Onslaught who “wants to punch his computer screen every time Anderson talks about his personal life,” consider this your lucky day because I don’t have time to delve into it now, but I’ll write it up and link to it eventually. It really was kinda funny. I’m a little upset that Jay didn’t do a Smark Log on it…

-Well, the big news on the ‘net appears to the be the emergence of this new Smarks aquisition by 411 Wrestling. While I was a little upset that Widro didn’t book the Invasion to it’s full potential, it’s nice to have the boyz of the Smarks here at 411Wrestling. Scott Keith has been here for awhile. My thoughts on Scott Keith aren’t exactly top secret. I really respect what a huge fan base the guy has built, but if you’re not making any money doing the whole ‘net thing, why even bother if it’s so blatantly clear that you don’t enjoy wrestling anymore ??? Maybe take a month or two off to try to regain that magic that wrestling provided when you first started out. Justin Baisden already posted his first tape review at the new Smarks/411. Besides being a hell of a nice guy, Justin knows his shit. If you need to know ANYTHING about Puro, Baisden is your man. He’s got a tape site too, which you can visit by clicking here . Tell him Anderson sent you. He’ll probably actually RAISE the prices if you tell him that you came from me, but it’ll bring a smile to my face :) I assume Scotsman will be making the trek over to 411 as well. I’m not going to sugar-coat things, I don’t really care for Scotsman’s work, but a lot of people do, so don’t let my opinion stop you from clicking on his stuff. I’m not easily offended, but some of his stuff does offend me (i.e. posting a picture of himself rubbing a picture of Jesus on his crotch). You gotta understand, that’s his gimmick though. He wants to offend you. If you like shock value, give it a look. Finally, we’ve got Jay Bower under 411 contract now too. Jay is my real-life twin brother and for the first time in 3 years, we’re now housed on the same site. As those of you who frequented the Smarks know, Jay’s a hell of a writer and he’s a real workhorse too. While my column frequency is so bad that one reader once told me that he “could time his girlfriend’s period based on when my next review was coming up,” Jay pounds out quality columns faster than Carl Lewis. I guess when you’ve got a girlfriend who looks like this though, writing is a welcome distraction from the real world.

-I stumbled up this tape in my closet and found it to be rather amusing….. therefore, let’s all suffer through it together, shall we?

-Many thanks go out to Jason at Wrestling Supercards and Tournaments . Jason had little to nothing to do with this tape review, but I’d like to share a little fact with you. WWF: In Your House V was attended by 7,289 people. Where did I find this enthralling bit of grapplin’ gossip you ask ? WRESTLING SUPERCARDS AND TOURNAMENTS. In honor of Jason’s grapplin’ gossip, we always include an honory picture of a LESBIAN MAKEOUT SESSION. Over Spring Break at the beach, me and Jay were lucky enough to be invited into the hotel of three authentic lesbians. Luckily enough, we had the digital camera in tow. They were kind enough to take it all off, so maybe we’ll use those pics in subsequent tape reviews in honor of Jason’s hard work.

-Hmmm, what else is new. Not much, guess I’ll have to actually get to the video unfortunately.

-We cut in with the traditional Family Feud circus-like music. The set is made up to look like a quasi-wrestling ring, complete with “ring ropes” and cartoonishly large turnbuckles. A microphone drops from the ceiling as the normal announcer introduces the contestants as if they were coming out for a BIG MATCH!!!!!!!

Let’s meet our contestants shall we:

First, the BOYS OF WCW:

Sting: Fresh off of his return match at the Great American Bash (1990) in which he pinned Ric Flair to win the WCW/NWA title.

The Z-Man, Tom Zenk: Ahhh, the Z-Man. This guy had SO much potential, but unfortunately he was destroyed by inane bookers who not only refused to elevate him, but also went out of their way to job him out in every circumstance possible. If you’d like to know more about the situation, ask him, he’d be more than happy to tell you ALL about it.

Flyin’ Brian Pillman: (RIP) No introduction needed for the All-American turned Loose Cannon.

Jim Ross: Good old J.R. Inexplicably called by his “ring name” ‘Rossie’ for the duration of the show.

“Candy Man” Brad Armstrong: Real-life brother of The Road Dogg, although Armstrong’s talent was exponentially greater.It’s a damn shame he had all the charisma of a hand towel coupled with the mic skills of Corky from Life Goes On.


GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling) was a semi-successful women’s wrestling promotion that existed during the latter part of the 80’s into the early 90’s. I could be completely wrong with those years. If I am and you caught me, give yourself a hardy pat on the back and hit unsend on that hateful email. That’ll save me the trouble of writing you back pretending to be embarrassed about my error and excited about the correction.. The GLOW acronym proves to be a bit misleading though based on this batch of women that we are presented with. We’ll use an improvised star rating system to fairly rate the hotness of each Gorgeous Lady of Wrestling.

Jackie Stallone: While her actual role is never fully addressed, I’d presume that this *cough* able-bodied woman held a managerial role in GLOW. I’m not sure if you guys ever saw the movie “Mask” with Cher and her mutuated pig-baby, but Jackie Stallone looks ALOT like a cross between Cher and the previously mentioned swine-child. I’m guessing her age is somewhere around fifty or so, but her wrinkles make her look as if she’s MUCH older. Our friend Jackie looks like she’s spent half of her adult life naked in a cigar lounge. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Take Mrs. Grut for example. She’s spent quite a bit of her life naked in a cigar lounge, as I’m sure Josh can attest to, but she still looks VERY good naked.


Mountain Fiji: As her name may or may not imply, this woman is BIG. From what clues I can gather, she’s also Fijan as well. Imagine Fat Albert with Aunt Jemima’s hair and you’ve got yourself a frighteningly uncanny mental image of Mountain Fiji. Just don’t imagine it while you’re trying to fall asleep. I made that mistake last night. I ended up having a terrible nightmare and waking up covered in sweat and ketchup Not a good thing.


Lady Godiva: If your idea of a good time is looking at pasty Brittish women, then I think I’ve got the perfect girl for you my friend. Lady Godiva is a blonde-haired, Brittish wrestler who’s skin is fairer than a little-league umpire. She talks with a Brittish accent so terribly unconvincing that I honestly feel as if my intelligence is insulted.


Justice: She’s black, from Harlem, and wears black leather gloves with the fingers cut off. If that doesn’t scream BULLY, I don’t know what the hell does.


Hollywood: OH MY GOD. Quite possibly one of the hottest women that I’ve ever laid my eyes on. She makes me want to track down hours and hours (and hours) of old GLOW tapes just to see her in action. If you’re inviting some of your DVDVR friends over to watch this tape, do Anderson a favor and make sure you put plastic over all your furniture. You’ll thank me by party’s end…


-Our jovial host Ray Combs comes on out and recieves a big, jolly high-five from none other than the Stinger himself. Awwww. Combs also receives quite a “pop” from the studio audience, which firmly establishes him as the “babyface.” The two teams are introduced again by Mr. Combs.

Both teams are playing for a charity of their choice.


As Sting so proudly informs us, the WCW boyz are playing for the Starlight Foundation. For those of you living under a rock, the Starlight Foundation grants final wishes to terminally ill children.


The women of glow are playing for “An unnamed national charity to teach kids sports”

*Note: Hundreds of thousands of children in America don’t have enough food to eat. Hundreds of thousands of children in the United States don’t receive proper immunizations and booster shots because of their level of poverty. This is not important though. What IS important is the fact that hundreds of thousands of children don’t know how to properly play a game of badmitton or field hockey. The woman of GLOW recognize this problem, and they are taking it upon themselves to make sure that even though these kids have a 50 percent chance of dying of starvation, at least they’ll know the proper way to play TETHERBALL.

BRIEF Synopsis of the rules:

These rules were yanked from a Family Feud fan site. Next time you think your life sucks because of a fight with your girlfriend or a bad day at work, fall down on your damned knees and thank God that you aren’t pathetic enough to spend hours upon hours each month building and maintaining a Geocities FAMILY FEUD site….

“Two families, five members each. A face-off starts every round, where the heads of the family (and others next-in line in subsequent rounds) shake hands and try to come up with the best answer to a question which was asked of 100 people. (Ex. “Name a famous John.”) Whoever rings in first gets first crack at an answer; if he/she gets the number one answer, they automatically are given a choice to play the question, or pass it to the other team. (In the CBS and second syndicated version, this option was omitted.) The team that plays the question tries to guess the remaining answers until they guess them all, or until they give three incorrect answers (“Strikes”). If they get three strikes, the other team will try to guess one of the remaining answers. If the other team gets it, they “steal” the points in the bank, but if not, the team with the question gets the points. Two rounds with regular points are played, then a round which will DOUBLE the points and then (if necessary) a round which will TRIPLE the points. Whichever team gets to 300 points first will get to play fast money.”

Face-off ONE:

Sting and Hollywood step to the podium for this epic battle of the brains. Ray informs us that 100 people were asked the following question and the top five answers are on the big board…

“Name something you wish you would have been born with more of…”

-Sting, or as us net savvy fans know him as, Steve Borden, buzzes in first. Sting believes that “money” is the number one answer. Sting proves to be correct, so we go over to the WCW side of the “ring” to begin round one.

The same question is posed to the Z-Man, Tom Zenk. Tom really thinks that “intelligence” is probably on the board. Number Two Answer!!!!!!! THE STUDIO AUDIENCE ERUPTS WITH CANNED APPLAUSE!!!!!!!

The correct answer trend continues with Brad Armstrong, who just so happens to be wearing the nerdiest set of glasses that I have EVER seen. They are nearly twice the size of his head. It looks like he’s wearing a pair of hollowed out frisbees over his eyes. Ironically enough, Armstrong comments that he thinks most people wish that they were born with better looks. NUMBER THREE! NUMBER THREE!!! ITS NUMBER THREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gosh, ProWrestling Torch won’t be publishing many of my guest editorials with blatant overuse of the exclamation point like that :(Oh well, they all look the same anyway and all start with either, “I strongly agree with Jason Powell….,” “I think that Bruce Mitchell was right on point when he said…” or “I’m very happy with my Torch subscription and would recommend it to…”

Brian Pillman is up next and he’s got an answer that’ll knock your socks off. He thinks that most people wish that they were born with more “height.” Strangely enough, it’s not on the board. Strike one against the boyz of 1990.

Well, there’s no easy way to say this. Jim Ross, arguably the most influential man in WWF who’s last name isn’t McMahon, just comes off as a complete and total MORON in these episodes. He just appears to have NO common sense with some of his answers. We’re only covering the first episode of the week-long series, but he gets progressively worse and worse as the week goes on. He’s a straight-up liability to the team, and I almost wonder if they are going to start taking wishes AWAY from the terminal kids due to Ross’s poor gameplay. Anyway, he answers “patience,” which isn’t the worst answer in the world, but it’s not on the board….

So far, we look like this…

1. Money

2. Intelligence

3. Good Looks



WCW’s got two strikes and Sting is in the clutch. Not sure if that’s such a good idea. Sting proves that he is paying absolutely NO attention by answering “height,” the very answer given by Brian Pillman FIFTEEN seconds earlier. To prove that it wasn’t just a fluke and that he actually DOES have all the brainpower of a wooden peg, Sting answers that most people wish that they were born with more “muscle.” Don’t know about you guys, but I for one wish that I would have popped out of the womb capable of military pressing 500 pounds.


We switch sides back to the GLOW women who hotly contest their answer before finally all deciding on one knockout answer: “Education”

Let’s take a look at this shall we ??? Most people wish that they were born with more EDUCATION ? Don’t know about you guys, but I LOATHE my parents because I wasn’t born with a doctorate in medicinal science.

-For obvious reasons, the answer isn’t on the list, so the money goes to the boys of WCW.

In case anyone’s interested, the other two answers were “Chest” and “Talent.”


The Z-Man, fresh off of his victory in WCW magazine’s “SEXIEST WRESTLER” contest, steps up to the plate against Mountain Fiji, who incidentally is fresh off of her victory in GLOW magazine’s “SEXIEST 600 POUND WOMAN FROM FIJI WEARING A YELLOW SHIRT AND WHO’S NAVAL LOOKS MORE LIKE A MILITARY BUNKER THAN ACTUAL HUMAN ANATOMY” contest.

Top Seven Answers on the Board:

“Name something that most men think it is unmanly to be afraid of.”

The Z-Man quickly buzzes in, flashes Ray that sexy smile, and confidently exclaims, “SNAKES RAY……. SNAKES!”

NUMBER FOUR ANSWER ON THE BIG BOARD!!!!!!!!!!! THREE ABOVE IT !!!!!!! TWO BELOW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! NUMBER FOUR!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mt. Fiji gives a decent enough answer with “crying,” but unfortunately, it’s not on the board, so the boyz of WCW get control of the round.

Pillman knows what’s up, as he quickly gets the number one answer with “The Dark.” High-fives all around for Brian.

Brad Armstrong adjusts his recreational goggles, gives a clever smile to the camera, and says, “Most men think it’s unmanly to be afraid of…. a woman.” Armstrong pronounces “woman” as “WAL-MAN” and the ENTIRE studio erupts into laughter. Combs makes fun of Armstrong and Armstrong looks to be legitimately pissed. Regardless of the anger, the answer is still number five!!!!!!!

Jim Ross informs Ray that he’s got the NUMBER ONE ANSWER!!!! Unfortunately, if “Rossy” would have just looked up at the big board he would know that the number one answer was given three minutes ago. Jim says Ray will just have to settle for the number two answer as he proudly screams, “HEIGHTS!”” BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. Wrong again Rossy, Wrong Again…

We’re back to Sting, who is really stuck for an answer. He chimes in right at the buzzer with “Water.” The GLOW women get a good kick out of this answer and start threatening Sting with small plastic cups of water as Ray Combs struggles to maintain order. After the antics (hijinks, if you will) cease, we learn that “water” is not a viable answer.

The WCW’s last chance at sweeping the round lays in the hands of the Z-Man. “Marriage” is his answer of choice, and “marriage” is WRONG.

We switch sides with a measly $45 in the bank. Hope the Starlight Foundation can find a kid who’s only wish is to own their very own used Walkman.

The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling collaborate and come up with a list of answers, most of which are too embarrassing to even type out in 12-point Times New Roman font. I guess the acronym doesn’t exactly stand for “Intelligent Women of Wrestling” though… They ultimately come to the conclusion that most men think it’s unmanly to be afraid of “fighting.” Although most men I know DO turn on HBO’s Saturday Night Boxing and piss themselves out of sheer fright, the answer is not on the big board.


“Name Something Written or Pictured on Tattoos”

We’ve got the battle of the blondes here with Pillman facing off against the ghostly Godiva. Let’s hope this woman never decides to lay in the snow, she’d be run over in no time and no one would know the difference…

Pillman scores quickly with the NUMBER ONE ANSWER by saying that “Mom” is a commonly tattooed phrase. Once again, the WCW boyz gain control of the board.

Brad Armstrong, trying his damndest (Microsoft Word thinks that I should replace ‘damndest’ with ‘dandiest,’ but let’s just keep it as is) not to look like Jaleel White, answers “dragon.” Incorrect. Strike One.

Rossie,” obviously hesitant to give any answer that might actually make him appear to be *gulp* intelligent, answers “You know Ray, I’m going to be original and say DAD.” Unfortunately for Ross, originality only counts in the third grade science fair (i.e. “DOES SODA MAKE YOU PLAY BASKETBALL BETTER?” or “WILL MY DOG FLOPPY STILL BE ABLE TO PLAY FRISBEE AFTER DRINKING 3 GALLONS OF EGG NOG?”) Strike TWO….

Sting casts a devilish leer in the direction of Hollywood and responds, “A curvaceous woman,” complete with a cheesy pantomime of touching said invisible curvaceous woman’s curves. Mountain Fiji smiles and puts another pepperoni log in her mouth. Just out of curiosity, who actually buys these things??? Whenever I go to Publix, I undoubtedly see half an aisle reserved for long, hardened, five-pound pepperoni sticks. What ON EARTH does one do with these things ? Eat them as is ? Slice them and make THOUSANDS of pizzas ? The only possible use that I could ever think of for these things would be sexual, but what woman realistically wants to pleasure herself with CURED PORK. Seriously. If anyone out there has a girlfriend or wife who just SCREAMS for salted, dried pig meat between her legs, please let me know so I can be sure to cast myself off the side of the balcony sooner than later.


Switch Sides!!! The GLOW women now have the opportunity to steal the $40 in the bank. Don’t spend it all on one sport ladies…..

-After a surprisingly nasty verbal exchange over which answer to use, the GLOW ladies decide on “Snakes.” The answer just barely makes it in at the bottom, but that’s good enough to put two crisp new TWENTY dollar bills in the pocket of their unnamed charity designed to teach kids SPORTS!!!!!!


“Name a place where you see men flexing their muscles.”

We’ve got the classic game show battle of the redneck Southern boy versus the Black female bully from Harlem. If you’ve seen it once, you’ve seen it a million times…

-The Candyman is the first to chime in, and states his case that he believes that “The Beach” is the place where most men flex their muscles. Number two answer, not bad.

Justice makes an intimidating face to hammer home the fact that she is a BULLY, then proceeds to answer “In the Mirror,” which just so happens to be the NUMBER FOUR ANSWER.

To the surprise of no one, WCW takes control…

Jim Ross wakes from his eternal moronic slumber to give the NUMBER ONE answer, “THE GYM!!!” Feel free to go back to sleep now Jim…

Sting once again proves that they don’t exactly look too closely at one’s SAT scores in determining who to make the World Champion. Let’s listen to the question. “Name a place where you see men flexing their muscles ?” Sting answers, “Their wife.” ……. “Name a place….” …. “Their wife.” … “Place” … “Wife.” Hmmmm. STRIKE ONE.

The Z-Man has the opportunity to win the game for WCW if he can correctly guess the final place on the survey where men are seen flexing their muscles. He correctly guesses “A Bodybuilding Contest” and the BOYZ OF WCW WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well, it seems as if the dweeb over at the Geocities site wasn’t kind enough to type out the rules for Fast Money, so I’m going to have to bite the bullet and do it myself. I honestly never thought things would get so bad that I would be typing up the official Family Feud rules at 2:34 in the morning…

The winning team selects two members to play Fast Money. Player one answers five survey questions, each asked to 100 people, while player two is held in a silent retention area, possibly by armed guards… Once the questions are answered, Ray goes through each answer that the player gave. Player 1 gets one point for every person surveyed who gave the same answer that he did. For example, if the question was, “How many rest holds does the Undertaker know?” and Player 1 answered “I’m a SMART, so I KNOW that the Taker hasn’t sold a move in YEARS!!!,” Player 1 would receive 46 points if 46 of the hundred people surveyed answered the same way. Once Player 1 has gone through his answers, Player 2 comes out to answer the same questions. He must give different answers. If the total number of points exceeds 200, then $5,000 is awarded to the winning team.

Tom Zenk and Brian Pillman will be playing FAST MONEY!!!!!!! There’s answers follow…


“When you’re depressed, name a food you gorge yourself on” – Chocolate (35 pts)

“A slang word for money” – Cash (12 pts)

“Something people like to replace when they get old” – Shoes (6 pts)

“Occupation that keeps people on their feet” – Mailman (6 pts)

“Something kids swap with other kids” – Lunches (17 pts)

Total : 76 Points

A decent enough showing by Zenk, let’s see if Pillman can’t take us home…

Pillman jumps over the “ring ropes” as the audience claps and roars with a new-found understanding of why exactly they call this man “Flyin” Brian. Unfortunately for Pillman, his acrobatics can’t quite save the game..


“When you’re depressed, name a food you gorge yourself on” – Pizza (2 pts)

“A slang word for money” – Dough (47 pts)

“Something people like to replace when they get old” – Car (57 pts)

“Occupation that keeps people on their feet” – Secretary (0 pts)

“Something kids swap with other kids” – Toys (11 pts)

Total : 193 Points

… So close, yet so far away.

*Quick Note:

Ray Combs comes across as the jolliest, happiest guy on the face of the planet on each episode of Family Feud. To a certain extent, this was probably the truth. Ray lived to entertain. Unfortunately, when the ratings started to plummet, so did Ray Ray’s mental health. A truly unfortunate series of events followed which eventually culminated in Ray Combs taking his own life by hanging himself. Less than a month later, his wife remarried. Touching…

-Well, I’m gonna put a mercy killing to this review now… I realize that it wasn’t exactly the most riveting Anderson review on the face of the planet, but I basically just wanted to get something out there and let the 411 readers know that I’m back. I”m already working on my next review. Look for it to be a more serious review, similiar to the Over the Edge ’99 piece that I did several months ago. It might create some controversy, but I’d rather do something controversial that people want to read than be the fiftieth person to cover Wrestlemania X-8. Please check my archives if you get bored. There’s been a lot of video reviews posted as of late here on 411 and several were pushed on and off the main page quicker than normal (i.e. Bret Hart: Wrestling with Shadows). As always, feel free to email me with any questions, comments, recommendations, criticisms, general feedback, or anything else that you might have up your sleeve. I love hearing from you guys and it’s one of the main things that keeps me going with this deal… Well, have a hell of a weekend guys and check out some of the new video reviewers here at 411Wrestling. We’ve got some amazing talent coming in.

Ken Anderson