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Ivan? Reagan dies and the f*cking Russians take over. Call me a limo…

C’mon let’s go….


A good story over the last week that hasn’t really been covered (no one has
"been told by a source" – which means "ain’t thought of how this
works or how we can spin it into something evil) was the release of Dr. Tom
Pritchard, trainer and loyal company man – he is gone with the wind. Tommy Dreamer
takes over his duties and his Dr. Toms’ brother, Bruce "Brother Love" Pritchard,
is on a "leave of absence", which means "glug glug snort glug
snort". That is obviously unacceptable in a working environment and only * not
* frowned upon when sitting around drunk during a hurricane or two. One person that wasn’t
afraid to chime in is someone I will officially name "Honky Tonk
Woman", the almost close to fame, Bobbi Billiard!

Who is that? Well, that’s what I said. All I know from Billiards is I ran 8
three cushions on Peter Rabbit in Philly 8 years ago for $1000 and still am
getting excuses for why he didn’t pay off.  Oh wait – maybe the
"credible journalists" ought to get that part of it right – her name
is Bobbi Billard.. After ignoring most of what she said
over the last few months, here is the score – Billard is a former developmental
talent that had the misfortune to have sustained an injury while learning the
business in OVW – upon leaving the business she made no bones about her
mistreatment by, specifically Ivory, which most people wrote off as "hey,
it’s the business, if you don’t like it, get bent! You’re type are a dime a
dozen!". Which is correct – here is her website…

Yep – nice looking girl, but ain’t they all? It’s only a matter of how much
they inflate them and how out of proportion that they are to turn me off.
Personally, she is in the "off" category. Anything more than a 36 C on a chick
like that is a waste. For me anyway – I’m sure she could get $500 bucks
stripping  for
every cup size over my preference. Plastic Fantastic Lover ain’t my scene Grace
and never has been. But, she manages to redeem herself by being a NUTTY WEB
CHICK!!!!…blog and all! That one is here:

Now we are cooking with gas! She is one of us! Think she would buy you a
drink? Think she would let you buy her a drink? Think she is reading…Hyatte?
Who cares. Point is she got hurt legit, found the Internet and is getting off on shooting
ala Honky Tonk Man, on anyone she can…the latest regards Pritchard and Ivory:

Honky Tonk Woman on Dr. Tom:

"I really can’t say that I am all too disappointed to hear that the
self proclaimed "Doctor", the one that accused me of sitting out of
practice because I supposedly had a "tummy ache" instead of a
legitimate and very serious neck injury, got his ass handed to him. Sorry
buddy, but if you write a 3 page article slamming me and spreading mis-truths,
you are not going to get my sympathy! Especially when you never even took the
time to get to know what I was really about and instead listened to a bunch of
(or even worse yet, a few) idiots that would do anything to ensure that I
wouldn’t get pulled up to tv before they would. Now, I have no idea if (like
"geniusMoment" suggested) Dr. Tom getting fired has anything to do
with his invalid rambling report regarding myself and my condition, but we can
only hope… *snicker*"

Honk Tonk Woman on Ivory:

"Guess I wasn’t so bad after all because at least I really wanted
to learn how to wrestle and had a little bit of experience. I don’t think
Ivory thought that it could be worse, she could still potentially lose her
spot to somebody younger and hotter that didn’t even have to wrestle."

Whoa. Well, if you are going to burn bridges, make it for my entertainment,
indeed. I think I will keep an eye on her, as an impending lawsuit appears to be
in the works, which will, if it happens, have an effect on my money. Whatever – but
Honky Tonk Woman, if you are reading (or if you read Hyatte and he plugs this
hawr) I have permission to have fun with you. Just because. Catch me before
Sunday night or else we will need to do this in Atlantic City – I have a feeling
that it would be fun to use you as a flotation device, but I don’t see you
helping me chainsawr. You know where to find me.


Wednesday night was the final curtain on TNA’s weekly PPV model, a model
that was more successful than many people thought it would be (stayed around for
two years – most folks gave it six months), but damn sure not as successful as
they could have been, due to shortsightedness, laziness and basic booking
stupidity. I watched the show last night and it was pretty good, the highlight
being the finish of the Kid Kash / AJ Styles match, where Styles sold the
"Canadian Piledriver" from Petey Williams (run in after the match)
like he was murdered. Another highlight was a promo by Scott D’Amore, calling
Dusty a self serving prick, selling out by wearing Polka Dot Trunks and Acting A
Fool when Vince McMahon waved some dough under his dine on pork and beans
nose…as Netcop says "I love shoot comments that aren’t shoot
One of the lowlights was Vince Russo taking off his shirt, in an effort to be a
bad ass, showing that one week with Hyatte would not only get his mind right,
but get that flabby New York physique in tip-top shape. While I’m name dropping
InsidePulse writers, thanks to Eric S. for thinking of me, but if you EVER
include my name in the same paragraph as Bill Clinton again- FLEA gets top
billing. and hello GRUT.    

The heavily hyped Jarrett / Hardy title match went pretty much as I expected.
Jeff is best served in small doses, as you never know which move he will blow.
They basically did a big brawl all over the building, which came across as weak
after the Kash / Styles match, especially since one of these Jeff’s punches like a
9 year old girl. Jarrett won the match, using the guitar, which was what I think
I predicted to Eric S. when we talked about this match last week. I know that I
said that no way in hell they would put the belt on Hardy, despite the common
thought that the belt has to come off Jarrett to make any of this interesting.
But Hardy ain’t reliable or good enough anymore to carry the Top Belt –
Jarrett’s Contenders from this point (including a Hardy rematch down the line,
I’m sure) are Raven, Monty Brown and Abyss, maybe Styles. Monty Brown is the
most original thing in wrestling at this point – he has taken the Rock’s template
from about 1999 and molded into something that needs to be seen to be believed.
A star on the rise and I hope that TNA keeps him -he has no chance in WWE. Abyss is okay, but not a Champion. Raven would be my choice, as he
was about a year ago, when the hottest angle in wrestling was him vs. Jarrett –
only to have Jarrett win the big match and pretty much kill momentum dead. I
have mentioned before, I have no problem with Jarrett – you will always get a
good match and he knows how to play champion, but for the promotion to get any kind of respect, specifically IWC respect – he is going to have to take a

Quick break for some news – I’m getting really turned on by Linda Vester from
FoxNews lately. With my wife being away and high and dry at the moment – well,
that leaves Fleabag high and dry, if you get my drift.  You can only get so
much out of the The Weather Channel chicks and the local news channels have
determined that the hot weather babes just ain’t good enough to tell you about a
disaster in a smart business suit showing leg, so that leaves me cable news and the
Spanish channels. Something about Vester looks like she would get real weird as
I told her she had better start giving me political news., lest she finds
herself tied up and drowned in Crown Royal. Weird like "into it", oh
hell yeah. At this moment she is talking to the guy from, which
means I get to think of her AND Widro! That does it for me….whoa – Martha
MacCullum ain’t bad, but she doesn’t look like she would go for the Hash /
Champagne combo, much less get up and get me a beer, should I be nice enough to
untie her…

So TNA is working up to the "Victory Road" PPV on 11.7.04. The most
notable change to the show was the video packages, presumably produced by the
latest free agent pick up, Dave Sahadi, formerly understudy to Kevin Dunn in
WWE. "Genius" at this type of stuff, says the people who know, and it
showed – even in the alleged "dark days" (the last 3 years) of the
WWE, you could always count on the promo packages to rock – these looked good
enough for me. I just wonder how this will be pimped, as the only expose to the
masses for TNA is the Impact show (and Xplosion, to a lesser degree), both being
taped in Orlando, but not even available to the cable channels in the area. I
would have preferred them to move the operation to Orlando (which they were
doing anyway) but continue to produce the weekly show. Panda Energy, the money
backer, deemed the weekly PPV’s  "financially unfeasible" and
therefore, as of last night null and void.  Good luck to them, but this
could have been much different if they would have taken their heads out of their
asses on, off the top of my head, eleven different occasions,  something I
don’t see changing as long as Russo and Dusty are involved. To end it on a high
note, Road Dogg is looking good, having dropped weight and juking / jiving like
the Road Dogg of old. At least they were smart enough to sign the jumping rats
to written contracts.

Back to news – Bill Cosby is trying to talk some sense into Black folks and
Hurricane Ivan has made the decision that 1) there goes my dream of moving to
Cuba and 2) I ain’t sitting through the next one, Fangol.

Mindless entertainment works best sometimes, but not as good as leaving…


Random thoughts…

Why is it necessary for the PWInsider crew to anoint themselves
"Horsemen"? If it gets to this point, Hyatte and Flea will be
"Hyatte" and "Flea". 

Why does Tod Gordon have a forum to be a wiseass and why am I hooked? He
would be Top 10 IWC 100 easy, should I choose to do list.

With the impending "History of ECW" DVD set to be released, the
people involved are none to happy, the loudest of which is Joey Styles, co-owner
of I’ll let Joey call this:

All indications are that WWE did not solicit input
from the two men who created and developed ECW, Tod Gordon and Paul Heyman for
their DVD release, The Rise and Fall of ECW, which is finalized and scheduled
for a November 2004 release.

I can also tell you that they have not solicited any information from
myself, the former ECW production team of Ron Buffone and Charlie Bruzzese or
former ECW Business Manager, Steve Karel.

This means they are relying solely on WWE wrestlers who worked for ECW,
most of whom only know bits and pieces of the inside story of ECW only as it
pertained to them personally. This DVD will no doubt be a WWE propaganda
revisionist history of ECW.

As WWE now has the ECW video library, any ECW footage that does serve
WWE’s purpose will never see the light of day again.

I would strongly suggest that ECW fans who want to collect ECW DVDs that
were actually produced by ECW do so now because no more are being produced and
existing quantities are limited.

This is not a sales pitch to sell DVDs. I am doing a service to ECW fans
by suggesting they do what I did and complete their own ECW DVD collections
while it is still possible.

Joey Styles

He is right. The history of ECW is going to come across as
"revisionist history", even more so than the "Monday Night
Wars". But, you can’t really expect Vince to put over Gordon and Heyman,
much less Styles or any kind of "revolutionary" impact they made to
the business while he has final say so.  Bitch about it all you want, but
as history has proved –  the winners write the final word. Gordon also had
something to say:

you know – f*ck PWIndsider. Why isn’t his (among other things) shit archived? was great for having all the columns in a scroll bar archive at
the bottom. That is just lazy. At least Frank Format can get that right – at the
bottom of Hyatte’s the other day, after he ripped Edge as new asshole was a
scroller to read "more on Edge". Right on. But, take my word for it,
Gordon thinks the DVD will be shit when they sugarcoat not only the wrestling
aspect, but totally no sell, that WWE stole 90% of their production attitude
from ECW f*cking around in Paul E’s Mama’s basement, kicking some life into a
business that was dying. Yeah, I’ll buy it – but, like several other people, I
was there for the great part of it – great memories, but it died when everyone
became marks for themselves rather than continuing to reach for the brass ring.
It’s a real bummer that WWE has the final word on all of this, but anyone with
any sense should not be surprised that he was the last man standing. My general
thought on ECW and their legacy is this – it was kind of like shooting heroin.
It was the greatest thing on Earth at that moment and still very addictive
anytime you get caught in the same room with it, but there overall disastrous
effect on pretty much everyone involved and eventually the afterlife (WWE
business) is all that’s left to pick up the pieces of quick fix. Maybe more on
this at another time – anyone who was there and can see past Undertaker and HHH
knows what I mean – I just watched ECW’s Heatwave 2K – Tommy Dreamer cut the
perfect promo on all of this – hell, I might as let me go get the tape and
transcribe…I have free time and it ain’t like Honky Tonk Woman is here to fetch
my beer, so I have to get up anyway….

Tommy Dreamer, on the way things are and the way thing ought to be:

"Before I was in the wrestling business, I used to work in a pizzeria…and
I would sit there for 12 hours a day, on my feet,  for my big payoff…my
big paycheck….and it was never enough. So, I would have to go get another job
to supplement my other job. And I was lucky enough to get into the wrestling
business, a business that I loved…and for what expense? To."…well never mind
this, I’m not CRZ. Point is, Dreamer raises hell about how he gave his
all, only to have assholes like Eric Bischoff and Vince McMahon steal ECW’s
template…and. Well, ain’t this some irony – Vince McMahon took the ball and
ran with it – which is what is expected of any person is the wrestling business,
if they are given the opportunity. ECW didn’t do that. Gordon got out for
reasons he, from what is written, is not allowed to disclose, Heyman took
talking people into accepting IOU’s as a form of payment to new creative
heights, biting every hand that fed him along the way and Styles went back to
his life, proudly thumbing his nose at WWE’s job offer, which featured them
asking Styles to read a script, something that Syles found ludicrous, seeing as
he was the best wrestling announcer in the business (and I agree with that)…if
only because Styles had to call things on the fly (which he admits as his strong
point and pretty much what kept him from calling Smackdown). Cole and JR have
nothing on him for getting you into the action…he has no peers. However,
Styles was a only brilliant for the anarchy of ECW, an anarchy that only works
when things are * really * out of control – which means not in Vince’s

Eh, not much of a eulogy for something I gave a shit about at one time. But
there is so much to the relevance and personal stories of the ECW time that one
could make a career out of discussing it. And many have.  I was there for a
good chuck of it – including the night when "ECW" was born…the much
heralded night (10 years ago this fall) when Shane Douglas shit all over the NWA
and declared "Extreme" on everyone’s ass. "Flair is Dead"
they chanted….which is when I learned that the crowd in Philadelphia is
nothing more than an ignorant bunch of bunch of assholes that would prefer to be
lead by the nose by a promotion that was tired of what they were seeing- but
damn them form cussing the wrestling that I grew up on. Terry Funk, Cactus, Alfonso nearly dying, the Dudley’s RVD, Jerry
Lynn, New Jack…enough is enough. Like I said – like heroin – but eventually,
that habit has to be kicked or everyone dies. I should have f*cked Dawn Marie
when I had the chance, ditto Lita, when she was a real skank, and Joey Styles is
right – buy the memories while you can – them days is over, yo.       


Last October, I typed a bit about the pending legal problems of Rush Limbaugh and Kobe Bryant. In light of Kobe getting off the hook, how
about a flashback?


While I’m on the topic of society’s oil
sludges , Kobe’s lawyers appear to be out for blood and taking no prisoners.
What should have been a formality, the Preliminary Hearing, was rocked by a
Defense Team who implied heavily that the girl in question, is (according to
their investigations), a whore, having sex with multiple partners leading up to
her encounter with Kobe. This led to outrage and I have yet to figure out why.
Did anyone think for a second that Kobe’s lawyers were not going to stoop to
any level in defense of their client? That they weren’t going to "fight
dirty"? Wake up and smell the coffee – that’s how lawyers are and
that’s what lawyers do. The Prosecuting Attorney (s) plan to take whatever
measures necessary to win a conviction, what makes the Defense Attorney (s) any
different? Lawyers are scumbags, period. And justice is only blind to those who
will not twist it to their benefit. If you were disgusted by The OJ Trial, you
ain’t seen nothing yet. The difference is both of the parties involved are
still living and will have their lives ruined by an unfortunate encounter, with
one side feeling raped and the other seeing his entire life, as known, shattered
and in pieces. Who wins? The lawyers. And don’t think for a second that they
care. Books need to be written and careers need to be furthered, thank GOD Kobe
and the girl were able to put themselves in this position for them and for a
society that watches with dark fascination as it plays out on TV and in Print.

Kobe is damn lucky this happened in
2003 and not 1963. The details on what happened, in short form, was the two met,
flirted and arranged a secret rendezvous away from the prying eyes of bodyguards
and media. What happened from here is the point of debate – Kobe’s story was
that they had consensual sex. Her story was that Kobe grabbed her around the
throat, bent her over a chair and f*cked her gangsta style, then made her kiss
his presumably big black cock. WOW! 40 years ago, if Kobe did that to a white
girl he would have been hung from a tree or dragged through a swamp full of
alligators! Never mind if he can dunk a ball or not, they would have "got
that nigger". So maybe we have progressed as a society – at least Kobe
will get his day in court, to prove that yes, she is a starf*cker .not only a
starf*cker, but a chick who f*cks everyone and was stupid enough not to wash the
come-stained panties out before she added Kobe to her "been there, done
him" list. Oh yeah, that’s the next Defense Bombshell – they have
PROOF!!! she’s nothing but a slut and out to get Kobe. I take back what I said
about progressing as a society – not that I agree with the Southern Niggra
Justice mentality, but I think it’s sad that in today’s society in doesn’t
matter if you are guilty or innocent, the accusation is enough to ruin you and
being an accuser is no better

Kobe is professionally finished. If he
is found guilty, it’s off to jail. If he is found innocent, the stigma of this
case will most likely prevent him from capitalizing from his basketball fame in
the area of endorsements and paid appearances. He might still be a
"good" basketball player, but he will never be allowed to become
"great" he has blown that chance. At this point, I don’t even know
if his game will be even close to the same level, but even if it is or if he
manages to surpass his current level of talent, he will always have the asterisk
accompanying his name in the eyes of all but the most loyal and blind of fans.
He is Kobe The Abuser of Young White Women, no matter how many press conference
tears he sheds or 4 million dollar rings he buys his wife. I think, at the
moment no strike that I was going to say he would be better of in jail, but
I think living in a cloud of public disgrace is much easier in a California
Mansion than in San Quentin Prison. Or Cell Block Rich in the best luxury prison
his money can buy. He would never do hard time like Mike Tyson – but then
again, we always knew that Tyson was an animal.

The difference between Rush and Kobe?
We  wanted  to like Kobe. But now that both are on the
path to ruin they are really more similar than most people realize – both had
uncontrollable vices that not even their wives or closest friends knew
about the only thing that separates a pill junkie from a sex fiend is how much
faith you have in the person with the vice, because neither, once exposed, can
ever be trusted again. And in reality, neither will ever see a day in jail,
that’s only for the poor. And dumb.

FLEA, 10.15.03 –


Well, due to the incompetence of the State of Colorado, Kobe walked away
criminally unscathed, but…I’m not sure. His statement read half apologetic and
half guilt ridden and, at least in the legally crafted statement, luckier than a
two peckered goat. Here is an excerpt:

First, I want to apologize directly to the young woman involved in this
incident. I want to apologize to her for my behavior that night and for the
consequences she has suffered in the past year. Although this year has been
incredibly difficult for me personally, I can only imagine the pain she has had
to endure. I also want to apologize to her parents and family members, and to my
family and friends and supporters, and to the citizens of Eagle, Colo.

I also want to make it clear that I do not question the motives of this young
woman. No money has been paid to this woman. She has agreed that this statement
will not be used against me in the civil case. Although I truly believe this
encounter between us was consensual, I recognize now that she did not and does
not view this incident the same way I did. After months of reviewing discovery,
listening to her attorney, and even her testimony in person, I now understand
how she feels that she did not consent to this encounter…"

At this point there is still a pending "civil suit", which, in
layman legal terms , is where a jury determines how much of Kobe’s dough she gets,
if it even gets that far. The reason why the Criminal Case was dropped was the
accuser refused to testify and the Prosecution determined that, without her
testimony, they didn’t have much of a case. Well, without her all they had was
physical evidence…things like:

 – choke marks and bruises on the girl’s throat, photographed and medically
recorded during her initial rape examination

 – the rape examination itself, which concluded that her "private
areas" and been "traumatized" with "battering ram
effects" common in victims that have "suffered injuries from non-consensual
sex, including "lacerations around  / in the vagina". Hmmm….I
can see where the unwillingness to testify threw this case into a downward
spiral. I mean, it’s not like Kobe had the chick’s blood on him…

Oh yeah – Kobe * did * have the chick’s blood on him! That was a centerpiece
of the physical evidence! But, pull the plug if we can’t get this girl on the
stand. After all, you haven’t made your bones as a victim until you have been to
court and had Lady Justice f*cked you hard in the ass…but good.

I can totally understand her dropping out of the Criminal Case and just
making money – the whole case was a dead nuts "He
said" vs. "She said" from the get go, with the only wild card being, as
mentioned before, the fact that she is a young white girl and Kobe is a rich
black man. I never thought he would go to jail over the whole thing and figured,
if she hadn’t have gone to the cops right away, would have been settled quietly
– which is the way these thing need to happen. In the old days, a girl like that
would have been a victim of the classic "one car accident on a two lane
road" solution, but you can’t get away with murder anymore…well, unless
you are O.J., but that’s a whole ‘nother story…

So she will get her out of court payoff – in the neighborhood of $5 to $10
million I’m guessing. If she asks for any more than that, Kobe * will * take it
to court, just because all of this "rape shield" law is null and void
in Civil Court. Her name, sex history and whether she spits or swallows will be
all over the papers faster than you can blink. Which is the real shame – she has
tried to lay as low as possible, but goddamn – it wasn’t the press or Internet
that did her in; it was the State of Colorado’s incompetence, releasing her name
several times in allegedly "confidential" files, due solely to
"clerical errors". Of course, not one person was held accountable for that.
Kind of like the time when Kobe’s lawyer, in a pre-trial statement, repeatedly referred to the victim’s name, a direct
violation of the Rape Shield Law…right
in front of the Judge! No action taken. Thank God they didn’t get that girl on
the stand – lawyers from either side probably would have had the rape scene
re-enacted, right down to the part where Kobe told that bitch to kiss his cock.
And the Judge would have sat there, Beating the Bishop, making sure that Gail
the Clerk keeps all of this under wraps. FOR COURTS EYES ONLY! Fuck Colorado and
f*ck the lack of respect shown to this victim. THEY should be the one’s shelling
out payoff dough.

And what if Kobe didn’t rape her? Hey, he’s guilty of getting caught and
should be sent to the chair for being stupid. Why do you think Rock Stars don’t
have this kind of trouble? They make it a point for people to know they are
coming to town and it’s a safe bet that they will f*ck your daughter (and maybe your son – I just
read Judas Priest is back on the road) and you better like it, or keep your
mouth shut when it happens. 

Kobe had cultivated the "good guy" image, ad nauseum, nearly to the
point where you * knew * things like this were going on, but figured he was
smart enough, or his people were smart enough, to bury things like this before
Sprite and Sports Illustrated found out – it goes to show you it’s not a matter of
"why" or "how could he" to "when" and "who is
next". Everyone is watching everyone and we are going to need some kind of
dirt after the elections are over. 


Hmmm. because he is "CTRL F" ing me – here is my friend giving

Ryder Fakin: HYATTE SUX
Ryder Fakin: it’s a beautiful day right now
Hyatte1com: HI8 – 1
Hyatte1com signed off at 10:55:51 AM.

Yep, and more of it to come – Ivan. Ivan! Ivant to be left alone.

thanks for reading!



The price of fame…and placement – Omega….

GOOFED ON by me because of it, and embarrassed in front of EVERYONE, PW
TORCH Editor WADE KELLER made a pre-show PLEA for someone

just one letter away from putting me over

Scherer is a cocksucker

I invented that word…


HAWR! Live the Gimmick!

Zoel Lopez was the one who saved Keller’s ass and sent in the recap. Who
on earth would name their kid "Zoel"?

That’s "late" in Jew talk

Good times. I love this feature

and me too! Hi-Rate! You reinvented yourself again! Hyuck!  

you are right about Eddie – and yep – that menu is good, good, good.


So, last week I looked in my mailboxc and lo and behold… there was a
copy of Wade Keller’s PWTorch! It’s a nifty little promotional strategy from
Keller. Send out a freebie to former subscribers and toss in a coupon asking for
your business back.

Hey! What didn’t I get that letter! When you know, etc



Totally right about the rest…yup

Free advice… which will go ignored because Hyatte is scum squared, and
clueless, and a loudmouth, and doesn’t know SHIT… he just has this stupid
audience that’s bigger than the entire Torch audience (newsletter AND internet)
combined. What do I know… I’ve only been getting read for seven years, steady.


damn straight


GOOD LORD! That’s almost almost exactly what happened. That’s why we love
each other, you cunts – because he can put my nonsense in print and I’m off the
hook from being incoherent in print…read – what will happen
next? I will probably be drunk and Hyatte will most likely be a prick – live the
gimmick and consistency. THAT’S what make it work, Boss. Just so you know. 

One last thing – all of you need to show up, on time. Be professional. I had
an excuse. You didn’t. And I know  – but c’mon Juan. 


FLEA is an Inside Pulse Original in every sense of the word, from his unique style and viewpoint. You can send any feedback to, or just type it the comment box below. also but follow FLEA on Twitter @ryderfakin.