WWE Tidbits: Tough Enough Open To Men Only, Jesse Ventura Update


Apparently even the losers of the new Tough Enough will get paid. As is the case with the current Diva contestants, the men (and it will be all men) of Tough Enough will get a weekly stipend while they work on the show. They are doing interviews with prospective contestants on 9/23, 9/30 and 10/7 in Los Angeles, Dallas and Miami. The deadline for tapes sent to Stamford is no later than midnight on 9/8. This is what WWE says they are looking for:

“Fan-voting WWE segment during WWE Smackdown! Winner gets $1,000,000.[MALES] Looking for athletic and charismatic males only. 20 years and older. TV taped casting special semi-finalists. You will train and perform on national TV. Typical week, train Friday thru Mon, travel to taping city, perform Tuesday, and head home Wednesday. All finalists will appear on national TV Smackdown! Must be willing to offer 10 weeks of time. Show will be an in segment promotional production of Smackdown! Chance to win a contract with WWE even if you don’t win. 8 finalists will compete for the fans votes each week on Smackdown!. One person will be eliminated each week. Looking for athletic, strong and charismatic males. The finalists will not be living together in a reality show format.”

There is a new story about former pro wrestler and Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura working with a group called Operation Truth, which is an organization being created “to give voice to troops who served in Iraq.” YThe entire article can be read here.

Credit: Dave Scherer, PWInsider.com