PulseLIVE! WWE SummerSlam 2004 Report


Please Note: The trivia contest is NOT OPEN until all trivia questions have been revealed during Scott Keith and Chris Hyatte’s recaps tomorrow. All trivia questions will need to be answered correctly and TOGETHER following the conclusions of the recaps. Please do not send them to me tonight. Thanks! – Chris/IP
Opening pyro and videos 17,640 in attendance at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto. J.R. and The King, The Spanish announcers, and Michael Cole and Tazz are providing the coverage tonight as usual as we’re ready for the opening match.

The Dudleys vs. Kidman/London/Mysterio
The babyface trio used several quick tags and high flying cruiser moves during the beginning of the match to get an early advantage on D-Von, but quickly lose their effect after some Dudley trademarked cheating and double/triple teaming. Bubba and D-Von overpower Paul London enough to make the tag to Evil Spike, who does his hop on the chest before making the tag back out to Bubba. London eventually lands an enziguiri to Bubba, which buys him just enough time to make the hot tag to Mysterio, who gets to face Spike who tags in shortly before London made the tag. Mysterio lands a top rope hurricanrana which is good enough for a two count. Rey remains on fire, countering Bubba and D-Von attacks, leaving all three Dudleys out on the mat before making the tag to Kidman. Kidman hits the BK Bomb, but Bubba breaks up the pin attempt at two. All three faces are in the ring, cleaning house of Dudleys, ending emphatically when Paul London hits a suicide heilo to the outside on to Bubba, jumping off Kidman’s back to get there. Back inside the ring, Mysterio hits the 6-1-9 on Spike, and Kidman immediately follows that up with the Shooting Star Press, but D-Von makes the save before Kidman can score the pinfall. Bubba and D-Von recover in the ring and hit the 3D on Kidman, and Spike picks up the scraps by making the cover, scoring the pinfall, and celebrating with his brothers.

Winners: The Dudleys
Comments: Nice opening match with quick rapid action to set the tone for the night. A little on the short side, but not a bad appetizer for the rest of the night

– After the match, Michael Cole refers to Spike as the new ‘boss’ of the Dudleys.
– Video package highlighting the Kane/Hardy/Lita triangle. Next up is the ‘Til death do us part match.

Kane vs. Matt Hardy
Til Death Do Us Part Match
Matt starts out on fire, including hitting a side effect from the middle rope, but its only enough to get a two count on the big man. With Kane hanging off the middle rope, Hardy lands a leg drop, and a tornado DDT, but still none of the moves enough to take out Kane. No matter how many offensive moves Hardy lands, Kane’s power knocks him back, and as expected, Kane takes full control of the match after roughly three minutes. Lita starts yelling at Kane, to the crowd’s chants of ‘Slut, Slut’, allowing just enough time for Hardy to recover and hit a twist of fate on the outside of the ring. Matt hopes for a countout, but Kane makes it back in at the count of 9, so close, yet so far. Lita grabs the ring bell and calls for Matt to go get it. Lita then distracts the referee, allowing Hardy to paste Kane between the eyes. Hardy goes for the cover, but Kane gets his leg on the ropes at two. Matt goes upstairs, but on the way down Kane grabs him by the throat. Hardy counters out, but the end result is a big boot to the face from Kane. Now Kane climbs the ropes, and Hardy trips him up, tries for the superplex, but Kane catches him and hits the chokeslam from the top rope, cover, and it is over.

Winner: Kane
Comments: Hardy really came off looking solid the entire match, wasn’t the squash that I sort of expected. On the short end, but with Hardy apparently not having an ACL you couldn’t really notice.

-Kane asks for a hug after the match, but Lita sprints to the back looking all sad and confused.

Live Comments:
Widro: And people say that gay marriage is bad for the institution of marriage? What about 8 minute matches?

Matt: They should make the baby Shawn Michaels.
Grut: He should do a superkick out of her vagina.

-Backstage, Todd Grisham is with Randy Orton. Orton says it’s a night of celebration and a night of history, as the youngest, most charismatic, and best looking superstar in the business. Then he is interrupted by John Cena! Who says he’s going to whoop Booker T’s ass in Toronto. Cena thanks Orton for calling him the youngest, most charismatic, and best looking superstar in the business. Cena asks the crowd if they like Orton to a mixed response. Cena asks the crowd if they think he’ll win the title, and the crowd again mostly a mixed reaction. Cena laughs and walks off. Orton says he doesn’t care what Cena has to say, and that he had to do it just to get airtime. Orton says he’ll leave the Air Canada Centre the youngest World Heavyweight Champion ever.

Booker T and Cena, next!

Trivia Question #1!
Who did Booker T beat for the US Title in his previous title reign, and who did he drop the title to?
Live updates from Murtz in the arena:

Opening match was politely received but not overly over.

Lita was booed coming out, and Matt got a mixed reaction, while Kane was well over as a face.

The Booker T/Cena match seemed to kill the crowd.

More soon…

Booker T vs. John Cena
WWE U.S. Title Match 1 of 5

Very even match to start, as neither man takes a noticeable advantage over the first five minutes. Booker hits a huge spinebuster and quickly follows that up with a side slam, followed by a rear chinlock to finally corral the momentum, but Cena nearly catches him with a small package that gets a long two count. Booker quickly recovers and goes for the ax kick, but Cena rolls out of the way and now both men are down for the double count. More back and forth action now, but just as Cena seems to gain some momentum, Booker catches him with a side slam, hits the spinaroonie, but on the way up he runs right into an FU! Cena makes the cover and takes the early lead over Booker T 1-0.

Winner: John Cena
Comments: Too short, but not bad while it lasted. The crowd seems really dead for beign sold out for months.

Matthew Michael: He hasn’t done the FU like that in a while. Definitely one of his more realistic drivers.

Grut: Hey Widro, do you have more beer?

Widro: Yeah but let’s wait for this pizza to get here.

-Backstage, Theodore Long talks to the television as Bischoff enters, who Long calls “Dat Cracka running Raw.” Bischoff says its like every time they have a joint PPV, Smackdown has a new General Manager. Bischoff says to enjoy his time, because he figures at the rate they”re going, by Survivor Series he probably won”t be around. “Nothing personal, just reality.” Long says he can appreciate that, while he says if Eugene ever strays from RAW, he”s more than welcome to become a big star on Smackdown, and “the same goes for any other superstar on Raw who is sick of Bischoff.”

Batista vs. Chris Jericho vs. Edge
WWE Intercontinental Title

Edge is announced as “Toronto”s Own”, but still gets a lukewarm reaction. The Toronto crowd loudly chants “Y2J” during the opening seconds of the match! Batista jumps Edge as he tries to pose for the crowd, leaving Y2J and Batista alone in the ring for the early portion of the match. Batista hits a huge powerslam on Jericho, and goes for the Powerbomb, but Edge hits a chop block to make the save. Jericho now rolls out of the ring and Edge and Batista are now going at it one-on-one. Batista overpowers Edge, hitting the snake eyes, and looks for something big, but Jericho trips him up. Edge is now loudly booed as the only one in the ring. Edge now goes to the outside and hits a drop toe hold into the stairs as the crowd LOUDLY chants “We Want Christian!!” Wow. Jericho and Edge now have a stare down inside the ring as Batista lies prone from Edge”s move. Edge takes down Jericho and the crowd again loudly boos. Jericho goes for the walls to a loud pop, but Edge manages to escape. J.R. and The King note the crowd loudly behind Jericho as Y2J locks in the Walls of Jericho. Batista eventually comes in and makes the save, breaking the hold and flinging Jericho to the outside. Edge hits the big tornado DDT on Batista and again the crowd loudly boos. Edge looks to set up for the spear, but Jericho intercepts it, tackling Edge and kicking him down. Batista hits the spinebuster on Jericho immediately following the save, but Edge makes the save on the pin cover at a two count. Batista tries to go for the powerbomb, but Edge slides back, gets a rollup, but only a two count. Edge gets Batista to the outside, but as he watches, Jericho hits rollup and again gets two. Even louder Y2J chant as Edge and Jericho are now alone in the ring. Jericho hits the bulldog, and then springboards on to Batista. But Edge hits the spear on Jericho and gets the pin and victory to virtually no reaction from the crowd. Edge looks pissed and does a half smirk as he exits still the IC Champ.

Winner: Edge
Comments: They really need to turn Edge quickly, the longer the wait, the more embarrassing it is for one of the top faces to be booed. An Edge & Christian reunion would totally reek of awesomeness.
Widro: I agree and both guys as vicious heels with some comedy could really work.

Trivia Question #2
Edge’s long-time tag team partner Christian made his WWE debut in 1998. He also made history in his very first match. What did he accomplish, who did he beat, and what was the event?

Kurt Angle vs. Eddie Guerrero

The crazy Canadians are loudly chanting for Angle in the early goings of the match. Plenty of chain wrestling to start, and both men stole the others moves, including Eddie landing both the Angle Slam and the anklelock as Guerrero stays seemingly in control for most of the match. Eddie hits the three amigos before heading upstairs, slowly however due to an ‘injury’ during the match. Angle does his trademark sprint suplex and goes for a quick cover but only gets two. Kurt goes for the Angle Slam, but Eddie counters mid-air into a DDT. Eddie again tries for the frog splash, but misses, and Angle connects with the Angle Slam. Cover by Angle, but Eddie kicks out at two. Crowd now chants for Eddie as Angle stares down at a prone Eddie. Angle rips off Eddie’s boot (a la Wrestlemania) and locks in the anklelock, but Eddie knocks Kurt into the referee and Brian Hebner is out. Eddie uses the boot to knock out Angle, Luther Reigns, and then drops to the mat, playing possum as the referee wakes up. Eddie goes upstairs again for the frog splash, and this time he connects, but Angle kicks out at two! Eddie is now frustrated, slowly gets up, but Angle catches him in the anklelock! Angle locks it in tight in the middle of the ring and Eddie taps out, giving Kurt the win.
Winner: Kurt Angle
Comments: To no real surprise, another great match between Eddie and Angle. The pacing on these matches are quick, but solid, allowing no real drag time. Crazy Canadian crowd though with the cheers for the heels.
Matt: Hey Angle won but he needed to take his shoe off and the thumb to the eye’ they’ll have another match I’m sure.

Widro: That match was good but it seemed short to me.


Widro: Settle down, Matt, still got some time…

Trivia Question #3
Kurt Angle has won his share of championships in his 5-year career. How many title reigns has Angle had? Count EVERY championship belt (including World Titles, IC, Tag, etc.) do NOT count King of the Ring and Royal Rumble wins.

Triple H vs. Eugene

Plenty of back-and-forth action to start, with Eugene matching Triple H’s moves and including his own offensive attack. Finish saw Eugene counter out of HHH’s Pedigree and attempt one of his own, which he lands! Eugene goes for the cover, but Flair puts Trip’s leg on the rope for two. Eugene thinks he wins, the referee explains to him that it was only a two count and at the same time ejects Flair from ringside. As Flair leaves, Regal shows up and takes out Flair, but while Eugene is watching, Triple H has recovered, waits for him to turn around and nails him with the Pedigree. Triple H covers and gets the three-count to get the win. After the match, Regal comes in to check on Eugene.

Winner: Triple H
Comments: You guys didn’t honestly think Eugene would win, did you? Triple H has done a great job of putting guys over the past several months, if he DIDN’T win this match it would’ve been a disservice. No disrespect to Eugene, who held his own just fine. Solid match.

Matt: They should have Lilian dating Eugene. And get married and have a baby.
Grut: Would it be her baby or HHH’s?
Widro: And what about HBK?
Grut: He’ll be superkicking out of Lilian’s vagina.

Diva Dodgeball

Molly has finally lost the wig and is sporting a short hair style. Both sides had cheerleader-esque entrances. The contestants were referred to as “Team Dream” and the dodgeball match was quick and emphatic. “Team Dream” swept the Divas and picked up the easy win. “Team Diva” argued and fought after the game.

JBL vs. Undertaker
WWE Title

This one is all Undertaker for the majority of the match. Undertaker his all his signature moves, including the old school and dragon sleeper to take out the champ. Orlando Jordan pulls JBL’s leg under the rope to cause a break in the hold. Taker is unphased as he continues to dominate JBL and take out Jordan while he’s at it. As Taker stares at a downed Jordan, JBL hits a chop block to Taker. JBL continues to punish the leg by ramming Taker’s leg into the the turnbuckle pole. O.J. distracts the referee as JBL grabs a chair from ringside and pastes it over Taker’s leg. Taker slowly rallies back, but is selling the injured knee. Undertaker hits a pretty rolling leg submission. The match spills to the outside again, with Taker full control of the match, yet still limping. The crowd loudly chants ‘Spanish Table’, wanting the table to take a spill. Taker continues to take JBL to school, landing a superplex for a two count. The crowd is really into this match. Taker hits snake eyes and follows that up with a clothesline from hell, but JBL AGAIN kicks out. Following the kick out, Taker hits the chokeslam and JBL kicks out again. Taker goes for the Tombstone, but O.J. distracts him as Taker clotheslines him over the top rope, but as he turns around JBL hits the clothesline from hell! JBL covers but Taker kicks out at two. Ref bump allows JBL to hit Taker over the face with the title. O.J. brings the ref back in and tries to count with his limp arm, but Taker comes over and takes him out, but JBL hits yet another clothesline from hell. JBL shoves him in the corner and hits him with fists ‘ but Taker catches him and hits the last ride! Taker covers but the ref is still out, but finally comes to and makes the count, but JBL kicks out at two. Taker tries to go for the tombstone, but O.J. tries to hit him with the belt. Taker steals it and pastes JBL over the face with the belt ‘ but the ref saw it and calls for the DQ. Taker doesn’t stop and continues to work over JBL ‘ throwing him into the windshield of the limo ‘ shattering it as Taker leaves a bloody JBL on the hood of the car. The crowd boos, but Taker turns around to come back for more. Taker grabs JBL and drags him to the top of the limo and hits a chokeslam that throws him straight through the roof of the limo! Crowd chants holy shit as he spreads some of JBL’s blood across his chest.

Winner: JBL (Via DQ)
Comments: The match was good, in fact it was as good if not better than you could’ve expected for a JBL/Undertaker match. I have no real problems with the ending and it looks like they’re going to continue the feud. Might as well, really not that bad.

Comments from throughout the match:
Matt: What is he DOING there?
Widro: He�s bending the knee the way it�s supposed to go!

Matt: I love Tazz. Tazz is by far the best color commentator.

Grut: They�re going nuts for the wave! It�s still going!
Matt: At least the crowd isn�t sitting on its hands.

Grut: What the HELL are they saying?
Matt: JOSHus GRUTman

Grut: I think that roof was gimmicked
Matt: Well roofs can be like that

Someone ran in from the crowd during the match and broke through the top of the limo, and that�s why it looked already split when Taker did the chokeslam.

Trivia Question #4
SummerSlam 94 saw Undertaker take on an Underfaker, who was the Underfaker, and what other roles has he played in wrestling? Name two. His real name is acceptable as one.

-After the match, JBL is carried off in a stretcher. Orlando Jordan stops the stretcher to make sure JBL has his belt as he leaves.

Trivia Question #5
How many WWE Pay-Per-Views have taken place outside of the United States? Do not count non-domestic PPVs such as Insurrextion, Rebellion, etc.

Randy Orton vs. Chris Benoit
World Heavyweight Title

The Canadians still wonâ??t let the Bret Hart deal go, serenading Earl Hebner with the â??You Sold Outâ?? chants. Basic chain wrestling to start, including a test of strength, and a few arm holds. Benoit goes for the sharpshooter, but Orton counters and locks in a sharpshooter of his own! Benoit counters and ends up locking in a sharpshooter, but as Orton hits the ropes he adjusts and locks him into the Crippler Crossface. Orton escapes to the outside and throws Benoit into the ring barricade. Orton throws Benoit into the ring and goes for a cover with his feet on the ropes, but Hebner notices before even attempting a count. Orton remains completely in control of the match until Benoit slowly rallies back, with Orton on the outside Benoit dives through the middle ropes to attempt a flying headbutt but Orton dodges and Benoit goes head first into the barricade, which looked legitimately painful. Orton hits an inverted backbreaker as the crowd actually cheers the move. He covers but only gets a two count. Orton continues to control by locking in a rest hold as Benoit slowly rallies back yet again. Orton hits a cross body off the tope rope, which Benoit almost rolls over, but not quite and Orton gets two. Orton measures for the RKO, but Benoit counters with a lariat. Benoit tries for the sharpshooter, but Orton dodges and Benoit hits a german suplex and follows that up with another sharpshooter, and this time locks it in. Orton does eventually get to the ropes to release the hold. Benoit quickly goes back to work and hits a bunch of German Suplexes to a pop from the crowd. Benoit signals for the end, going upstairs for the headbutt , but Orton gets his feet up and Benoit lands head first into the toe of his foot! After both guys are out, Orton goes for a cover, but only gets two and immediately Benoit locks in the crossface out of nowhere. Orton rolls out and escapes as Benoit continues his attack. Orton tries an RKO, but Benoit dodges, but Orton rolls back into the RKO again, covers, and we have a NEW World Heavyweight Champion!

Winner: Randy Orton

Trivia Question #6
Randy Orton is now the youngest World Heavyweight Champion in history. Who is the oldest in WWF/WWE history and how old? Think very carefully on this one

Murtz from the arena: Crowd reaction was weak during Angle/Guerrero

HHH/Eugene the crowd was 50/50 leaning more towards HHH.

Guerrero and JBL both came out in cars, and there were 2 dedicated car polishers on hand the whole time.

Dvia Dodgeball was very over with the crowd, much to the chagrin of online fans. It got almost the best pop of the night

During the JBL/Undertaker

Crowd was very pro-Orton from the beginning.

Thanks for joining us tonight, and be sure to check out Scott Keith’s Rant and Hyatte’s Mop-Up for the rest of the trivia questions. Good night!