411mania Music Feature: Ten Years Since Nirvana

Monday, April 5, 2004

Believe it or not, today – April 5, 2004 – is the ten year anniversary of the death of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain. Twenty-seven years old, at the height of his popularity, and married with a beautiful daughter, his entire life and career was ahead of him; but a gunshot to the head changed all of that, as the rock world got turned on its head.

Nirvana left as quickly as it arrived, and all this week, 411mania’s music staff will be reflecting back on that fatal day ten years ago, and the decade since.

Monday – Don’t miss Ryan Murphy’s look at Nirvana, from the most tangible point of view: the band’s music. Also, Tom D’Errico shares his thoughts on the day he heard Kurt Cobain died.

Tuesday – D’Errico brings us a Grunge Story, while Murphy chimes in again with a retro-review of a movie and soundtrack that defined the era: Hype!

Wednesday – Matthew Michaels’s Till My Head Falls Off will no doubt focus on Kurt Cobain, including a personal “best of” mix, thoughts on some tribute songs written after Kurt’s death, and more. Also, Matt Nute shares his thoughts on the day he heard Kurt Cobain died, and why he could care less.

Thursday – On the anniversary of the day they found Kurt Cobain’s body, Trevor Presiloski runs down the infamous “Kurt Cobain Murder Theory,” and D’Errico dissects Nirvana’s discography.

Friday – Michael Melchor gives his account of one of the more controversial subjects of the world Cobain: Courtney. Also, Gloomchen finishes up our week of coverage with her own personal thoughts.

Also, make sure to stay tuned to 411mania for the latest music news, reviews and commentary.

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