TNA News: Update On Glen Gilberti’s Future & Wrestlers Not Informed Of Schedule

There are rumors that Glenn Gilberti’s loss to David Young last week was actually his last match in TNA and not just a storyline. This apparently is just a rumor since management have not outlined an official stance to Gilberti. Although more than one wrestler ridiculed how the match looked, all sources agree that TNA should find a role for Gilberti because of how dedicated he’s been to the cause. He put in countless hours during the company’s planning stages and has helped out in storyline writing and as a veteran presence in the locker room. One wrestler said he doubts company officials would actually sever ties with Gilberti. “They’ll always have a soft spot for Glenn because he’s one of the nicest guys in the business and helped them get started,” said the wrestler. It is hard to find people like Gilberti in the business. One source is under the impression that Gilberti has heat with the office for accepting an indy booking in Hawaii on a recent Wednesday night.

TNA officials still haven’t officially informed the wrestlers of the proposed schedule changes. While some wrestlers have been told they can start accepting bookings on Wednesday and Thursday nights after September 8, there has been no official stance outlined by management. Of course, the word has already spread through the locker room, but the wrestlers are upset that the company keeps them in the dark, causing them to rely on the internet and speculation with regard to what is happening. The word coming out of the locker room is that TNA doesn’t have a pay-per-view scheduled for the month of October, while September will feature mostly “best of” shows on Wednesday nights. Although some wrestlers understand the company’s decision to change the pay-per-view and television taping structure, others are upset. “You have to be able to make a living off of TNA because of what they expect from you,” said one wrestler. “They won’t let you work for WWE or Ring of Honor, and now they want a cut of indy money?” One suggestion offered by a wrestler would be for the company to waive the indy booking fee until they can guarantee that the house show operation will be successful and help the wrestler make up for the lost bookings.

Credit: Wade Keller & Jason Powell, PWTorch Newsletter