Aquaman # 5 Review

Reviewer: Mathan Erhardt
Story Title: The Thirst!

Written by: Rick Veitich
Penciled by: Yvel Guichet
Inked by: Mark Propst and Rob Leigh
Colored by: Nathan Eyring
Lettered by: Mike Heisler
Editor: Dan Raspler
Publisher: DC Comics.

In this latest chapter of Aquaman, we delve further into the powers of his mystical water hand, and it’s limitations. We also get to meet a new nemesis, The Thirst. The story begins rather slowly with the introduction of The Thirst. It takes five pages before we even see the creature. For me at least, the conversation between the two characters that eventually discover the villain was a chore to read. I didn’t find these two minor characters interesting. Yeah they were minor, but they took up five pages. When The Thirst finally speaks, it is priceless. And after wading through the first five pages I was rooting for The Thirst.

Aquaman and Tempest go on a metaphysical journey and meet up with The Thirst first, and Aquaman’s new guide, the Lady of the Lake, later. She explains how The Thirst came to be, and his relationship to Aquaman. The issue ends on a low point with a four-page soliloquy by The Thirst. While Veitich may have a winner of a villain in The Thirst, his mode of transportation leaves me wanting to laugh. Sure he poses a threat, but there is something inherently corny about a flying ship. Yet that is how the issue ends. This issue is like a good burger on a two old buns. The meat is tasty, but you had to get through some staleness to get to it. (HA! Sorry, great metaphor though – Daron.)

The art is solid. The cover is a jarring image of Aquaman being swallowed by The Thirst. When Aquaman and Tempest are swimming against the tide Guichet conveys it perfectly. Their swimming style is noticeably different. The Thirst looks very cool, and scary. And when Aquaman is talking to the Lady of the Lake his emotions are clearly shown. Guichet continues his good work in this issue.

Overall I’m not really one for magic. I buy this title because I really liked Aquaman’s last title (until Peter David left, then I only kind of liked the title). I found this issue to be a bit uneven, but I look forward to the future development of The Thirst, as well as the limitations of Aquaman’s new hand.