InsidePulse’s WWE Sunday Night Heat Report 08.29.04


First I wanna say thanks to Widro, and for those wondering, my name comes from the birth certificate, so I’m not a Raven fan or anything. My real name is Raven West, and I’m a dude, so please, all the love mail must come from the ladies.

Taped from Anaheim, California
Hosts are Al Snow & Todd Grisham ( they say Coach is
gone from Heat. I don’t know if they mean this week,
or forever, but whatever.)

[b]Rodney Mack[/b] vs Maven – Well, at least this isn’t the
main event. Actually, Benoit’s in the main event this
week. Crowd is still ariving, as the arena’s at least
half empty. With that said, it’s pretty obvious that
the decent reaction Maven gets is fake, as 1,000
people just don’t make that kind of noise. Maven takes
him down to start, and gets an armdrag, and takes Mack
into the corner. Jazz distracts Maven, allowing Rod to
get a punch in. Mack starts to focus on the lower
back, and a powerslam gets 2. A scoop slam by Mack, as
Maven tries a comeback, but just gets clotheslined for
2. Mack gets a bearhug, but Maven fights back. A whip
from Maven is reversed by Mack into a back looking
collision, which gets 2 for him. It looked like Mack
was trying to jump up or something. Maven comes back
with a forearm, and a couple of dropkicks get 2.
Spinning heels kick, and Maven goes up, but Jazz
pushes him down, allowing Mack to get the roll-up @
4:19. Does anybody care?

Recap of the Rock/Diva stuff from RAW. That segment
was okay, but ya know the Rock gets less funny
everytime he comes by. Remember when Rock would get
into character all the time, even at award shows. This
was more like Dwayne with a little dose of the Rock.

More recap stuff, this time it’s the HHH/Orton stuff.
You know Orton may be ripping of DDP, but hey, it’s
getting him over, so it’s all good as long as Hunter
does the job. Though the match should be HHH vs Orton
vs Benoit (who’s on this show tonight!).

Chuck Palumbo vs Ollie John aka jobber – The two take
it to the corner, and Chuck BITCH SLAPS HIM! What a
jerk! Ollie tries to fight, but Chuck just hits him
with a clothesline. Some more punches from Ollie are
met with snake eys and a big boot from Chuck, which
gets 2, because Chuck is so mean, he wants the match
to continue! What a jerk! Ollie tries, but Chuck rams
him into the corner. Some whips, clothesline, camel
clutch, and finally a somaon drop finishes the squash
@ 3:19.

Recap of the Kane/Lita wedding, which I actually
enjoyed. Seriously, Kane in a tux was hillarious. The
video was funny. Then they read their vows. Then Trish
Goddess came out. Nuff said. Kinda wish HBK would’ve
come out.

Tyson Tomko vs …Chris Benoit! Execuse while I mark
out! You can tell some of the crowd is caught off
gaurd. Usually I would rather have Benoit on RAW, but
hey, THIS is the show I have to recap. Tomko tries to
take Benoit down, but he comes back with some chops,
and gets the SHARPSHOOTER! You can tell this match is
rushed. Tyson makes the ropes. Tomko shoves Chris
around some, but a powerbomb is countered into a
Crossface attempt which doesn’t happen. Tyson hotshots
on the top rope, and boots Benoit out. Back in, Tomko
gets 2. Tyson gets some chinlocks, but Benoit escapes
and hits the triple germans, and Diving Headbutt gets
2. Okay, I know everybody kicks out of that, but it’s
Tyson friggin’ Tomko. Well since this is Heat, the
crowd bought that as the finish. Trish gets Benoit’s
attention (she’d get mine too), and Tyson goes for a
boot, but Benoit hits 6 MORE germans, and a Crossface
makes Tomko tap @ 5:58. Fast but sweet. And Tomko held
his own, except for the chinlocks.

I’m not even going to bother with the biggest heat and
pops thing, as I only count the real thing (trust me,
I can tell what’s real and not), so I’ll just say
Benoit got a good reaction.

Final Thoughts: Well, as I say, whoever doesn’t
wrestle on RAW should wrestle on HEAT, and WWE
management realized that Benoit is too big of a talent
to not have wrestle SOMEBODY. The other matches were
the usual stuff, but the recaps were pretty good.
Final Score – **1/4