InsidePulse’s NWA:TNA Coverage: AMV vs. XXX


Shane Douglas interviews Vince Russo about Dusty Rhodes. Jeff Jarrett gets in his face and says Dusty is aiming for his job. JJ says Russo has no supporters, so AJ Styles appears and they argue, followed by Styles attacking JJ and a brawl.

They brawl into the ring for a while, and Monty Brown comes down. Double Flying clothesline by Styles on both, then a POUNCE to take down Styles. Double team continues until Ron Killings makes the save and it’s brawling madness. The bell continues to ring. It’s madness. After a while Jeff Hardy comes down for the save and takes down JJ and Brown. Jarrett back in, Hardy rebounds and celebrates. Girls jump and scream!

Best of 3 Challenge
Triple X vs. America’s Most Wanted
Before I forget, I just wanted to note how much Don West has improved since TNA began. He might give Tazz a run for his money for the best major color commentator in wrestling in 2004. He knows the product very well and puts over everything well. Back and forth match for a while. Awesome double team bearhug/clothelines by AMW. Primetime blocks Harris’s finisher and Daniels comes in and PT gets a 2 count on Harris. Lots of quick action. Double team backbreaker/double axe from the top by Daniels onto Harris. Locks of counters and Storm with a super kick on Daniels. AMX calls for the Death Penalty but PT sends Storm to the floor to break it up. Both teams get some quick falls in the ring. Spear by Storm out of no where on Daniels for the pin and the first match in the series.
Winners: AMW

Daniels is down. Apparently he has reinjured his separated shoulder. Storm looks concerned as the medics come.

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