InsidePULSE’s Live WWE RAW Coverage | Intro, Orton/Benoit

Intro”¬¶Matt/KANE/Lita contract signing, and Eugene/Benoit vs. Orton/HHH tonight

Coach in the ring, and he goes to eliminate one of the Diva’s, but Randy Orton comes down, and he does the honors to eliminate Chandra.

Orton then continues to run down Benoit, and says that he has Benoit’s number, and shows the clips of Orton nailing the RKO on Benoit last week. Orton calls it destiny that he will win, and become the youngest World Champion, at the age of 24. This brings out Benoit, and he says that since we are showing footage, we can show the clips of Benoit making Orton tap out. Orton realizes that Benoit has never done that, and gets in his face about it. Benoit then grabs Orton’s arm, and locks the Crossface on, and makes him tap out. They then replay that footage. HAHA.