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Allow me to introduce my editor for this week. Please inform the readers who you are.

You’re just not going to let that die are you? It’s me, it’s almost always going to be me, with but a few exceptions. Are you happy, can we get on with it?

Alright, let’s start this up.

Joe emails
Great column I read you every week, however I’ve never taken to the opportunity to write until now. Interesting theory on how Bullseye liking pain could be the reason we was able to undergo the adamantium bonding process. The problem is I see to remember an issue(s) of the X-men where the X-men lost there powers. When this happened Wolverine began suffering from adamantium poisoning. Now if Bullseye doesn’t have a healing factor what is keeping him from being poisoned by the adamantium bonded to his bones? I’m really interested in hearing your theory on this. Thanks.

Ah you found the flaw in the thinking. Good work loyal reader. Actually I’ve been trying to find another good reason it didn’t kill him myself. The only way it’s possible is that they updated the way it’s put in the body. Bullseye should be a dead man. But the idea would be cool if that was how he lived. He did live just never really got a true reason how.

Ah you found the flaw in the thinking.

THE flaw?!? That’s the funniest thing you’ve said so far today , Jim”¦thanks for the laugh. – The Overlord

Ryan emails
Hey Jim, 2 questions. In this current column there was a ? about people who had adamantium. You listed cyber as one of them. Is this the same cyber from new mutants that could speak and understand all the languages? If so, how did he have adamantium?

Actually you’re talking about Cypher. He was Doug Ramsey. New Mutant and dead one now. I’m talking about a Wolverine foe. His name was Cyber and he first appeared in Marvel Comics Presents. This guy had adamantium covered arms.

My 2nd question was about the high evolutionary. Where has he been lately? I must admit that I haven’t followed him since the evolutionary wars, and I think I remember reading him in a Thor series where he was real out of it. Other than that I have no idea what happened to him. Great column. Always one of my favorites (as the DOL can attest to).

Actually we haven’t seen him in awhile now. We saw him most recently in X-Men. Actually Uncanny X-Men 380. Yep of course he faced Sinister and the X-Men here.

(as the DOL can attest to)

What are you bringing me into this for, what I ever do to you? Oh wait you were complimenting us”¦never mind, continue. – The Overlord

I just thought of something else that I have been wondering about. There was a time in the mid 90’s that dr. strange went all spawn like. From what I remember (and give me a break here it’s been awhile) it was almost like he had 2 different personas. I remember him looking all sickly floating around, and then there was this bad ass spawn looking guy who was out fighting stuff. I also think there was a mystery whether these 2 people were the same person. I wish I could be more specific, but as i said it has been awhile

You are correct about this happening. One persona was Strange, the Spawn like character also member of the Midnight Sons when Doc was incapacitated. The other persona Steven also was around. The real deal was mostly in hiding and healing from his previous encounter with Salome.

Yup, that was actually some good stuff, too bad no one was reading it, which led the book ending”¦ – The Overlord

Avengers challenge

Colin emails

Good afternoon:
For my interpretation of the Avengers, I’m going to do away with most of the Avengers icons; if any Avengers team has to have Cap, then it must certainly have Thor, Iron Man, Hawkeye, and we’re right back where we started. Forgive me if I ignore continuity in places, I don’t follow anything on a regular basis.
The catalyst for my story is the Fantastic Four. And though I don’t know too too much about villains for either team, I think one can make any villain work; however, Kang will be the villain of this story.

The FF is in a battle with Kang, and are all severely wounded. And little Franklin is dead. Forever. No coming back. (Marvel would find a way to bring him back if they really wanted him. They always do. I figure for him to be of any use, he has to age to the point that the FF ages too, probably to retirement. Won’t happen, so do away with him.)

This is not so much an Avengers story, that they’re the “official” team of the US/Earth, but a group of people out for revenge. There’ll be no hanging out in Avengers Mansion. No Jarvis. No sanctioned Avengers files to get the info they need. Just Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. And some not from Earth….

I think I’ll even do a little comparing to JLA members here. Daron can tell me if I get it right.

Phoenix (Rachel Summers)
Not sure where she’s hiding these days, but the instant Franklin’s killed, she feels it (they were lovers in the future, remember) and lets out a psionic scream throughout the universe. She wants blood. She’s the most powerful, and something of a loose cannon on this mission.

Interesting note she goes by Marvel Girl III now. Member of Uncanny X-Men. I like the choice. Could be like having Green Lantern on your Avengers team if you compare it to JLA

Yes, of the Shi’ar Imperial Guard. When Rachel screams, it reaches even to the Shi’ar, and they send Gladiator to make sure that Rachel’s emotions don’t let out the full power of the Phoenix and destroy the galaxy. The rest of the Imperial Guard is in hiding in space, ready for Gladiator’s call to action. Raw power and flight.

Another interesting choice would be your Superman for the Avengers

Former member of the FF and Avengers, and former aunt of Franklin. She wants Kang to be brought to justice. Elemental powers. And wherever Crystal goes…

Old member and a good one. I like her.

Former Avenger, and Crystal’s husband, but doesn’t even want to be here. Is always trying to convince Crystal to come back home. Speedster.

You even have Flash for this team. Although not as fast as Flash of course.

Former Avenger and of Fantastic Four. Power.

Would be your Wonder Woman. Nice choice.

Black Panther
Former Avenger, and friend of the FF. Wants justice served, and brings human element to team. And money. And smarts. And combat skills. And leadership.

Batman on the team. Well best option to compare to the Bat. I even like the idea of him leading

Not so much there to avenge Franklin, but Sue Richards. Both her physical wounds, and her broken heart from her dead son. Can constantly feud with Gladiator over who’s stronger, faster, and more arrogant.

Aquaman of course for this team. Invader right now but I didn’t give any rules so he fits.

Name power. And with all his team ups over the years, not too mention teaming with the FF, Solo, Deathlok, Sleepwalker, Ghost Rider, and Nova to bring down the Sinister Six, I don’t buy for an instant he’s “too much of a loner to join”. Also, one of Human Torch’s best friends. Does whatever a spider can.

Hmm ok this JLA thing isn’t east lol. Spidey fits all team ideas to have good star power.

Also great friends with Torch. But he’s also there as a representative of the X-Men keeping an eye on Gladiator. They’re of the attitude that “we can take care of our own”, and don’t look too kindly on the Imperial Guard being so brazen, ready to police a Phoenix yet again. Along with Spidey, these two are the cut-ups. Cold manipulation

Very interesting member. I like it and it’s almost Spidey and his Amazing Friends. You only need Firestar.

Sorry for the length, but one last thing; wouldn’t it have been amazing to see Batman in Marvel for a year, and Spidey in DC? Bruce would have no Alfred to heal his wounds, no change of clothes, no toys except what he had on him, and no money. And he doesn’t like people. How would he survive? Would he struggle with the idea of stealing to get what he needs?

And Spidey, I could see go the other way and swing overhead and use his webs to steal people’s boxes of pizza or something. Until they run out. The webs. Not the pizza.

Very good team have to give you that.

I actually like the idea behind your team, but for my own tastes it’s a bit to “super strength” heavy. Gladiator, Namor, She Hulk, and to a lesser degree Spidey, that’s a lot of heavy lifters. Add to that the other hand to hand guys Panther & Quicksilver, and you’ve got an almost entirely hand to hand team. I like your choices for “energy manipulators” but I think I’d like to see a few more, or something a little different with the physical guys. – The Overlord

Poet also emailed his idea

My Avengers story (hope this isn’t too long)
The Mandarin has set up different bombs in different areas of the world and detonates them: places like Jake Olsen’s home, the Wakandan embassy, Clint Barton’s old circus and even poor Jarvis’ mother’s residence (I think she’s still alive, haven’t kept up,) and the evidence all leads to Stark. The incident leaves the current avengers disjointed, and Stark’s all alone. Nick Fury gives him an ultimatum: assemble a team of heroes and find the real culprit within 72 hours, or face charges. I’d do the story as a suspense thriller in a kind of real time, with a clicking tock. Here’s the team he assembles:

1. Iron Man: Well duh. He’s the leader, a position he’s not as confident in as he should be, since he’s depressed about the team not believing in him.

Good choice as leader with Mandarin involved

2. Rogue- Danver’s house was one of the places hit, wiping out her family and leaving Carol in a coma. Rogue feels if she completes the mission and apprehend the Mandarin, she’ll be able to prove herself to Danvers and bury the hatchet once and for all.

Wow interesting member. The Avengers would give it second thoughts a little themselves but I like it.

3. Thunderball- With the bulk of Marvel’s heroes angry with him, Tony enlists the scientific mind and Asgardian strength of Dr. Elliot Franklin, a character who has shown a heroic side in the past (in Damage Control of all places.) Stark is also giving him 1 million dollars to join to seal the deal, but is keeping that part of the story confidential. He also keeps everyone on edge, and makes them question Stark.

Wow villain turned here. I would not trust him if I where on this team. Don’t turn your back to him.

4. Hawkeye-Maybe I’m pushing the redemption thing too far, but no one personifies it like Hawykeye. He doubts Stark himself, especially with Thunderball’s inclusion.

Hawkeye is a great choice here. He don’t trust Stark and he’s a great character for any book.

5.Ghost Rider(Ketch)- Who knows about avenging more than the spirit of vengeance himself? Ghost Rider sees innocence in Stark and is willing to aid him and join the team.

This is power for you. I never thought of having him on the team but I like it.

6.The Vision- No one knows it, but Stark shuts down Vision (whose furious with him),and reprograms, thus forcing him into the mission

Hmm interesting and if Hawk finds out I think he’ll be really wanting to kill Stark

7.Mystique-Stark bribes her into joining and ask that she pose as Cap to boost team morale. He hired her before Rogue begged to be on the team so that friction is obviously there.
Yep friction and also another member I would not trust. I like it.

8.The Mad Thinker- Currently in prison, he claims he knows something, but is he bluffing? He requests parole in exchange for his help and membership.

Wow this one I really didn’t see coming.

There you go, that’s my team and the basic story

Brian emails
My list of avengers would start out with who I wouldn’t want on thte team. Sersi for starters because I never really understood her powers and the character sucks. Same goes for Crystal.

Dr. Strange
She Hulk (which makes most of the other powerhouse guys redundant)
Beast or Forge
Vision or Ironman
Scarlet Witch

Its a pretty powered down version of the Avengers but really, what’s the point of having 4 characters that can all bench press the same amount as the thing? (Thor, she hulk, namor, iron man)

The ideal 90’s fanboy version of the Avengers
Ghost Rider
Black Knight (with light saber, bomber jacket and stubble of course)
Night Thrasher
Deadpool, Venom and Sabertooth would all have to be added because they were turned face to be edgier good guys

A little big to me but works for you then go with it.

What if none of the current Avengers were available in the new version? what 2nd stringers would you use that weren’t already in a team?
You got,

beta-ray bill
moon dragon
fire bird

List goes on forever almost if you listed all of them. Beta Ray never joined the Avengers though.

I’d use 7 myself. No currents would not make it hard. I would also make sure not to use members on other teams with this here. Also just former Avengers since you asked.

Those still available:
Black Knight, Black Widow, Captain Marvel III, Crystal, Darkhawk, Deathcry, D-Man, Firebird, Firestar, Hellcat, Hercules, Rick Jones, Justice, Living Lightning, X-51, Mantis,Moon Knight, Moondragon, Photon, Quasar, Quicksilver, Rage, Sandman, Sersi, Silverclaw, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman II, Starfox, Stingray, Swordsman II, Tigra, Triathlon, War Machine, Warbird, Wonder Man

Now my team from that list
Leader: Black Widow
Moon Knight

Wonder Man

Frnavarr emails his team

Concept: In the wake of Dissassembled, Cap decides that the group’s high profile and reactive nature have become a liability. Cap takes the group underground. The Avenegers now function as a secret society of sorts, working both to uncover and eliminate threats themselves and coordinate the efforts of other groups, whether these groups realize it or not. The latter is accomplished through the use representatives from other teams.
Main Roster:

Captain America: The leader of the group. His position as the most respected hero allows him to convince others who may have their doubts about the new team.
Cap is the best leader of course

Iron Man: Provides technological and financial backing. Following the UN incident and Dissassembled, Tony Stark has grown tired of active heroing and turned the armor over to his new business partner, Dwayne Taylor, the former Night Thrasher.

Hmm interesting choice for Iron Man’s replacement

She Hulk: Provides both power and a number of legal contacts.

Stays on the team I like it

Luke Cage: Street-level representative.

Luke is interesting. It’s what I said about him on Bendis team

Dr. Strange: Brings the might of Earth’s supreme mystic.. Also has a high level of influence with other heroes.

This one I like a lot. He’d make a great Avenger

Wolverine: Connected with every squad of X-Men, including the XSE.

Obvious choice

Thing: FF rep, has Reed’s ear. Not thrilled with the concept after Authoritative Action, but Cap and the events of Disassembled convince him to try. Warns the others that he will likely bail if he is ever forced to mislead or outright lie to Reed.

Would make sense the most

U.S. Agent: Invader rep. Doesn’t like working with Cap or the Avenger legacy, but endorses the concept and so grudgingly gives it a shot.

Makes sense but I’d use Namor

Vision: Now just a sentient computer program following the loss of his body. Runs team’s computers, ability to project himself into computer networks allows him to monitor communications networks and internet activity.

Good idea for Vision

Nick Fury: Not officially a member, but is aware and approves of the group. Agrees to cooperate and provide SHIELD support when necessary.
First Arc: No villains, just six issues of the heroes sitting around a table discussing why they need to be proactive. Also, Wolverine calls someone ‘bub’.

Doombot83 emails
Hi There Mighty Marvel Mavens, long time reader, first time writer.
My contribution’s for the Avengers contest. (Sorry if it’s a little long)
Active Members:

1. Black Knight: A longstanding team member who’s not doing anything much right now. Make him field leader as a reflection of growing leadership skills.

2. Hercules: The resident God-leveled powerhouse. Nothing fancy, he just hits stuff in a jolly manner.

3. Quicksilver: The Avengers need some real speed. Give Quicksilver a useful secondary mutation to make him faster, and he’s aces. (And yes I am a Flash fan)

4. Moon Knight: Gadgets, fighting ability, and some moody elements. Make him more of a spy than a detective to differentiate from Batman.

5. Scarlet Witch: Staple Avenger, could play off the sibling rivalry/tension with Quicksilver.

6. Wasp: She’s been a proven leader in the past. Make her Chairwoman again, and give Hank some time off to really come into her own again.

7. Vision: A living computer with super strength, density control, and eye beams. Lots of overlooked potential with him.

8. Warbird or Photon: A flying powerhouse is always welcome. Either or could do.

9. Hawkeye: Most grounded in reality. No super powers or destiny as the “chosen one”. He’s the voice of reason/sarcasm when things get weird (as they always do)

10. Falcon: High-flying Avenger. Give him a tech upgrade to make him a lot more powerful.

Reserve Members

1. Captain America: The real heart and soul of the team, but he’s been through a lot lately.

2. Iron Man: The Big Gun. A tech wizard, but after that incident at the UN, I don’t think the public would appreciate him on “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes”.

3. Black Panther: Brains, more gadgets, combat abilities, and lots of cash. Still, being King of Wakanda could keep him away from active status.

4. Darkhawk: He’s Darkhawk, what more reason do you need?

5. Stingray: Same reason as above. Even more logical since Namor’s off doing his thing with the New Invaders.

6. Tigra: Haven’t seen her in a while.

7. Wonder Man: A being of Ionic Energy. He’d be the guy to call when you absolutely need to destroy something.

8. Black Widow: SHIELD contacts and another former leader. Has contacts with a lot of characters.

9. Jarvis: While rosters shift and change, Jarvis always remains.

Villains: High Evolutionary, Ultron

Story in Brief
Ultron “subdues” the High Evolutionary and begins tampering with genetic experiments, the goal being the mass devolution of humanity worldwide. After a vacation to Wundagore gone wrong, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are rescued by Black Knight and pick up Hercules in Greece. At a dedication to a (new) fallen Avengers memorial, a group of devolved humans using Wakandan technology abduct Captain America and Beast. Team A heads to Wakanda to rescue the two, while Team B investigates Siniste’s possible involvement (and call the X-Men to tell them Beast got lost). Team B finds out several mutants have disappeared and then fights a giant genetically engineered monster in New York City. Team A finds the missing Avengers & Mutants (including Deadpool and Maverick) in an abandoned Wakandan mine, and Ultron reveals himself, leading to the big showdown. Black Knight, Vision and Hercules are instrumental in taking down the robot, and the team returns home after freeing the rest of the captives (and High Evolutionary). Beast has been genetically regressed to his “classic look” (Hey, I can dream). For his help in the fight, they offer Maverick membership, who says he’ll think about it, and snub Deadpool. Team A decides to stay on as the active Avengers, swapping Black Panther for Hawkeye, and everybody else goes back to reserve status. Next issue; there’s only one Avenger that can save Kang’s future from destruction, and that is. . . D-Man!?

Not going through this one like the others. Not enough room to comment all over the place. Especially when I’ve got something else to add. Nice idea and team as well. A good amount of power in reserve as well.

Villain tournament:

1. Thanos (5)
16. Impossible Man

Winner: Thanos

2. Mephisto (5)
15. Annihilus

Winner: Mephisto

3. Hyperstorm (2)
14. Blastaar (3)

Winner: Blastaar

4. Aron the Watcher (5)
13. Super Skrull

Winner: Aron the Watcher

5. Beyonder (5)
12. Red Shift

Winner: Beyonder

6. Magus (5)
11. Firelord

Winner: Magus

7. Black Heart (2)
10. Terrax (3)

Winner: Terrax

8. Molecule Man (5)
9. Nebula

Winner: Molecule Man

1. Apocalypse (5)
16. Mojo

Winner: Apocalypse

2. Magneto (4)
15. Omega Red (1)

Winner: Magneto

3. Mister Sinister (5)
14. Sauron

Winner: Mister Sinister

4. Onslaught (5)
13. Emplate

Winner: Onslaught

5. Exodus (4)
12. Ahab (1)

Winner: Exodus

6. Holocaust (4)
11. Juggernaut (1)

Winner: Holocaust

7. Selene (2)
10. Bastion (3)

Winner: Bastion

8. Post (1)
9. Shadow King (4)

Winner: Shadow King

1. Loki (5)
16. Lilith

Winner: Loki

2. Dormammu (4)
15. Destroyer

Winner: Dormammu

3. Morgan Le Fey (5)
14. Xandu

Winner: Morgan Le Fey

4. Umar (1)
13. High Evolutionary (4)

Winner: High Evolutionary (thought Umar would do better)

5. Hela (3)
12. Sphinx (1)

Winner: Hela

6. Kulan Gath (2)
11. Baron Mordo (3)

Winner: Baron Mordo

7. Kurse (3)
10. Malekith (2)

Winner: Kurse

8. Set (5)
9. Enchantress

Winner: Set

1. Doctor Doom (5)
16. Maximus

Winner: Doctor Doom

2. Kang (4)
15. Super Adaptoid (1)

Winner: Kang

3. Ultron (5)
14. Psycho Man

Winner: Ultron

4. Grim Reaper (2)
13. Deathbird (3)

Winner: Deathbird

5. Mandarin (5)
12. Diablo

Winner: Mandarin

6. Temugin (2)
11. Graviton (3)

Winner: Graviton

7. Morlan (3)
10. Nekra (2)

Winner: Morlan

8. Carnage (1)
9. Venom (3)

Winner: Venom

Here’s your next round:

1. Thanos
14. Blastaar
2. Mephisto
10. Terrax
4. Aron the Watcher
8. Molecule Man
5. Beyonder
6. Magus

1. Apocalypse
10. Bastion
2. Magneto
9. Shadow King
3. Mister Sinister
6. Holocaust
4. Onslaught
5. Exodus

1. Loki
13. High Evolutionary
2. Dormammu
11. Baron Mordo
3. Morgan Le Fey
8. Set
5. Hela
7. Kurse

1. Doctor Doom
13. Deathbird
2. Kang
11. Graviton
3. Ultron
9. Venom
5. Mandarin
7. Morlan

This next round should be interesting. I would hope that everyone knew who Umar was. If not I’ll tell you all next week. No time to do it now. No room either. This issue is pretty full.

Want to sign off dear editor?

You’re just not going to let that die are you? Well I would pimp the wonderful adventures of the DOL over at 144Anima, but our server has been down all week, and well there’s nothing there to see at the present. Hopefully that will be fixed REALLY soon, and we’ll have the second part of the Giant Vampire Hitler story for you all”¦

Reporting from the Marvel Universe I’m Jim Trabold. Have a good week. See you next week and happy reading.

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