WWE Afterburn report


Hello, this is Hollyric and this is insidepulse’s first Afterburn report. Here is my biography in short and sweet mode:

Age: 21 (until September 21)
Place of birth and current residence: Montreal
Year when I started to watch wrestling: 1993
Year I became a smark: 1997, because of Survivor Series
Why the alias hollyric: it was made in 1996 as a tribute to Hollywood Hogan and Ric Flair

End of biography.

Why watch Afterburn? A lot of reasons. First, 2 hours may be a long time to watch Smackdown, especially considering its quality of shows. You no longer have to sit through 2 hours of SD, when you can watch half the time with Afterburn. And Afterburn only shows the best of what SD has to offer. The best part of matches happen at the end, and surprise, that’s what AB shows. And even if you have already watched SD, either you’ll enjoy it more the second time or you’ll see something you didn’t notice before.

Well, anyway, let’s start our journey:

It’s September 4, 2004 and we’re on the air with WWE Afterburn!

Tonight: Kurt Angle vs Eddy Guerrero. It started at Wrestlemania. The war raged on through SummerSlam. Tonight they settle it in a 2 out of 3 falls match.

Your host today is Josh Matthews, who is in a neck brace thanks to Heidenrich. Last week, we got Ivory, and it wasn’t pretty.

Booker T is in the ring to show footage from last week’s SD and the Australia match between him and Cena. Booker T won both matches by cheating. He does a rap of his own, and of course somebody has to interrupt him and that man is Rey Mysterio. Rey says he wants a match with Spike and if Booker T isn’t here to wrestle, then he should just STFU and leave. Ooh, Booker T dissed Mysterio’s size. Rey makes the fans chant 619. I hate it when wrestlers do that. It’s lame. Rey drops the mic and it’s on. But wait, Kenzo Suzuki and his women interrupts. Now, the interruptor has become the interruptee. Suzuki says Rey isn’t American. “Liar, liar, pants on fire!” Suzuki loves America. “Big smile like Tom Cruise.” RVD comes out to attack Kenzo. Then Rene Dupree comes out and it’s a brawl. SD GM Theadore Long comes out and makes a match between Booker T, Kenzo and Rene Dupree against Rey, RVD and John Cena.

JIP with Cena knocking down Dupree from the top rope. Tag to RVD. RVD and Dupree do move after move at which point it becomes stalemate and the fans cheer. Now that’s the RVD we know and love. RVD points to himself and Rene decks him. Dupree beats on him, then RVD tries to come back with a monkey flip, but Dupree drop on the top turnbuckle. Tag to Suzuki. Off the ropes, clothesline to RVD. Rey stops Suzuki’s cover. Tag to Booker. While wearing street clothes, he does a spinkick to RVD. Cena stops the count. Dupree comes in without a tag. Chinlock to RVD. He gets out of it with elbows and a kick to the face. Hot tag to Rey Rey. Thesz press on Dupree. Dropkick to Suzuki. Crossbody and Bulldog to Dupree -> 1, 2, kickout. Rene knocks him down and does that dance. Rey comes back and puts Rene in position in the 619. Mysterio copies the dance, Booker T knocks him down and here comes Cena back in. Out goes Booker T and frogsplash to Dupree from RVD. Suzuki in now, Suzuki out now. Crossbody block from RVD to Suzuki on the floor. Rey Rey does a 619 on Dupree, then a spring legdrop for the cover, the count and the victory for the good guys.

Coming up: Eddy Guerrero vs Kurt Angle
Up Next: London and Kidman vs FBI

Slam of the week shows Heidenrich attacking Matthews.

We’re back with Josh Mattews. Matthews says that it’s disturbing for him to see the Slam of the Week and it shouldn’t have happened.

We see Paul Heyman talking to the SD GM. Long fines Heyman $5000 for Heidenrich’s attack. Long tells Heyman to keep Heidenrich under control. We hear the word “Holla” a lot. Heyman unlocks the monster’s door. Uh oh.

Footage is shown of Kidman’s SSP on Chavo, then Chavo being taken out on a stretcher. We see Jamie Noble coming in Kidman’s locker room for a talk. Noble says that Cahvo’s career might be over and it’s all Kidman’s fault. Kidman is a little shaken, but London reassures him. 2 interesting things: first, Noble (a heel) had a lot courage going in the locker room to face off against both London and Kidman, and second, they finally let Kidman and London talk!

JIP Kidman & London vs FBI. Nunzio and Kidman are the legal men with Kidman getting the flying headscissors. Kidman with a modified neckbreaker, but Johnny stops the count. Double dropkick to Johnny, out he goes and London does a flying summersault to Johnny on the outside. Russian legsweep to Kidman from Nunzio for a 2 count. Kidman comes back with a good dropkick. He goes to the top for SSP. Except for one problem: he gets cold feet. London cheers him on, but alas, he just goes down. Kidman tags London and Nunzio gives London a backslide for the win.

After the match, Heidenrich attacks London and gives him the same moves he gave Matthews last week. Heidenrich chases Michael Cole from the announce position and goes back in the ring to throw London out of there. Heyman comes in and tells Heidenrich “no more”.

Coming up: Eddy vs Angle
Up Next: OJ vs Charlie Haas

We’re back with footage from last week’s SD with UT vs OJ, as UT finishes off JBL with a chokeslam.

JIP. Orlando vs Charlie Haas. JBL is on commentary and he is great as usual. Last week’s WWE champ, OJ, is in control. Choke on the ropes. OJ to the top rope and misses a crossbody block. Haas is back with 2 puches and a suplex. Cross body block from Haas. Haas goes for a German suplex, no, OJ holds the ropes, then takes off the turnbuckle. Hass goes face first into the buckle, OJ with a neckbreaker, 1, 2, 3 and that’s all she wrote. JBL gives Haas the Clothesline from Hell after the match, because JBL’s fans DEMAND it. We get a replay of the clothesline.

Up next: Angle vs Eddy

Josh is back. He talks about Eddy and Angle, holds his neck and then continues to talk. What a trooper.

JIP with Eddy giving Angle a lowblow. Eddy is DQ’ed. Clip to Angle in control by giving Eddy 2 punches. Suplex for a couple of 2 counts. Now we have a bearhug. Elbows and a suplex by Eddy. Belly to belly by Angle. Backbreaker for a 2 count. Chinlock on Eddy. Eddy fights out of it, but Angle gives Eddy 3 German suplexes. Angle slam coming up, no, Eddy cradles him for a 3 count. Eddy and Angle are tied.

Up next: Angle vs Eddy, the final fall

We’re back with the final fall. JIP with Angle going face first into the second turnbuckle. The triple suplex by Eddy to Angle. To the top rope, Luther Rains stops him, but Eddy knocks him down. Eddy goes to the top again -> nobody home. Angle slam! Ankle lock to Eddy. Eddy tries to get to the ropes, but nope. Eddy throws Angle into the referee! Flying body press to Luther. Eddy gets a chair: 2 shots to Angle, one to the stomach, another to the back. Copy and paste for Luther. Now, Eddy lies down. The referee sees Angle with the chair and argues with him about it. Funny thing happens as Eddy waives to Angle, then goes back to lay down. Luther hits Eddy with a chair and Angle puts Eddy in the final anklelock and Eddy has no choice but to tap. Replay of Luther chair shot and the tappout. After, Luther attacks Eddy and Angle looks surprised.

Josh Matthews says his goodbyes and that does it for Afterburn.