[Spoilers] More Detailed Smackdown/Velocity Results


WWE Smackdown Report
August 24, 2004
Fresno, CA

Dark Match:

Scotty 2 Hotty vs. Akio

Akio was sent down to OVW a few weeks back to work on his intensity in the ring. I saw some improvement, but not much. Akio wrestled a more ground based match here, without many of his high-flying spots. He did get booed heavily by the crowd while Scotty got massive pops. The match began with a typical cruiserweight exchange, with Akio mocking Scotty’s dancing. Akio worked on Scotty in the corner. He hit a legsweep into an interesting leglock submission. He put an abdominal stretch on Scotty as the crowd chanted for him. He fought out of the hold, as Akio charged into an elbow and a boot from Scotty. Scotty cranks up the offense with some dancing put in. Scotty tries the bulldog for the Worm, but Akio clotheslines him flat to the floor. Akio tries to do his own version of the Worm, but Scotty sneaks up, bulldogs him, and hits his patented finisher for the victory.

Winner: Scotty 2 Hotty

WWE Velocity Tapings:

Rene Dupree vs. Charlie Haas (w/ Miss Jackie).

I couldn’t tell whether Dupree had Fifi with him or not. The match started off with Haas dominating Dupree with his amateur wrestling expertise. He hits a pair of nice armdrags into arm wringers as the crowd lets out a loud “USA!” chant. They ended up botching a spot (I have no idea what they were trying to do) but Dupree gets a snapmare out of it. He draws a chorus of boos as he performs the French Tickler, but Haas sneaks up and rolls him for a 2 count. Dupree brawls with Haas outside, rolling back in and getting a 2 count. Haas comes back with a nice suplex and two spears in the corner. He counters Dupree into a neckbreaker for 2. They run into the ropes, and they roll through several times as Dupree gets the upper hand and stays on top of Haas for the pinfall.

Winner: Rene Dupree

Mark Jindrak vs. Funaki

A mirror is set up in the ring, as “The Reflection of Perfection” comes out to worship himself in it. Funaki gets a pretty good pop. You gotta love the guy. Jindrak bullies him to start, but Funaki gets an early burst of offense with some hard punches and armdrags, but it turned out to be short lived as Jindrak delivers a LOUD slap and a high dropkick to the face to get a 2 count. He applies a side headlock. Funaki fights out, but he goes down again. Jindrak charges into an elbow and a boot by Funaki and gets hung up on the top turnbuckle. Funaki with an enziguri followed by a bulldog for a near fall. Jindrak finishes things off by executing a high one-armed side slam for the win.

Winner: Mark Jindrak

The FBI vs. The Basham Brothers

Nothing really happened in this match. At one point, Nunzio was outside on the apron and Danny rammed his face into the steel ring post. That pin attempt was broken up by Stamboli. Doug’s top rope leg drop misses, and that allows Nunzio to take in Stamboli, and they clear the ring. After he throws Doug into Danny and rolls him up for the 3.

Winners: The FBI

Bubba Ray Dudley (w/ D-Von and Spike Dudley) vs. Hardcore Holly (w/ Billy Gunn)

Lockup to start. Bubba shoves Holly in the corner and screams “You’re not so bad!” Holly responds by furiously shoving Bubba to the mat. Holly gains the upper hand, chopping the hell out of Bubba. Bubba battles back with punches before his “suck on this” taunt, but Holly immediately clotheslines him down. Holly hangs Bubba on the top rope and kicks him low as Billy starts chasing Spike up the ramp. Bubba with a turning spinebuster for 2. Both men clothesline each other down. They’re slow to their feet as Holly lands The Best Dropkick In The Business. D-Von gets on the apron, but Billy pulls him off. Holly nails a top rope clothesline. However, Spike distracts Holly enough for him to turn around and take a spear from Bubba and score the pinfall.

Winner: Bubba Ray Dudley

Smackdown Tapings:

The show opens up with Eddie Guerrero walking down to the ring, drawing a huge “Eddie!” chant. “What’s up, Fresno!?” He says it’s real simple: Kurt Angle ruined his lowrider last week. He defaced his property, so tonight, he’s gonna deface him. He says make no mistake about it. He’s not here to wrestle, he’s here to fight. He tells Kurt to get his ass out here. Angle’s music plays, but instead of Angle, we get Luther Reigns. He questions whether “Mr. Vato Loco” really wants to fight a guy like Angle. He tells Eddie to be careful, because he’s seen a lot of fights. If he fought Angle, Angle would annihilate him. Eddie tells Luther to get him out here so we can see, and Angle obliges by appearing on the Tron and calling Eddie out to the parking lot. Eddie rushes out of the arena to the parking where Angle runs away. They circle around a brown Nissan and warns Eddie not to mess with his car. Latino Heat then gets to idea to dump garbage all over Kurt’s car and bash its windows in with a pipe. As Eddie destroys the vehicles, Angle and Luther drive away in another vehicle. SmackDown GM Theodore Long rushes out to stop Eddie. He asks what Eddie thinks he’s doing, and Eddie says he’s destroying Angle’s car. It’s not Kurt’s car … it’s HIS! Eddie doesn’t believe him at first, so Long repeats it twice. Long yells at Eddie to get out of the arena, and as security comes to take him away, Long begins weeping over his trashed ride.

Rob Van Dam vs. Kenzo Suzuki (w/ Hiroko)

Suzuki is carried to the ring on his own personal throne by four of his lackeys. As they set him down by the ring, RVD leaps over the ropes and kicks him off his seat. RVD proceeds to kick the crap out of everybody around him. The action starts in the ring with chops galore by Suzuki. A big boot gets 2. A knee drop gets another 2. He applies an abdominal stretch, but RVD fights out and nails a standing kick to Suzuki’s face. He hits a second rope springing kick, then a top rope kick to the head for 2. RVD continues the assault with shoulders to the gut of Suzuki in the corner followed by a scoop slam and a split-legged moonsault for 2. He hits a spin kick, then goes up top for the Frog Splash, but turns the other way and leaps at an advancing Rene Dupree! They brawl for a bit before RVD rolls back into the ring. Suzuki tries the Clawhold STO, but RVD rolls him up and scores the pin.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

Afterwards, Dupree joins Suzuki in dishing out a 2 on 1 beatdown on RVD. A double vertical suplex caps it off.

Back in the parking lot, Theodore Long is still moping over his car as John Bradshaw Layfield and Orlando Jordan drive up in their limo. JBL complains to Long about having to be here in Fresno while he’s in such a crippled condition. Yes, he’s still wearing that goofy neck brace. Not in the mood for any of JBL’s crap, Long announces that JBL will be defending his title tonight… against the Undertaker! JBL protests, saying that he’s in no condition to wrestle and it’s not fair. Long changes his mind, but only replacing JBL with Jordan. Should Orlando Jordan lose the match, JBL also loses the title!

Chavo Guerrero (w/ Jamie Noble) vs. Billy Kidman (w/ Paul London)

Kidman starts off in control of the match. He hits a head scissors to take down Chavo. He follows up with a snapmare and springs off the ropes into another head scissors. “Chavo sucks!” chants start. Chavo applies a side headlock. He hits a faceplant on Kidman for 2. Chavo with an armbar takedown for 2. Chavo applies an elbow lock on Kidman. Kidman fights out, clotheslining Chavo and hitting a back body drop for 2. Kidman sells the elbow injury as he dropkicks Chavo and goes up to the top rope. Noble stops Kidman, but doesn’t catch London leaping off the steps at him. Kidman takes Chavo down and nails the Shooting Star Press for the victory.

Winner: Billy Kidman

During the break, Chavo is still in the ring… and he’s not moving. Referees, trainers, and EMTs rush out to aid him, as this looks like a legitimate injury. They put a neck brace on his and gently slide him onto a stretcher. Chavo finally starts moving his left hand. The concerned crowd gave him a “Chavo!” chant and a huge ovation as he was wheeled out of the arena.

Afterwards, a promo aired featuring a dark skinned man with an afro talking about how “cool” he is and about “having the cool” and whatnot. He eats an apple off a fruit stand and spits it in an old guy’s face. His name is Carlito Caribbean Cool… Maybe The Cat’s Assistant from around Royal Rumble?

John Cena vs. Booker T in Match #2 of the Best of 5 Series for the United States Championship

Lockup to start, with Booker gaining the early advantage. Booker hits a vertical suplex on Cena for 2. Cena responds with an armdrag for 2. He shoulders Booker in the corner he hits and elbow takedown for 2. An arm wringer and an armdrag gets another 2. Booker stops the momentum with an eye rake and a side kick for 2. He applies a read head choke, which Cena fights out of. He headbutts Booker and shoulder tackles him for 2. Booker with a knee to the back and sends Cena over the top rope. Cena crawls back in and takes a top rope dropkick from Booker for a near fall. A roundhouse kick gets 2. Cena ducks another kick, but eats a spinning heel kick for 2. Cena fights back, but Booker hits a spinebuster for 2. (damn, there’s a lot of pin covers in this match) Another headlock. Cena battles back with punches, and clothesline and a flying shoulder takedown for 2. He bulldogs Booker and delivers the Five Knuckle Shuffle for a near fall. He pumps up his shoes and tries the F-U, but Booker fights out and kicks Cena. He hotshots Cena and pins him with his foot on the second rope.

Winner: Booker T (Series Tied 1-1)

A sweet Divas video plays, hyping their latest video “South of the Border.”

Theodore Long is still tending to his car as it’s about to be towed away. At that time, Angle and Luther pull back in to the arena. Long confronts Angle about deceiving Eddie. Angle claims that that car is complete junk anyways. Angle, however, didn’t realize that the car belonged to Long, and when Long broke the news, Angle tried apologizing for it. Long says Angle’s gonna pay for it next week when he battles Eddie Guerrero in a 2 out of 3 falls match! But tonight, Angle gets to take on Rey Mysterio! Angle goes into the arena to get ready, but Long stops Luther. Luther says he’s gonna help Angle prepare, but Long tell Luther to grab a broom because he’s gonna help clean this mess up.

And now for the moment we’ve not been waiting for… Josh Mathews and Paul Heyman are in the ring, but Heyman doesn’t let him talk for long. Heyman cuts a promo basically saying that he was once a fearful man, on his knees begging not to be harmed by the Undertaker, but now he feels empowered. He’s got backup; a guard dog who is loyal to him. Heyman then introduces Heidenreich to his own video and entrance music. With Heidenreich in the ring, Heyman reiterates that he once feared Taker, but not anymore. Heidenreich will deal with the Undertaker and all of Heyman’s other enemies. Mathews brings up that Heyman has A LOT of enemies, and questions if Heidenreich will be able to live up to the hype. That question just bought Josh an ass whipping as Heidenreich responds by a pair of punches to Mathews’ stomach. He carries Josh over his shoulders and hits a backbreaker. He slingshots Josh into the ropes, where he bounces back onto Heidenreich’s knees. Heidenreich finishes off the beating by choking Josh out. Heyman: “That’s not hype. That’s Heidenreich!”

A video promo aired featuring the return of the Big Show.

Kurt Angle vs. Rey Mysterio

This should be good. Angle displays his amateur wrestling mastery on Rey, keeping his opponent on the ground. Rey gets up and armdrags Angle then mocks his spin taunt. Angle is not the least bit impressed. He lifts Rey up and takes him down into a headlock. Rey fights out and Angle takes a shoulder knockdown. Angle with a back suplex. Rey comes back by head scissoring Angle through the ropes followed by a baseball slide. Angle eats a kick coming back in, but comes back with a suplex. Rey misses a charge to the corner and takes a german suplex. An Angle backbreaker gets 2. Rear chinlock. Angle with a release body slam for 2. Another cover for 2. Angle with a belly-to-belly suplex, then celebrates to the crowd’s chagrin. He applies a bear hug to Rey. He tries to fight out, but for his troubles ends up on the receiving end of a release German suplex. That gets 2. Rey manages to counter an Angle Slam into an armdrag, followed by a split-legged moonsault for 2. Angle tries a fireman’s takedown, but eats a dropkick. Rey turns up the heat with a huracanrana, head scissors, then trips him into 619 position. Rey tries for it… but Angle moves! He tries the wheelbarrow bulldog, but Angle prevents it but Rey shoves him back into 619 position… and connects! Rey goes for the West Coast Pop, but Angle counters it into a vicious powerbomb. That gets a near fall. Angle pulls down the straps. Another Angle Slam attempt, but Rey reverses it into a neckbreaker for a VERY near fall. They both ascend the turnbuckle and battle. Rey ends up on Angle’s shoulder and Angle rolls on top of Rey and scores the victory.

Winner: Kurt Angle

And now for the Raw Rebound, featuring Orton spitting in Triple H’s face and the Kane & Lita Wedding From Hell.

An agonizing JBL goes into Jordan’s locker room, whining that this whole situation isn’t fair. Jordan says he knows he’s good, but this is the Undertaker he’s dealing with. He promises JBL he’s gonna work hard to beat him. JBL says Taker is good, but he’s no Orlando Jordan. JBL: “How many main events have you been in?” Jordan: “Well… none, really…” JBL says that means Jordan is fresh. He’s got to believe in himself. Champions defeat Taker, so go out there and be a champ. After Jordan gets psyched up, he heads out to the ring, where Bradshaw shakes his head and says to himself “I am screwed.”

Orlando Jordan vs. The Undertaker

Taker starts off in control, but Jordan comes right back with three armdrags. Taker with a big boot to Jordan by the Old School. A clothesline gets 2. Taker stares down JBL, allowing Jordan to jump him from behind. Jordan with an elbow drop for 2. He bodyslams Taker and drops the leg for 2. Taker hotshots Jordan then boots him down. He stalks JBL outside, again allowing Jordan to jump him from behind. Back in the ring, Jordan tries to keep Taker down. Taker gets in an elbow on Jordan, but Jordan takes him down for 2. Taker sits right back up and Jordan freaks out. He charges Jordan in the corner, then punches JBL off the apron. Taker signals for and nails Jordan with a Chokeslam. He then signals cutthroat as he flattens Jordan with the Tombstone Piledriver. The ref counts, but JBL pulls him out of the ring, causing the ref to DQ him. Jordan wins by disqualification, but JBL makes Tony Chimmel remind everyone that the title cannot change hands through a DQ finish, so he’s still the champ.

Winner: The Undertaker via DQ

An enraged Taker beats on Bradshaw outside, slamming his head on the announce table. He rips off JBL’s neck brace and throws him into the ring where he nails him with the Chokeslam. Taker stands over a fallen JBL and Jordan with the belt in hand as he bows to the gold to end the show.

After the show:

Jordan got on the mic and demanded EMTs come out to help Bradshaw. They put the neck brace back on Bradshaw and helped him to his feet. He sold the neck injuries all the way up the ramp.

Credit: N. Lindstrom/PWInsider.com