Quick WWE Smackdown Taping Results [Spoilers]


Carlito Caribbean Cool b Shannon Moore

Nunzio b Akio
Rico & Charlie Haas b Bashams
Rene Dupree b Bob Holly
Johnny Stamboli b ?

Paul London b Billy Kidman-COR with a walk out finish
Paul London b Booker T
Spike Dudley b Rey Mysterio due to interference from Kenzo Suzuki and Rene Dupree
Undertaker b Gangrel & Viscera in a quick squash match. JBL watches from the roof of his limo
John Heidenreich reads Vince McMahon poetry
Moolah & Mae Young b Torrie Wilson & Dawn Marie. This was a disaster
Eddie Guerrero & Big Show vs. Kurt Angle & Luther saw Angle use a stun gun on Show, Mark Jindrak ran in, and they shaved Big Show’s head. Remember Patera & Studd with Andre in a feud that tanked at the box office when the business was in a lot better shape

Fans live popped big for the clips of Austin and Hogan

credit: wrestlingobserver.com

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